Wednesday, August 02, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 03/08/06]

After Sharon Chan and Rain Li filmed "Dream of Colours" three years ago, the two have become great friends and 'sisters' and yesterday Sharon was a guest presenter on a radio show, so she invited Rain to be her guest. This pair of sisters get along very well and even look like each other.

Sharon says: "I already knew Rain when I was a model and at the time, the make up artist already thought that we looked alike and some reporters mistook me for Rain. Even our families think we look alike and my dad once said that he couldn't tell which one was me when he looked at the magazines. (Have your fans mistaken you for each other?) Yes, earlier when I was out shopping, a salesperson called me Rain and only found out later that I am Sharon Chan."

As for Rain, she says that when it was hard work filming series, she needed to make the most of sleeping time, so she stayed over at Sharon's home, eating all her snack food and she even knows the security code for her building. Upon hearing this, Sharon jokes: "After eating all my food, you have to look after me for the rest of my life." With their appearances so similar, are their taste in men the same as well? Sharon said quickly: "Those that I like, Rain will not like. She likes good looking guys and I like the stable type." Rain denies this though.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/08/06]

Today it is Yoyo Mung's birthday and her fan club recently held a special party for her attended by over thirty of her fans in an enjoyable afternoon. To avoid making her fans spend money on her, Yoyo had instructed them not to bring any gifts and if they had to give her something, for it to be DIY. This struck the imagination of the fans as they presented her with handmade objects, flowers and a cake, making her very happy indeed.

Yoyo said merrily: "I will be working on my birthday this year as I work every day, but I don't mind at all and the more work the better as I get tired of receiving offers. In the last week, I have already celebrated with my friends, family and fans and if I have time, I hope to go out for supper with my friends, but they will have to wait until I finish work first. My birthday wish is for my family and myself to be healthy and for my career to step up. I hope to find my other half soon on the romance side and to be happy every day! Haha!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/08/06]

Sherming Yiu is a spokesperson for a slimming company and although she still has six months to run on her contract, the company has already offered her an extension and an offer to shoot an ad with Matt Yeung to promote their men's section in a deal worth a six figure sum.

As there was a storm blowing on the day of the shoot, the location was moved from the beach into the swimming pool of a hotel, but the temperature of the water was very low and they had to shower themselves to get wet, so Matt and Sherming were so cold that their teeth were chattering. Sherming wore two bikinis during the shoot, which lasted ten hours. During this time, they had some shots where they had to lean on each other as their bodies got quite close and Sherming was asked if she was embarrassed. She smiled: "Yes, I was embarrassed. Normally when I wear a bikini to go wakeboarding, I will put a top on over it and I rarely wear a swimsuit and get so close to a man, but luckily he did not touch me in a sensitive area." However, in the photographs, it looks like her chest was touching Matt's, but she denies this. She also compliments Matt for being very gentlemanly as he volunteered to help mop up after the water was splashed everywhere to avoid affecting the shoot.

With her fee, Sherming went to Tokyo to go shopping crazy in the Japanese Sales as well as eating Sushi and beef, leaving her with an extra 7lbs in weight and a rather round belly, leaving her needing to slim down. Her acupuncture slimming therapy is very good and she has now returned to 100 lbs. Although Sherming has the figure of a demon, she would still like to enhance her breasts as she laughs: "It's down to Gravity! After the treatment, they will look firmer and be more resistant." As for her three measurements, Sherming reveals these as 33.5C, 24,34.


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