Thursday, August 10, 2006

[The Sun 11/08/06]

After four months of marriage, Carlo Ng has announced that his wife Violet Chow is pregnant after this was revealed inadvertantly by Lydia Shum on quiz show "15/16" earlier. Carlo says openly: "This is a natural thing and we wanted to have children after we got married." Carlo and his wife are quite nervous and are currently preparing a room for the baby. As for the sex of the baby, he says: "We don't know yet. It doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl as long as it is healthy." The birth is due for the end of the year and Carlo has turned down all overseas jobs in the hope of spending more time with his wife before the birth.


[The Sun 11/08/06]

Having been incredibly busy lately, Leila Tong has just finished filming for "Housewife Army", but she is already embarking on her next job. She says: "This is the first time I have recorded a song and I will be working with producer Shu Man." She will then be filming a movie and flying overseas for a show as her work comes wave after wave. Does she have time for her friends and family? Leila replies a little upset: "Oh, I went out with a male friend earlier who I haven't seen for a while, but someone asked for a photo and it was quite embarrassing for my friend. I felt really bad for him and I daren't go out with my friends any more." Not only was she snapped on that occasion, she was also photographed doing other things and she says: "Once when I was performing on a boat, I was photographed and I felt quite helpless."


[The Sun 11/08/06]

Matthew Ko and Erica Yuen have become good friends after filming together and they joined together to go and watch "The Phantom of the Opera" earlier. Erica appeared dressed in a smart evening gown, but in contrast Matthew just wore a shirt, jeans and baseball cap. With such a difference in their attire, no wonder they were a little embarrassed and Matthew said: "She said smart casual. When I went to watch musicals overseas, I would wear a suit, but I thought it would be more casual in Hong Kong. I never thought she would dress so lavishly." Erica laughed: "You have to dress up a little to go to the opera. When I was young, I have watched it before and I loved it, so I will definitely take the chance to watch it again."


[The Sun 11/08/06]

Sunny Chan has been working in the mainland for the last few years making some 'real money' and upon his return to TVB, his latest show "Love Guaranteed" has received some good reviews. The road to success has not left him proud and arrogant though and each time he performs, he will act as if it is his last performance.

Sunny Chan laughs that from an early age, he has lacked self-confidence, so he will be happy with having enough rice to eat, He says: "Since I can remember, my mother would say that it would be a wonder if I could make myself a living when I grew up, so because of this, from study to entering the industry and acting, then I will see each opportunity as my last. I will drop my bottom line as low as I can without any expectations for fame and fortune. To still be able to perform today, then I am already fulfilled."

Sunny's chances came one after another after entering showbiz and successfully amassed his fortune, enabling him to buy a car, an apartment and to marry a good wife. During the SARS period, he also joined a few friends to invest in a restaurant and he says: "My friends were more worried than me because during the SARS outbreak, every industry took a dive and all the film shoots in the mainland ground to a halt. At this point, they suggested I invest in a small business to save for a rainy day."

With no knowledge of business, Sunny has personally overseen the building and running of his restaurant and even ordered the furnishings himself from the mainland. He says: "There is a lot to learn from the food and drink industry and just the refurbishing was enough to make me nauseous. I am willing to learn though and when I met with difficulties, I would ask everyone else for help. Now the restaurant's business is not bad and all the shareholders have had payback. The hard work of yesterday has yielded its rewards."


[The Sun 11/08/06]

If you are wanting to move up and find fame and fortune, then apart from having skills, then the right press coverage is also important. For Sharon Luk, she feels that this will only help you in the short term though and to keep your position, you have to have firm foundations and look to the long term.

For celebrities with a lot of news, then they will often appear in the headlines and front pages. Compared to her fellow Miss Hong Kong winners for last year, Sharon has had no rumours, gossip or popularity. Her workload has only been average, but she believes that if you use a longer line, then you will get bigger fish. "You can get up in the world by revealing bad things, but Hong Kong people forget very fast and many people just remember the news and not the people. If I have to sell sexiness, gossip or rumours, then I would rather I had no news."

Sharon did not enter the showbiz industry to become the top actress. Instead, she has given herself five years to see how she fares. She says: "If touch wood I am still not popular in five years, then I can go home and help my dad in his business. Now I would like to work in the direction of becoming a host because girls in series can only film to a certain age, but MC's are a long term venture, where you don't find absolute fame, but you can make a lot of money from just one show.

Hailing from an enterprising family, Sharon will always look to the long term investment, but for a woman, is this not usually more along the lines of marrying a rich man? Sharon says: "Women nowadays don't necessarily follow this route and anything can change in life, so depending on oneself is more secure." In Sharon's words, she is most concerned with a long term investment, so the success of the future will reflect how well this speculation has been.


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