Friday, August 11, 2006

[The Sun 11/08/06]

Myolie Wu and Andy Hui were filming for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" yesterday in a scene where Myolie is spending a birthday with Andy. As it also happened to be Andy's real birthday, he was very happy to be spending it working and his birthday wish was for the show to have good ratings and for his album to sell well. he also revealed that he will be singing the theme song to the series with Myolie.

As for the news that Miriam Yeung has signed over to East Asia for $40 million, Andy laughs: "You can ask me about $4000, but I think you will have to ask Peter Lam, but for the company to have more top stars is a good thing. (The rumour is that this is sparking Sammi Cheng into action?) She has always been very active." For Myolie, having the chance to sing with Andy is a great honour for her: "His singing is very good and he has great potential for comedy, so he should film more series."


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