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Special report on Former Miss Hong Kong winners

[The Sun 13/08/06]

With the new batch of Miss Hong Kong winners emerging last night after a bout of open and closed competition, will their ambitions be reflected in reality in the coming months? For last year's winners, they were all full of expectation when they won, but some are planning to pull out of the industry, whilst others want to stay but may not be able to.

Last year's winners have had work offered to them before completing their reign, but they each have their own ambitions. For Tracy Ip and Carrie Lam, one has a great quick wit and the other has already been offered a leading part, but Tracy feels that she is not up to standard and wants to return to education, whilst Carrie has admitted that she does not want to work in showbiz and plans to become an office lady in the world of real estate.

For last year's runner up Sharon Luk, Miss Photogenic Shermon Tang and Tourism Ambassador Erica Yuen, a showbiz career awaits them, but of the three, Shermon has a head start with her regular slot in sitcom "Welcome to the House".

As the 2005 Miss Hong Kong's continue working hard, 2004 winner Kate Tsui and 2001 winner Shirley Yeung are swimming swimming strongly alongside the leading ladies, looking for an opportunity. However, there are also those who have been rejected and some who have given up.

Tracy plans to return to Poly to study design: "I am feeling very relaxed and looking forward to it, because after ending my reign, it will be a new start. I plan to go back to the Polytechnic University to study design as well as continue my modelling work. Why do I want to study? Because I have met many people this year and compared to them, I feel that there is a lot that I don't know, so I want to study more. As for screen work, I will see what is arranged by the company and I am also very expectant, but I will leave this up to fate and not wish too much. If nothing comes along, then I will not be unhappy."

Sharon has signed with TVB as an artiste and will be focussing on MC work: "I would like to film series, but the company has arranged a lot of hosting for me. Maybe they feel I am more suited to this and I have signed with TVB for three years. I am now learning Mandarin and taking a course in communication that will help with my performance."

Carrie would like to be an office lady or a model: "I feel that I am more introverted and I am quite tall, so it is difficult to find a co-star to work with, so this industry may not be right for me. I have thought about going back to real estate, but if I don't do this, there are still many options for me and I am interested in becoming a model, so maybe I will head in this direction instead."

Shermon has three years to find her position: "Before ending my reign, I had already started filming 'Welcome to the House' and the company has given me many opportunities. I have set aside three years to develop my showbiz career, I don't want to find fame and fortune, but I just want a position in the industry and not to be known just as the daughter of Tang Ying Man."

Erica wants to follow in the footsteps of Myolie Wu: "I am really very interested in showbiz and after filming 'Lush Fields Happy Times', I am becoming more and more interested in acting. After seeing how dedicated Myolie is to her series and how she has such a healthy image, she has attracted me to continue working at this."

After shooting an ad opposite Leon Lai and generating a barrage of rumours, Kate Tsui has set out her sights to forge a career in showbiz and despite the gossip and her bold statement of sex on a radio show that almost led to her being frozen by TVB, her open apology has meant her work is still coming in steadily.

For the busty Queenie Chu, she was being promoted heavily by the company to start with, being sent out on travel shows and hosting jobs, but her 'shaking car' incident with Joey Leung last year left her with an image of being a third party and although she has not been ousted immediately, she has been relegated to the realm of Pay Vision as a host.

With her low workload, Fu Sze Sze decided this year to return to Singapore to continue her studies in Materials Engineering. She says that after she graduates, she will be 26, so her chances of returning to showbiz are slim.

Mandy Cho has filmed series and taken lead roles, but even though her contract does not expire until 2009, the rumours that she will only take leading roles, but she does not have the acting talent to support this, she suddenly took nine months leave to go and take a course in jewellery authentication. Just before she left, she said: "A few years may not make me a big star, but I was able to try a lot of things."

Locked into children's programmes, Priscilla Chik can still only be seen on the kids' shows on Saturday and Sunday. You can see for yourself what opportunities she has. Thanks to her great grasp of English, Rabee'a Yeung has taken up a hosting position on TVB Pearl, picking up the odd MC job on some shows. Although she has not yet turned invisible, she still does not have many opportunities to shine.

Currently residing in San Francisco, Tiffany Lam has filmed in series, but knowing that her Cantonese ability is limited, she has decided to turn down the promotion from the company to return to her native America. After completing a year's study in World Business, she has gone back to her family business to help her mother and become an entrepreneur with no yearning for the showbiz industry.

After wowing the audience in her swimsuit in her first series, Victoria Jolly's Cantonese was not up to scratch and in February 2004, she returned to England to study. After picking up a few vacation jobs in Hong Kong for some pocket money, she graduated with a first class honours and although she is still interested in returning to showbiz, she is currently working in public relations for a fitness centre in England.

Chubby Cathy Wu completed her contract with TVB, but the company did not renew and she was not allowed to stay. Although she was determined and signed with other management companies, no-one appreciated her and she has not had any opportunities, resulting in her fading from view.

Shirley Yeung has proved her worth by her commitment to her work and her obedience, so the company has given her plenty of opportunities to find popularity with housewives and uncles alike. With her non-stop filming, she is heading towards the top female spot.

For Heidi Chu, she has secured her position as a finance radio show presenter and TVB big show MC by her great elocution and sharp wit, so she has forged a path for herself and at least if television doesn't work out, she has an exit into radio.

Despite a slot on daytime show "Leisure and Pleasure", Gigi Chung has not stood out, so she has also been sent over to Pay Vision as a host as she fades from view.


[The Sun 13/08/06]

After being linked in rumours after filming together, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma were spotted with good friend Derek Kok on the town in Causeway Bay, singing in a karaoke bar. At first the two were sitting together, but they then split up their own ways as Charmaine went to sing a song. Despite her heartfelt performance, the others seemed to be uninterested as they continued with their drinking games.

Just as they were getting merry, there was a sound of breaking glass from the neighbouring area and some of the pieces flew towards Joe. Although he was not hurt, Derek seemed a little annoyed. Fortunately there was no trouble. At around half past five in the morning, Joe was the first to leave and an hour later, Charmaine and the others left. She still seemed full of life as she lived up to her name of being a 'Party Spirit'. Afterwards, Derek indicated that he did not lose his temper that night.


[The Sun 13/08/06]

Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were filming in a kiss scene for Lau Ka Ho's new series and Raymond seemed quite relaxed, but Linda was a little embarrassed.

Afterwards, Linda said: "Although I have had kiss scenes in many series now, I am still a little shy. I am not afraid of having rumours with Raymond, because we are just acting." Linda also reveals that her kiss with Ron Ng is the most memorable because that was her first screen kiss.

Raymond reveals that he had eaten some mints before the kiss to prepare and asked if he felt lucky, he said: "Others will think that, but I don't think so."


[The Sun 13/08/06]

Kevin Cheng held an autograph session yesterday to promote his new album and he indicated that the reaction to his record has not been bad and his mother has bought ten copies to support him. Asked if rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow has bought any, he says: "I bought her record when it was released so she should have bought mine." With indications that he is being favoured heavily, with TVB arranging a mini-concert for him and giving him the central focus, Kevin smiles: "Yes, this mini-concert will have many guests, such as Niki and Karen Tong. (Are you challenging TVB godson Hacken Lee?) We are both sons of TVB and there is no ranking between us. TVB loves us all."


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