Thursday, August 03, 2006

[The Sun 04/08/06]

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming a kissing scene for Lau Ka Ho's new series two nights ago in the middle of a Number 3 Tropical Storm warning. In the scene, the two play passionate lovers, but for Tavia, who is married, she wants to leave lover Bosco before she has a divorce, but they can't bear to leave each other and result in a steamy kiss. Two earlier shoots had been cancelled and despite the bad weather, the third shoot went smoothly to start with, but as the two got close to kiss, it suddenly started blowing a gale and raining heavily. Seeing this, Tavia immediately said hastily: "Hurry up! We have to finish kissing!". Bosco immediately laughed: "Wow, you are very desperate!". Fortunately they successfully completed the shoot in the end.

Having played lovers before, there were no obstacles for Bosco and Tavia, so little wonder that they only took one take to complete the scene as they worked together well. However, after the shoot, Tavia exclaimed: "Wah! There is a lot of saliva on my lips!". Not to be outdone, Bosco replied: "I have a lot of saliva on my bottom lip too!" causing a lot of laughs.

Having worked with Tavia now on four occasions, Bosco says: "I don't want to have to be sorry to her again!" ASked if he only wants to be with Myolie, Tavia nodded jokingly and when asked if he had reported this kiss scene to Myolie, Bosco said: "She should take me out for dinner because the news is just reporting about me and I am helping her out! (Are you angry at the magazines saying that you spend women's money?) No, I don't get angry with people, but I was a little unhappy."


[The Sun 04/08/06]

Matthew Ko joined good friend Billy Kong at the beach earlier as the two Mr Hong Kong's showed off their great bodies on th beach, attracting attention from male and female bathers alike!

Currently busy filming for TVB's "Lush Fields Happy Times", Matthew has been working out for his character and as well as going to the gym, he often goes sunbathing on the beach with his friends. After about half an hour, the two friends went out to a floating platform to do some diving and a man went up to them to start chatting. Maybe he was worried about being mistaken for being gay, but Matthew immediately jumped into the water to avoid the man.

Matthew later explained that the man was just wanting a cht and was not flirting with him. He says: "He just recognised me and just said a few words. He definitely wasn't gay." He also indicated that in order to make himself seem more masculine, then he has been working out hard: "I have a swimming scene with Myolie Wu in 'Lush' and to make myself look fitter, then I will go to the gym or go swimming as well as go tanning in the sun or in the salon in the hope of becoming darker and more manly."


[The Sun 04/08/06]

After playing a fake cripple murderess in "Forensic Heroes", Charmaine Li has seen a great improvement in her acting and she will be taking part in the forthcoming series "Murder City Plot", where she will become schizophrenic. She smiles: "This role will be quite difficult because I have to play two roles and I am currently working hard to do my research in order to do the best preparation."

Charmaine will be playing a very ugly beggar girl as well as a very pretty rich girl - two very extreme characters. She says: "The ugly girl is quite happy and open and the rich girl is quieter. The two girls will have a very entangled relationship later. I have tried the costumes and the two roles are both very unusual."


[The Sun 04/08/06]

Since TVB series "Love Guaranteed" has been airing, the ratings have been going up and up. For type cast strong businesswoman Melissa Ng, she is yet again in this role as she plays the headstrong bossy insurance salesperson in the show: "I quite like these light comedy shows because I can play a professional, but still add a little comedy to the role to bring it back to reality and make the viewers happier."

This is the first time that Melissa has worked with Sunny Chan and although he is renowned as being a 'gasbag', Melissa managed to control him gently and the two created some sparks. She explains: "Sunny is a really good person and is very good at caring for others. Although sometimes he talks too much, I will use my 'bossy' nature and cut him up sometimes, so we have an understanding!" She admits that she has learned a lot from Sunny about life: "I am quite impatient as a person and sometimes when we eat together, Sunny will ask me why I am so rushed. From him, I have learned to take things at a more leisurely pace and that you have to let yourself relax sometimes."

It has been three years since Melissa last took a long vacation and at last, she has managed to take a month of recently that she will be spending resting in Hong Kong: "I have been filming non-stop for three years and on some days working for 20 hours. I really don't want to lose my soul to the company, so a long holiday will be a good reward for me."


[The Sun & Wen Wei Po 04/08/06]

After 11 years away from the music industry that launched his career, Kevin Cheng's new album will be released tomorrow and he personally went to buy a copy early to present to his mother.

Kevin Cheng was filming his music video for new song "Unbearable" (Mo Ho Noi Ho) earlier, using his own experiences and ups and downs as a theme, telling of how his career and love had fallen to a low point and life was throwing many tests at him but he was just wrapping himself up in his troubles. Then he finds a release and the shows his new energetic and positive approach to life. Although Kevin appears very stylish in the video, the reality was that it was very hot and stuffy on the set and he was sweating all over despite not having a top on. The cameraman complimented him and Kevin didn't mind the heat, after all he was showing off his great figure that he has worked on recently.

Master Lau Ka Cheung has been invited to be a director for this MV and Kevin says excitedly: "I was very touched that Master Lau would write a song for me and help film my MV. I am very thankful to him and I will never forget him."

After the weathering of his experiences, Kevin is now mature and stable and battling the music industry once again, he will cherish even more the opportunities that he has found again. Even if he is busy filming series, he would rather cut short his rest time to record a better song or promote his album.


[The Sun 04/08/06]

Sheren Tang took part in an event yesterday, talking about a female point of view on sex issues. Sheren compared life to acting out a scene, where both parties have to have communication and understanding: "I would suggest ever-changing! That will keep things fresh and exciting. You also have to prepare a good introduction and change your environment. (Have you dressed up?) No, I don't need to. (Are you happy with your sex life?) You can't put it like that!" Sheren says frankly that when she was young, her credentials were good, but her boyfriend still liked to go to night clubs, so they ended up splitting up in the end.


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