Friday, August 04, 2006

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 05/08/06]

Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao were filming for "Cadets on the Beat" earlier in a scene where they are in crossfire with some criminals. Michael and Sonija play a husband and wife police duo in the show and when Sonija is shot, Michael immediately carries her to hospital. For Michael who is quite sporty, picking up the 107 lbs Sonija is not a problem: "At this time, I have to give you an Andy Lau style turn." Upon hearing this, Sonija exclaims with admiration: "Such a hero!"

Unfortunately, during the shoot, Michael accidentally knocked Sonija on the nose and left her with a scratch and a little bleeding. Sonija didn't take it to heart though and just checked herself out in the mirror. At first, Michael seemed rather worried and when the press asked if it would bruise, he replied: "No, it shouldn't bruise." When Michael found that she was okay, he immediately said smugly: "It proves that her nose has not had surgery for her to be fine."

It was very hot weather on the day of the shoot and both Michael and Sonija were sweating a lot, but they were both in good spirits. Michael complimented Sonija saying: "We have filmed together for a week now and I find her very intelligent as well as a very practical and realistic person. (How do you see her earlier news?) Of course I don't believe it. She has not let herself be affected by it and she is very absorbed when she is filming. Everyone is very happy filming this series and Ron Ng and Sammul Chan seem to become more awake as the nights draw on. Seeing them so tireless, makes me think back to myself in days gone by."


[The Sun 05/08/06]

Bobby Au Yeung was spotted earlier with his wife at a Happy Valley Dessert House eating and chatting with friends as he used his comedic talent to make everyone laugh. As it was raining that evening then to avoid his wife getting wet, he later went out to buy his wife some take away food and when he spotted the press, he was still very welcoming, saying: "I am just buying take away!" before posing for the cameras and showing what an open personality he has.


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