Tuesday, August 15, 2006

[The Sun 16/08/06]

Bernice Liu and Angela Tong took part in the blessing ceremony for new series "Murder City Plot", and for Angela who is very scared of snakes, she met with an accident during filming and was even more terrified: "In one scene, a snake that had had its mouth tied together broke through the string and almost bit Lee Ka Ding. I was so scared that I was stunned. In another scene, I am naked and a snake has to go across my body, I am terrified just thinking about it." Angela says that she will be asking the producer whether she can use a body double for this scene.


[The Sun 16/08/06]

Tavia Yeung joined Vivien Yeo and Kenneth Ma at a promotional event yesterday where they had to try their hand at Taiwan Mah Jong, but Tavia and Vivien were very clumsy as Tavia laughs: "Usually I do play Cantonese Mah Jong, but I am not very good and I have no fellow players in the industry because I don't want to hold them up and also because losing money is one thing, losing friendship would be terrible." Wearing a strappy low cut top for the event, she offered a rare glimpse of her sexiness, but she denies she is going down the sexy image route: "I just wanted to give a different feeling to people. In the past I was very wrapped up, but now I want to try healthy sexiness and maturity, but I am no fleshbomb."

Kenneth was pretty good with his game and he laughs: "When I was a baby, I already learned how to play in the womb and my mother used to hold me when she played, so I could play from an early age, but I don't play very often."


[The Sun 16/08/06]

Reports have suggested a close relationship between Tracy Ip and Don Li as they have been sighted kissing and hugging. Attending a children's event yesterday, Tracy responded: "Let it be. We did not hold hands and I just couldn't hear what he was saying and he said it close to my ear. The press then wrote that I had captured him. (Will you be avoiding this in the future?) I have stopped avoiding this since we first started being photographed."

As for the rumours that new Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan having breast enlargement surgery, Tracy supports her after having experienced the gossip, saying: "The same thing was said about me having cosmetic surgery and you feel so wronged. There is no proof and the contract does not say that you can't have surgery, just that you must not have had children."


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