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[Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Sing Pao & The Sun 02/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants met the fourtee Mr Hong Kong contestants at TVB City yesterday to film for a special show entitled "When Miss Hong Kong met Mr Hong Kong". Producer Ho Siu Wai revealed that this show will be in two parts, firstly there will be some questioning sessions for them to get to know each other and then this will be followed by two votes to find "The Mr HK's choice Miss Hong Kong" and the "Miss HK
s choice Mr Hong Kong". A blessing ceremony was held at the start of filming, but Miss Hong Kong Number 5 Lui Wai Yee and Number 6 Chan Man Fong did not take part because of religious reasons.

Miss HK Number 4 Wong Ying met the Mr Hong Kongs for the first time and felt that their standards were very high. Asked if she knew any of them when she was a model, she openly admitted to knowing 'magician' Number 11 Fury Wong Tin Chau through a friend. As they are both in contests this year, have they shared experiences? She says: "We have not had time, but we have spoken on the phone. (Will you be voting for him?) Maybe. (Do you have your favourites?) I think that Number 7 Larry Chan Leung Wai and Number 13 Johnny Lam Kwan Meng are not too bad, because I like tall men. (You don't fancy Fury's chances then?) I was just taking a glance, you don't just win Mr Hong Kong by being tall." When he was asked about Wong Ying's comments, Fury seemed a little awkward and unnatural when he found out that she claimed to know him: "She is a friend of a friend, I met her before at a friend's function. (Did you know she was taking part in Miss Hong Kong?) Only afterwards. (You seem a little embarrassed?) I am shy! (Your special talent is in magic, do you use this to attract the ladies?) Of course not, I perform for all my friends."

When the press asked Wong Ying and Fury to have a photo together, Fury refused at first and in the end, after much pushing and persuading, he was positioned beside her, causing Wong Ying to apologise to him. Fury then asked nervously: "How did this happen? What did you say? What's going on?" Wong was asked afterwards why he had said this and she denied hearing it, saying that it was just a mistake. As for whether she thought he was rather embarrassed, Wong replied: "It was being dragged suddenly for a photograph together! (Has he used his magic to charm you?) I have seen him practice his coin trick on the MTR. (You have an affinity?) I often meet my friends around. (But he is very embarrassed!) I don't think he will mind a photograph. (Do you have a sixth sense?) Stop leading me on now. (Has he 'magicked' some flower for you before?) No." Another pair of friends in the two contests were Miss Hong Kong
Number 8 Tsui Suk Man and Mr Hong Kong Number 2 Otto Chan Chi Kin. Tsui says that she likes intelligent men and will look at his personality first, but when it was mentioned that you need to know someone a while before you can gauge their intelligence, she says: "Choosing an other half takes time as well. (Is age not a factor?) No, this does not matter."

With earlier reports that Miss Hong Kong Number 5 Lui Wai Yee has been living with her speeding boyfriend n Tuen Mun, she denied this, saying: "We are not co-habiting, I live with my family. (Your boyfriend is a racer?) I don't find that, and his car cannot get to 190 km/h, you can check that out. (Will you be contacting your friends less now?) I am very busy lately, so I have not had time to see my friends. (Are you worried this will affect you?) No, I am just worried it will affect the school because I am a supply teacher and the parents will find it rather strange." She reinforces that dating is a private matter and she should not say too much. She says that she likes men with substance, intelligence and knowledge: "If someone becomes my boyfriend, he must be someone that I really admire. (How about the one in the report?) I admire all my friends."

Anonymous letters have been sent into a newspaper, suggesting that Mr Hong Kong Number 4 Kelvin Leong Kwok Yin is gay and when he heard about this, Kelvin laughs: "Who said that? (The anonymous letter.) Don't believe it, just leave them to it. (You like girls?) Of course!" As he had earlier been selected as "The Most Popular Charm Mr Hong Kong" at an earlier promotional event, he feels that this latest prank is from people who are jealous. This will not affect his feelings though because he is full of confidence.


[The Sun 02/07/06]

Shirley Yeung has been filming hard recently for new series "Operation Breakthrough" and has fallen ill with an infection of her cornea. However, she has been battling on despite this, so that she does not delay the progress of her filming and then going to the hospital for medical attention.

Shirley's parents are worried about her, so they have taken time out to take her to and from TVB City, where she was doing some voice over recordings for her earlier series "Lies and Deception". Wearing dark glasses and no make up, Shirley seemed rather tired and also had a patch over her right eye to avoid further infection. Shirley said wearily: "I am actually a little dizzy now and I have been seeing out of just one eye for the last couple of days. Even when I am at home, I am really clumsy, so it is quite hard work."

Shirley revealed that since Friday evening, her eye swelled up and as it was quite serious, she immediately sought attention from hospital, where they found that the long working hours coupled with wearing contact lenses for too long had led to damage and infection to her cornea. The doctors have instructed her to take some rest and not to wear contact lenses for at least a week, leaving Shirley in a bit of a quandry: "I have already rested last night. I don't want to affect filming progress, so tomorrow (Sunday) I will need to start work again. I have about four to five hundred degrees myopia and I can't wear glasses when I am filming, so life will still be a blur for a few more days." Asked why her boyfriend Gregory Lee is not by her side, Shirley says: "He has to work. My parents have been looking after me mostly."


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