Sunday, August 13, 2006

[The Sun 14/08/06]

Bernice Liu was filming in TVB City earlier and for her new series, she was made up as an old lady. She laughs that the best thing about wearing old make up was that is is useful for flirting with guys. She says: "Usually in the make up room, the male artistes will ignore me and not even look at me, but now I look old, everyone is staring at me - Ron Ng, Sammul Chan - as soon as they see me, they say I look great! That's why I call this my 'flirting look'!"


[The Sun 14/08/06]

Suki Chui lost out on a top three place in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, despite being a hot favourite and being 'saved from the cut' in the knockout rounds. Afterwards, she kept silent and did not respond, simply giving out a smile to the press. As she left, she showed off her loving with boyfriend Mr Wong as they held each other's hands tightly as if in protest to the press and once again stealing the limelight from the winners. Mr Wong gave a startling display of speed as he drove Suki and her father back to their home in Tsing Yi, before speeding off again, making it quite difficult for the press cars to follow. There has been much discussion on the internet regarding Suki's failure to place as speculation is placed on her losing points because of her arrogance and talking rubbish in the Q&A section.

Aside from this, a group of losing contestants joined Eric Tsang and Nat Chan in Tsimshatsui for supper and they all tried to sweet talk Eric for hints on how to get into showbiz. For Joyce Wong, she was moved to tears when Eric offered to find her a path in. They stayed out until 3am, when Joyce, Tiffany Tse and Liz Tsang left together to go back to Liz's home in Wanchai to stop over.


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