Tuesday, July 11, 2006

[Wen wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 12/07/06]

TVB's new series "Cadets on the Beat" held it's costume fitting ceremony yesterday and this is billed as the sequel to the earlier series "The Academy", so previous stars Ron Ng, Sammul Chan and Deep Ng will be reprising their roles. As for the new cast members, there are some big names in the cast, including Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok, Joey Yung, Yan Ng, Kate Tsui and Kenny Kwan. The leading ladies from the first series Tavia Yeung and Fiona Sit will appear for a few episodes to end their characters stories, where Tavia's role will be heading to Japan to stud and Fiona's character dies in a car accident.

It has been three years since Joey last filmed a series and to prepare for this series, she has had to complete three months work from August, September and October in just one month, so when she saw the press, she exclaimed: "I am nearly dead!" Despite this, the series will not begin filming until August because she will need to promote her new Mandarin album in Taiwan first. Joey will be working opposite Ron and Kate and with their usual attraction to gossip, is she worried about being dragged into it? She says she is not worried because she never has any gossip and when she isn't filming, she will be making the most of rest time, so there should not be any gossip. Joey was very friendly with Sonija at yesterday's event and she indicates that she performed with Sonija during the 2000 Miss Hong Kong contest, so it was like catching up with an old friend.

Sonija and Michael will be playing police officer husband and wife in the show, but because Sonija has a higher rank than Michael, then this causes friction in their marriage, but they get back together in the end. Sonija seemed very excited in her uniform because her ambition since she was a child was to become a police officer and she once applied for the auxiliary force, but did not hand the form in. She says happily: "Although I never joined the police, to have the chance to wear the uniform makes me very happy and in order to assist with my performance, I took some time out earlier to go and watch the police at work."

Michael was sporting quite a tan and he indicates that this is to tie in with his character, so he has spent some time under the sunlamps. After receiving praise for his tanned look, he plans to keep this complexion in the future. Michael adds that he is completely naked in the tanning machine, but when it was mentioned that some areas are weaker than others, he laughed: "I am not weak, I am very strong!" Working with Sonija for the first time, he feels very honoured because she is a good actress.

Working with Kate once again in this series, Ron was mocked by the press saying he has an affinity for her. He replied calmly saying: "It was arranged by the company. (Are you worried about rumours?) It is just work, so we will not evade each other. As we have worked together well, then we have a good connection and I will just do my best." Ron has not cut his hair short yet so he did not appear in his police uniform yesterday.

Deep was sporting an injury on his arm and he explained that this was from filming an action scene in his latest movie, but he can't tell the name of the film yet. Deep will be reprising his role in a story that tells of him becoming a gym instructor after being released from prison before heading out to the Mainland to do business. He will appear for about five or six episodes. When it was mentioned about his earlier drug incident when he was filming for the first series and he says: "There were some unhappy times last time, but I got on well with the other cast members and I believe I will get into this very quickly again. (Will you be turning good now?) I already did last time."

For Yan, she has not cut her hair short for over ten years, but she will be sacrificing her locks in this show and she says frankly that she is not used to it. In the series, she plays a girl who loves animals, so she will be offering her own dog for an appearance.


[The Sun, Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 12/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their location filming in Korea, flying out to Seoul and meeting with their guest for this second leg, Bosco Wong. They will be learning some Korean language, customs and ceremonies at Korea University and appear wearing traditional Korean dress.

Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying performed well in the swimwear parade, but Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee's swimsuit was more like a tube top. Asked if she felt Koni lost out because of her costume, Joyce indicated that she did not think so and felt that the tube top quite suited Koni. As for Koni, she did not feel that she was disadvantaged and it is not about how much cloth is there, but whether it looks good on the person.

Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man learned a few words of Korean yesterday and was able to say 'How are you?'. She felt that the Korean language sounds very beautiful and graceful and the language is built together like Roman script. She loves listening to Korean songs because they always make her very emotional. She once worked with Bosco as a model for the company which he is sponsored by and has had her photo taken with him before, but Bosco didn't remember her. Asked about the reports that Suki is dating an older man, Bosco feels that love is not about age as long as both partners love each other.


[Ta Kung Pao 13/07/06]

Louisa So and veteran singer Lowell Lo appeared at an award ceremony for an organic farming creativity contest yesterday as judges and she indicated that she is interested in organic farming and once tried growing vegetables on her balcony at home.

Louisa adds that she will often buy organic soya beans to make soya milk with and laughs that she loves cooking, proving this by gaining full marks for her appearance on "Beautiful Cooking" last week. She says: "When I was in home economics class, my teacher said that I did well and gave me 10/10. I was very happy and pleased." Louisa says that her favourite is making Western dishes and asked if she has used this to keep her boyfriend's heart, she smiles: "I don't need this!" Also, with her series "Pain in Men" reaching the great result of 38 points, Louisa said excitedly: "The producer Poon Ka Tak called me and hearing the high ratings, we were all very happy, so we will force Damian (Lau) to pay for a meal." As for Toby Leung offering to pay for sharks fin, what will Louisa be doing? She says: "I don't mind paying for dinner, I like to do it anyway, or maybe I will take them for dimsum!"


[The Sun 12/07/06]

The four beauties Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung and Carrie Lam were working on the first day of filming for Lau Ka Ho's new series (tentatively titled "Sheung Wan's Four Beauties") in a scene where Fala was taking part in a swimming contest and her friends were there to lend their support. For the scene, Fala was dressed in a sexy bikini, showing off her figure and far outshining the other girls, who were just in tops and hotpants. During the shoot, Fala was allowed the luxury of cooling off in the water, whilst the other girls fried on the beach in the heat of the sun.

However, Fala complained about the filming being unfair to her: "It is not fair! Why is it just me who has to wear a bikini? (You seem to be wearing bikinis a lot in recent filming?) Yes, they are usually summer scenes, but it is just to tie in with the script and wearing a swimsuit makes the shoot more exciting. (Are you afraid people will get bored of your look?) No, you have to wear a swimsuit to go swimming! (Have you prepared against revealing yourself?) The swimsuit doesn't have pads, so I had to sew my own in there and I have used a lot of tape, so it is very safe."

Yoyo, Linda and Carrie all praised Fala's figure and Yoyo said that she was very envious of her being able to get into the water. "If only I was in my swimsuit today as well, it would be better than being fried by the sun. (Fala has stolen the limelight today?) That is what the scene is about and her figure is very good so she looks good in a bikini." As for Linda, she would prefer to be on the beach and she does not want to appear in a swimsuit: "I am very scared of filming in a swimsuit as I am scared of revealing myself and will be very uncomfortable, so I would rather bake and let Fala do the water scenes."


[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 12/07/06]

The matter of Roger Kwok and Cindy Au's wedding date has always been in the spotlight and there have been magazine reports recently that the couple are due to be wed in August this year at Disneyland. When Roger was asked about this, he admits that he will marry Cindy this year but he has not decided on the date yet and he will make an announcement on this when it has been confirmed. As for whether he will be holding this at Disneyland, he says that someone has suggested this to him and he feels that the concept is very unusual, but it is just an idea at the moment. As marriage is a happy occasion, then he will announce the details once they have decided and will not play the secrecy card.


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