Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 09/08/06]

Lau Ka Ho's forty episode drama held the blessing ceremony for studio filming yesterday and cast members including Lee Sze Ki, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam and Lai Lok Yi were present. As Yoyo and Tavia both have birthdays in August, the producer arranged for a birthday cake for them and also requested for Bosco and Raymond to give the birthday girls a kiss. However, the two guys preferred to kiss each other rather than the girls. Yoyo also accidentally revealed herself when she bent over to blow the candles out.

Yoyo and Lok Yi were earlier rumoured to be having an affair, but they were happy to be photographed together yesterday and when Yoyo asked him for a birthday gift, he presented her with a mango that he had in his hand. Yoyo had to work on her birthday of August 3rd, filming a skincare ad, but she does not mind saying this was the best birthday present for her. As for being refused a kiss from Bosco and Raymond, she laughed: "I won't force them if they don't want to. (Lok Yi would not kiss you either?) My little brother is rather shy." Yoyo also says that she has broken her record this year by receiving nine birthday cakes. When her friends held a party for her, they even brought out a suckling pig for her to chop and this made her laugh so much that she had still not managed to cut it when the candles had burned out.

After being refused a kiss by Raymond and Bosco, Tavia said she did not mind: "We do enough kissing during filming! I don't mind at all, but Yoyo is a different matter. My subconscious seems to make me more attracted to women!" Asked what her birthday wish is for her birthday on 30th August, Tavia jokes: "Successful boob job!"

In the series, Bosco plays an heir to a $6 billion fortune, so his appearance is rather smart and he only appears in one pair of jeans in the whole show. He says: "The company have found me many sponsors, so I don't need to use much of my own clothes. Only my glasses and my casual shoes are my own."

Bosco says that this show is being filmed at a very fast pace because of tight deadlines and asked if this will go head to head with his rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu in the anniversary series slot, he smiles: "I don't know, even if they are Anniversary shows, they will air at different times and I will be on at 9pm because there are more viewers at this time! (You are not going to let Myolie have an advantage?) Not with her current figure! (There are already rumours that she will take the Best Actress award this year, do you want to join her with the Best Actor award?) I will probably get nominated, but there are too many seniors here. (Do you think Myolie will win?) Her figure is a surprise to all, but we will have to see the series first."

Raymond will have romances with Yoyo and Linda Chung in the show and he becomes entangled between the two women. Lucky enough to have kissing scenes with Linda, he smiles: "This works both ways! The most important thing is that the character has a chance to perform." he also says that he wanted to go for a body check in a hospital, but Producer Lau would not let him turn down the project, so he has had to postpone his appointment with the hospital. Asked if there was a problem, Raymond clarifies: "No, I just want to go for a check up." Moses plays the son of an abalone seller in the show and he says that he has taken lessons in how to select and cook abalone, but he has not had time to try his skills. Asked who he will be cooking for, he smiles: "I will cook for my co-stars in the show."


[Ta Kung Pao 09/08/06]

TVB's Olympic Countdown show took place yesterday and a blessing ceremony was held in the afternoon attended by guests including Alan Tam, Jade Kwan, Don Li, Mandy Chiang and Renee Tai. One of the MC's Shirley Yeung arrived late and missed the blessing, explaining that she had been at a rehearsal and had to rush to hair and make up.

Shirley has been paying attention to the Olympic Games and showed her knowledge by stating that there are 28 different events and her favourites are swimming, volleyball and athletics. Shirley says that when she was at high school, she took part in athletics and she found the long distances were the most difficult because she ran out of breath after one circuit of the track. Shirley reveals that it was her birthday two days ago and it was her idol Faye Wong's birthday yesterday. Although she has been busy learning her lines for her show, she still managed to take time out to go and celebrate with her boyfriend and her mother, but not too late because she had to study again late into the night. Asked why she did not spend a romantic date with her boyfriend, she said that as there are so many friends she would like to see, then she would prefer to go out with a big group instead. Did she receive a present from her boyfriend? Shirley says that this is a secret, but she can reveal that it was very well received in addition to gifts from her fans and friends. When Shirley was asked what she had bought herself for her birthday, she says she has not bought anything because she has just returned from Singapore, but she has bought plenty of cake for her colleagues.

Shirley was shooting later on at the Dragon Centre, where the audience passed on their well wishes when they found out that it was her birthday. Shirley was followed around by the paparazzi on her birthday but she did not seem bothered by them as they also wished her a happy birthday and she was happy to pose for photographs before tellng them to finish work and not to work too hard. Asked what her birthday wish is, Shirley says that she hopes to make more great series and to shoot more ads to make some more money, but the most important thing is for good health."


[Wen Wei Po 09/08/06]

This year's Miss Hong Kong contest will be taking place on Saturday and the sixteen contestants met the judges yesterday. The panel this year include Tina Leung (Dik Na), Carina Lau, Aaron Kwok, Tin Buk Chun and Dr Dennis Sun. Eric Tsang and Nat Chan will be the hosts this year and Myolie Wu will be one of the performing guests.

At the press conference yesterday, the contestants wore their own selection of clothes and most were quite covered up and no-one appeared in a super sexy dress. Among them, Number 15 Janet Chow appeared in a chipao that stretched up to her neck and she laughed that she had a sore throat so she had to wrap up her neck.

Judge Tina commented that she had met with the girls previously and the biggest surprise for her was that in past years, she had heard reports of conflicts between the girls but she has found that the relationships between the girls is very amicable this year. She had previously said to them that the winning is not important, because showbiz is fickle and being the winner does not guarantee you success. Even if you do not win, you can still find a good path ro take. She also feels that as a Miss Hong Kong, then beauty and personality are both important. In order to raise the international feel of the contest, she encouraged the girls to speak in their own natural languages and not necessarily in Cantonese.

When Tina was asked if she had paid attention to the girls' figures, she indicated that having breasts that stick out too much does not look good, especially for Oriental girls. As long as the figure is balanced, that is the most important thing. In her heyday, she felt that this was quite embarrassing so she was always covering herself up.

Reports suggest that there will be a debating contest at the show this year between Tina and the two MC's, but she says that this will just be a chat and they will not be rehearsing it beforehand. They will just speak about whatever topic the hosts decide.

Hailing from the contest herself, but with her recent weight gain, Myolie seemed rather awkward as she was photographed on stage with the contestants. She says that there was a lot of pressure on her when she took part and even if she didn't diet, she still lost weight so she cannot compare her figure with her current one.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/08/06]

The latest guests for filming of "Beautiful Cooking" were Kenix Kwok, Isabella Leong and Balia Chen, who had to produce dishes for judges Cheung Tat Ming and Vincent Kok. When Ronald Cheng introduced the guests, he described Kenix has hardworking (play on words reflecting her rumoured affairs with Hacken Lee and Christopher Wong) and when Alex Fong asked Balia whether she would copy previous guest Amanda in trying to get extra points from the chef, she laughed: "I will try dropping my dress straps!"

One of the dishes that the girls had to cook was starfish and as the starfish was hard and spiny, it left the girls rather helpless. When Isabella was asked to chop up the starfish, the hosts suggested that she used the knife to pry it open first, but she could not do it and Alex had to help her out. When it came to the cooking, she poured in half a bottle of oil before dumping in all the vegetables, to which the hosts immediately laughed: "Why are you deep frying the veg?" and "It's like a hotpot!". After Isabella had finished cooking, the chef judge commented: "I won't even try it if you kissed me!" Ronald laughed: "If you give up you get zero, if you carry on it will be negative." Isabella admits that she cannot cook and this was her first attempt, so she was worried that she would explode the studio set.

When the judges tried Balia's starfish, it was spat out by Edmond almost as soon as it hit his mouth. Fortunately, Alex had held the bin open for him. Afterwards, Edmond's eyes were streaming and he could not stop coughing as he said: "It's so strong, why is it like this? It so so smelly!" Balia was not disappointed by the judges comments though. For Kenix, who knows how to cook, she is a little out of practice after filming so hard recently and she has passed on her skills to her maid instead. As for the earlier reports linking her to Hacken Lee and Michael Tao, she says: "If I could keep this going for eleven years, then I must be able to split in two!"


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