Thursday, July 20, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 21/07/06]

Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip, John Chiang and Kiki Sheung were filming yesterday at a playpark for new series "Housewife Army" in a scene that tells of Sheren and the 'housewives' airing their duvets in the park, but they are caught by John, who plays an officer from the Sanitation Department and they are all sent away by him. Sheren says that playing this role allows her to experience what life would be like after marriage and this has ruled out all her romantic fantasies. She says: "This is the first time I have filmed a series where so many people have given me their opinions and this makes me aware of many men's views of a housewife. I also understand that after marriage, people only care about their realistic lifestyles. (Will it put you off getting married?) No, it will just make me clear about this earlier, so I don't regret it later."


[Wen Wei Po 21/07/06]

TVB's Pay Vision series "Be My Guest" hosted by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan invited the latest guest onto the show yesterday, Lydia Shum. As usual Stephen presented her with a token gift and this time he made her a set of Mah Jong Tiles that fit together to make a caricature of Lydia, who is known throughout the circles as an avid Mah Jong player. She was very pleased with the gift and says: "Apart from Joyce, my favourite thing is Mah Jong." Stephen then laughed: "I can't give you Joyce, because I am not old enough to have a daughter her age!" To thank Stephen for his gift, Lydia gave him a kiss and gave him some yellow cherries and peaches as a return gift.

Stephen's questions in the interview are usually very hard-hitting and asked whether there are any questions she will avoid, Lydia says: "I will answer anything, I have agreed to come on, so I will answer any questions." As for Stephen, what does he most want to ask her? He laughs: "I would like to ask Lydia why she has not thought about slimming down after so many years." He also says that Lydia is known in showbiz as a very good matchmaker because she has brought together many couples and Lydia says she has been a bridesmaid many times. Stephen says he wishes that Lydia will introduce him to a wife and that he is looking for a sophisticated lady along the lines of Lydia or Joyce. This made Lydia very happy indeed.


[Ta Kung Pao 21/07/06]

Louisa So took part in a charity T-shirt sale for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, where together with Tina Lau and Ranee K, they led a group of fifty young girls on the stage wearing the t-shirts for the auction and urging the public to make a charitable gesture.

Asked what her views on 'Real Beauty' were, Louisa said: "Women need to know how to love themselves. Being beautiful is not about being thin, this is the wrong outlook and you just need to look at Belinda Hamnett to see how bad it can be. I feel that healthy people show real beauty." After gaining maximum points on "Beautiful Cooking", Louisa has received many offers of marriage from men and she was asked why she doesn't get herself a private chef's licence with her great cooking skills. She replies candidly: "If I didn't enter showbiz, then I would have thought seriously about becoming a chef!"


[Ta Kung Pao 21/07/06]

Niki Chow joined the sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants at a cosmetics sponsor yesterday, where she shared with them some thoughts about beauty and make up. Asked what she spoke to the girls about, Niki replied: "They liked to ask me about how to look pretty, keep fit and keep in shape. (Are you the type who can eat anything and not gain weight?) I have not always been so thin, when I was born, I weight 9lbs, so I was quite big baby!"

Asked what impression she gained of the contestants, Niki was all praises: "This is the first time I have met them today and they are all tall with great figures and a good standard overall." Niki also reveals that she has been invited to be a judge for 'Miss Photogenic' this year and when asked whether she had thought about entering Miss Hong Kong in the past, she laughs: "I have pretended to be the winner at home, but I have never considered entering becuase I don't have the courage to wear a swimsuit on the stage and I don't think I can bear the pressure."

Niki's elder sister Kathy has been reported to have had cosmetic surgery on her chin and this annoyed her so much that she lost her temper at the Book Fair. Niki feels very strongly for her sister and she says: "My sister's EQ is already very high, but after being bombarded by these vicious rumours time after time, then I think they have crossed her bottom line. I hope that these unhealthy reports will cease soon." As for other reports that allege Kathy's new book release has been written by ghost writers, Niki says with resignation: "I am 100% sure that the book was written by my sister, because the whole house is littered with her drafts."


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