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Two Men, Two Ambitions - Raymond Cho & Johnson Lee

The two younger male members of the Ko household in "Welcome to the Family" consists of savvy insurance broker, Ko Yau Yi and the punctual, pragmatic DHL courier Cheung Yat Moon. Unlikely best friends in the show, their characters span the extremes of the personality spectrum, but they share a common trait that they are fiercely set in their own principles.

Reflecting this situation in real life, the experiences and backgrounds of Raymond Cho and Johnson Lee are also miles apart and they currently hold very different ambitions for the future, but like their characters, they know what they want in life and are both working hard to achieve this.

Let's take a closer look at these men and their ambitions through their own words...

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[The Sun & Ming Pao 02/07/06]

Yesterday was the birthday of TVB's Production Resource Department Deputy Director Virginia Lok Yee Ling and the previous evening, a special party was held for her at the old Shaw Brothers Studios, attended by TVB executives including Ms Mona Fong, Stephen Chan and Catherine Tsang. Other guests included the company's popular stars such as Roger Kwok, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Bernice Liu and Sharon Chan. Other currently promoted stars such as Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma were also present. Ms Lok did not want the artistes to spend any money on her, so she had previously indicated that it was just a departmental dinner.

Ms Lok wore a strappy dress to the event, where she joined Gigi and Ron Ng on the stage to sing celebratory songs. Asked what her birthday wish was,she says she hopes to continue to have the blessings from God: "I also hope that all casts and crews are healthy and happy as they progress together."

Roger indicated that he presented Ms Lok with a pot of flowers and he says that he thought it was just a normal dinner when he was notified and only found out later that it was Ms Lok's birthday, so he clubbed together with girlfriend Cindy Au to buy some flowers. Asked why he chose to buy flowers, Roger says: "Flowers are a good bet and Ms Lok can place them in her office at work. I have worked with Ms Lok for over a year and she is a very nice person, who has helped me a lot, so it occurred to me that I have never given her a thank you gift." Asked what he thought of the party, he says: "It was fun and I never imagined that the Shaw Studios could house a band and karaoke. I had so much fun that I stayed until the end."

Bernice and Moses left separately and when Bernice left at half past 8, she explained: "I have to film for 'Operation Breakthrough' so I have to leave early." Moses laughs that he gave a 'secret gift' to Ms Lok and wished her a happy birthday. After nearly being 'frozen' by the company earlier, Kate Tsui made it a point to appear at the event and she said she presented Ms Lok with her best wishes. She only danced and did not sing at the party, where everyone was having a great time.

The party ended at around midnight and Gigi was among the last to leave, but Ms Lok was not spotted either arriving or leaving, making it all very mysterious!


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