Monday, August 14, 2006

[The Sun 15/08/06]

There have been many rumours about the breakup of Deep Ng and Nancy Wu, with reports that the appearance of third party model Jacqueline Chong being the cause of this. Deep finally admitted yesterday that he and Nancy had a peaceful split last week and although he risks being branded as the heartlessman, he says he does not want to lead her on any longer.

Deep and Nancy have been dating for two years and in the last few months, there have been constant rumours about the breakdown in their relationship. During this time, the two strongly denied this and Deep maintained that he and Jacqueline were just friends, but Deep finally opened up yesterday, saying: "We agreed peacefully last week to end the relationship. It has been dragged out for a while now and we have experienced a lot since we started dating. Although our working environment is similar, we hold different opinions and outlooks, so it is easy to fall out. (Why have you not admitted it despite the rumours going on for so long?) At first, I would not admit it because I still treasure this relationship, but after so long, I understand that you cannot force your feelings, so I am speaking out now."

Asked if Jacqueline was the third party in their relationship, Deep just said: "She is my good friend, we will go for a meal once in a while. I feel sorry for her being labelled as the third party because I am very clear that my split with Nancy is nothing to do with her. When a relationship doesn't work out it is no-one's fault as it is just your own problem. (Is there a chance for you and Jacqueline to get together?) I am just focussing on my career now and will not spend time on relationships. Apart from singing, I hope to make some fight movies, because I have some talent in martial arts and I am learning gymnastics. (After so many things and Nancy standing by you, are you afraid of being branded a love rat?) I am thankful to her, but i feel that there is never right or wrong between a couple and I truly wish her the best and that she finds a boyfriend who loves her." Nancy was not available for comment, but she is scheduled to appear on tonight's filming of "15/16".

When Jacqueline was asked about the breakup of Deep's relationship, she said: "I feel that if there are problems in a relationship, then this is between the two of them and nothing to do with a third person. (Are you afraid of being mistaken for this?) No, this world is not all about men and women. For now, there is no chance of us getting together and I have not thought about the future. We are friends already and I will not think about taking things further, but I will not evade him because of this either."


[The Sun 15/08/06]

Fresh Miss Hong Kong winners, champion Aimee Chan, first runner up Janet Chow, second runner up Koni Lui and Tourism Ambassador Suki Chui started a series of prizegiving events yesterday, visiting the travel agency to receive travel vouchers totalling $100,000. During the event, the girls looked like human backdrops as they kept their smiles and posed with the travel company executives. However, Aimee did not feel unhappy about this and smiled that she likes being photographed.

Early favourite Suki was not disappointed about missing out on the top three and she is much happier after her sweet talking boyfriend comforted her. She also indicated confidently that her career will be much greater than this in the future and she will not marry her boyfriend just because she has lost this contest.

The Miss Hong Kong show pulled in ratings of 25 points, down 4 points on last year. The broadcasting authorities received two complaints about the contestants revealing themselves in the swimwear section. "Beautiful Cooking" and "Queen's Classroom" received 58 and 15 complaints respectively, but the ratings were not affected as they recorded 34 and 25 points.


[The Sun 15/08/06]

Andy Hui and Grasshoppers took part in the press conference for TVB's Po Leung Kuk charity show yesterday, where they announced that they would be re-performing their top acts from their concert, with Andy revealing that the most memorable acts for him were the 'human steamroller' and the wirework. He says: "I feel that being hung on a wire and singing love songs is quite romantic. (You will stick out though!) Any man would, it just depends on what size you are."

With the Grasshoppers busy rehearsing for their forthcoming concert, they have entered the excitement stage now and when the reporters laughed that they are all very harmonious unlike Softhard and Tat Ming, they laughed: "We have always been alternative, we have argued too much because we argue all the time, so when it matters, we don't have a problem."


[The Sun 15/08/06]

The Chinese Volleyball team arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and were met by Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk on behalf of TVB, but Sharon indicated that she did not know much about the team. Having just ended her reign as Miss Hong Kong, Tracy has signed for a year with TVB and is currently learning Mandarin and speaking skills to prepare herself. Asked if she had asked good friend Don Li for advice, she says: "Sometimes he speaks very maturely." For Sharon, who would like to be a host, she has signed with TVB for three years and hopes for a fresh start.


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