Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 10/08/06]

Steven Ma and Angela Tong are this year's TVB Children's Festival Ambassadors and on the 1st to 7th of August, they led a group of eight children from Hong Kong to Foshan on a discovery tour of Chinese culture. Upon arrival, the children were grouped with eight children from Foshan and then split into two groups to learn Tsai Lee Fut Martial Arts, lion dancing and Chinese Opera.

Faced with a group of mischievous and restless children, Steven laughs that over the last few days, he has experienced the hard work of being a parent. he says: "I have been joining in with the martial arts with the group and not only have I trained my determination and knowledge, I have also learned how to get on with children. I suddenly feel that I am qualified to be a father now."

Stephen adds that he loves this group of kids, but in one practice, he did scold them loudly. "There were some of the children who had completed their learning who stood to one side and laughed at the others. I will not tolerate this behaviour." Afterwards, Steven realised that he was a little wrong in getting angry, but he felt it was necessary. "When dealing with children, you have to exert both your loving as well as your authority to make them understand what is right and what is wrong. This incident has become a memorable time on the trip. In the night of the performance, Steven watched 'his children' completing their tasks and he said excitedly that he had reached success. When they left, the children were a little reluctant to part and they have swapped email addresses to keep in touch.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/08/06]

Sharon Chan took on her role as guest DJ at Metro Radio again yesterday, inviting Chan Shan Chung as her guest. Sharon says that becoming a DJ was her childhood dream, but she did not study media and was not able to pursue this career. Later when DJ Ah Mau heard of her story, she invited Sharon onto her show as a guest DJ.

When Sharon was asked if she had prepared any sharp questions, she laughs that he knows everything already. Shan Chung added: "I have probing questions to ask her actually." Sharon reveals that Shan Chung is very vain, just like a woman. ASked if he was gay, Sharon laughed: "No, I can prove that, I have tested him already. (How?) We will talk about which female celebrities are pretty."

Sharon reveals that she, Shan Chun, Christine Ng, Claire Yiu and Tavia Yeung have all adopted each other as brother and sisters, so they all get on very well. When Sharon has problems, she will discuss them with Shan Chung and even when she meets new partners, she will ask him for advice. Asked if she has ever turned down a date because of Shan Chung's disapproval, he explains he will only give opinions on people that he knows. The two are very close and say that they are not worried about rumours. Sharon laughs: "He doesn't like tall girls. (Is his current girlfriend quite petite?) He has many, but I don't know in which country." After this, Shan Chung also laughed that Sharon is 'tall, skinny and flat' to which she replied: "The name is cute and I don't mind. I do have a figure, but it is one of a model."


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