Saturday, July 15, 2006

[Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong entourage continued their tour of Korea yesterday as they attended a sports centre in Seoul to have a Taekwondo class. Full of spirit, despite the busy filming schedules over the last few days, the girls donned their suits and joined a group of local students for a demonstration before taking a few classes in self-defence and kicking with the resident black belt instructor. Number 13 Aimee Chan Yan Mei usually seems of the quiet studious type, but she surprised everyone yesterday by being top of the class. Number 15 Janet Chow Ka Wai and Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan presented the children with the gifts that they had prepared.

With his martial arts background, guest performer Chin Ka Lok offered his advice and instruction to the contestants and even posed for a photograph beside a very happy Aimee. He laughs that sometimes he teaches his girlfriend Lee San San how to fight, but because she is already quite a fighter, then he saves a couple of moves for his own self defence!


[The Sun & Wen Wei Po 15/07/06]

After taking Japan by storm, the Keroro Gunso film will be released in Hong Kong at the end of July and a special Gunso Base exhibition was revealed at Langham Place yesterday, where guests including 2R and Leila Tong were invited to play games with the fans attracting over a hundred people to the audience.

Leila is a huge Keroro fan and her favourite character is the double-personality of "Tamama". She says that she has been collecting the dolls and keyrings and many fans who know that she is a fan have bought her items from the range. Asked if she will watch the film, she says: "Definitely, I can't wait for it. I have watched the animations before and I would like to buy the comics for my collection." Leila was a little overwhelmed when a male fan who had adorned himself with Keroro figures rushed forward to give her some photographs. She later added that she plans to tidy her home up to make room for more Keroro items.

On the other hand, 2R weren't quite so knowledgable about Keroro as elder sister Rosanne says: "We went to Japan last week and found out that this cartoon was very popular there, but we did not know about it at all and felt that it looked a bit like a frog, but not quite. It was only later we foud out that it was a frog from outer space."


[Ta Kung Pao 15/07/06]

RTHK's "Police Call" programme will be airing a special two week series on the Hong Kong Police's Emergency Unit that will be hosted by Michael Miu. Wearing the uniform of a Chief Superintendant, Michael joined the other host Lo Yee Chung as he introduced the history and work of the police force's front line squad as the camera crew follow the work and training of officers for the audience.

Although Michael has often played a police officer in dramas, this is the first time he has worn a real policeman's uniform as he takes the viewers on a journey through the Emergency Unit museum in Kowloon West and introduces the history and related exhibits. Hong Kong Police Force's Emergency Unit was formed in 1972 and primarily deals with small scale riots and some serious crimes. At the time, the Emergency Unit could also be hired privately by citizens and brought in the government $6000 a year in profit. Nowadays, the squad is responsible for dealing with emergency incidents and serious crime as well as anti-terrorist and riot prevention work. The Emergency Unit operates in all districts of Hong Kong and is always on standby to be the first on the scene in any incident or crime scene.


[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 15/07/06]

Nat Chan has taken over from Carol Cheng as guest host on TVB quiz show "15/16" and guests for this round of filming included Joyce Tang, Niki Chow, Yan Ng and Janet Ma.

This is the second time that Niki has been on the show, but as she lost out last time, she hopes that Nat will help her out this time and even if she wins just $10,000 then at least she can take the crew out for dinner. With Nat's reputation as a bit of a joker, Niki says she is not afraid: "I am ready for him and he will most likely just comment on my figure, gossip and cosmetic surgery. (Will you have cosmetic surgery?) I definitely wouldn't have breast implants, because I am already very happy with my body and this is the figure that my mother gave me. Someone once approached me to be spokesperson for a breast enhancement product, but I refused it because I felt that there was no need and I wouldn't be very convincing.

After Hacken Lee's announcement of his wedding plans and Roger Kwok and Cindy Au also revealing their marriage plans, Joyce was asked about her long-running relationship with Marco Ngai and when they plan to get married. At first, Joyce played dumb and refused to answer the questions, but later she did reveal that Marco hs never proposed to her yet. Joyce was a bridesmaid to a friend recently and asked if she was becoming impatient after seeing her friends all being married, she says: "It's okay, because I want to play for a few more years first." She also emphasises: "This year we will not get married because our schedules are full and I have to go and film in the mainland."


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