Saturday, July 29, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 30/07/06]

TVB new series "Love Guaranteed" held a promotional event in Tsuen Wan yesterday, where the cast members played games and Kenneth Ma and Cherrie Kong were arranged to 'kiss' in public, through clever positioning by the producer, but in the end they were egged on by the MC's and Kenneth eventually planted a real kiss on Cherrie's cheek.

Melissa Ng indicates that she would like to try many different roles and she feels she does not look like an administrative worker, so she would like to try something different in her next series. She says: "I would like to do some characters who are more human. I cannot be perfect every time and on a personal basis, I am not a 100% good person either."

Cherrie reveals that this will be the last series that she will be promoting because she will be turning her attentions to her beauty business investment. She says: "I have been helping my friend out with it in the last couple of years, I have now obtained an international diploma in beauty therapy and I will continue studying further. This is not a move to the business world, I am just learning more skills. I still have a contract with TVB, so if they offer me work, I will still do it."


[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 30/07/06]

Ron Ng took part in the opening of a science and environmental event in Tseung Kwan O yesterday where he not only helped to launch the event, but was also asked to demonstrate a window cleaning robot. Reverting to his childhood in response, a playful Ron was very excited when he played with the robot. Talking of the environment, Ron says that he has shown an interest in this from an early age as his mother has taught him to sort out the plastic from the aluminium and recycle them properly and also to donate old clothes to environmental organisations. As a result his awareness of the environment is quite strong.

Ron's new series "Cadets on the Beat" has begun filming and as Fiona Sit is due to start shooting another film soon, the crew have been busy completing her scenes, working through the night and leaving the cast without much time to sleep.

Asked about the recent rumours that TVB will soon be sold off because of Sir Run Run Shaw's deteriorating health, Ron says he is not worried about this as he believes the company will arrange what is best for everyone. He will just do his own job well, because the only thing he is worried about is having his pay cut!

Melissa Ng was also asked about this matter in another event and she says that she is just a small potato, so it would not affect her very much, but she does hope that Sir Run Run recovers soon. Cherrie Kong says that she doesn't really know much about what is happening.


[The Sun 30/07/06]

Myolie Wu and Jack Wu will soon have to lose some weight after filming for "Lush Fields Happy Times" and Myolie has become the target of many slimming companies. Reports suggest that she has agreed a $1.2 million deal with Royal Bodyperfect, so she is very confident that she will be able to shed the weight: "There was pressure to put on the weight, but losing it should be a happy process because I will have the chance to lose 30 lbs as well as make some money from it to pay for a holiday and to buy myself a car."

As for Jack, he has also signed with another slimming centre, but with less focus on his story, he will only be earning a five figure fee. However, he says: "I am already very happy with this fee because the slimming world has always been dominated by women. so I never thought I would have a sponsor at all. This is a bonus for me, so I am thankful to the company."


[The Sun 30/07/06]

Kenny Kwan revealed his short haircut at an autograph session yesterday, attracting several hundred fans. His fans were all rather curious about his new hairstyle and not satisfied with touching it, one female fan even leapt up to him and gave him a kiss on the head, leaving Kenny rather shocked. Kenny has received a lot of compliments from his colleagues about his new haircut, but there were some obvious bald patches showing through. He laughs: "I was planning on shaving some designs into it to hide them, I think the best one to do at the moment would be 'TVB'."

Working on his first day of filming for "Cadets on the Beat", Kenny found himself working opposite veteran actors such as Wai Ying Hung and Gordon Liu and he admitted he was rather nervous abou this. "I am worried about NG's, so I made sure that I knew my lines well." As he is without his assistant during the filming, he is a little lost: "Take yesterday, I was due to rehearse some dancing with Kate Tsui, but it took me a long time to find the rehearsal room and then when I left, I did not know where to get transport from. Luckily Kate drove me to the taxi rank." As for whether he was worried about rumours, he says: "She is quite nice and she is a very attractive Miss Hong Kong. However, people always refer to me as rather reserved on the inside, so nothing will happen."


[The Sun 30/07/06]

Fiona Sit, Sammul Chan and Francois Huynh were filming for "Cadets on the Beat" yesterday at the pedestrian subway where a real serving police officer was murdered earlier. Having refused to have her character die there previously, Fiona seemed very scared as she filmed, causing to a string of over ten outtakes. She says: "It was not because of that, I am a Christian and have calmed myself by praying. (Have you brought anything to protect you?) No, it is all just in my heart." Fiona did not dare to venture anywhere near the staircase where the incident happened, whereas Sammul was very calm about it: "I believe that if I have done no harm to others, then I have nothing to worry about. This is the first time I have been to this subway."


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