Tuesday, July 25, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 26/07/06]

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au were married under great secrecy on Saturday at Disneyland and Roger was interviewed on a radio show yesterday, where he spoke frankly about his sudden marriage. Sucessfully evading the press for this event, Roger laughs that when he had his suit made, he told his tailor that it was for a ball, but the tailor guessed anyway and offered his congratulations. As for Cindy, she pretended to be a bridesmaid for a friend who recently got married to avoid suspicion. Due to the speed that this took place, this has caused many rumours, such as the romantic links of Roger with Charmaine Sheh and even that Cindy is pregnant. Roger says that there is no baby yet and that they will go with nature's course. Roger explains that the reason for the speedy organisation was because he only has a month off after filming for "Pearl of the Orient" and after this, he will be busy with work again.

When Roger was jokingly asked if he would only announce the baby after it was born, then he replied: "The belly is hard to hide. As for registering the marriage, that will be done later with the lawyers, the formality is not as important." He says that he and Cindy stayed over at the Disneyland hotel on the eve of their wedding day and it felt like a vacation. At the ceremony itself, Cindy was given away by her father to Roger and on the stage, they both said 'I do' before exchanging their rings. They had planned to get married three years ago, so the rings were the ones that were chosen by Cindy then and are white gold with diamonds embedded in them. At the wedding, Roger had a moving moment, when he vowed to love Cindy for the rest of her life and he saw the tears mounting in her eyes. As he is grown up and cannot show weakness, because he has to protect his wife, he did not cry himself.

Asked how much the wedding cost, Roger revealed that it totalled $300,000, but most of this was paid for by gifts from the family. Newly-wed Roger says that he is not used to referring to Cindy as his wife yet, so he is slowly customising himself to it. When people referred to Cindy as 'Mrs Kwok', she finds it rather embarrassing as she has not totally accepted it yet. After getting married, Cindy will embark on a culinary course of study and Roger had offered her some money to start a business, but Cindy turned this down because she did not want to mix her hobby with her career.

Having hidden their wedding from all their friends, Roger says: "At first, they were a little annoyed, saying I was sneaky, but they offered their congratulations and told me to take them for dinner. This was not any big plan, just that we did not tell any of our friends from showbiz to reduce a channel for the secret to be leaked."


[Ta Kung Pao 26/07/06]

Last year's Miss Hong Kong winners Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk took part in an animation event yesterday and revealed that they are both big fans of comics.

Tracy says she was a big fan of "Candy Candy" and "Sailor Moon" when she was a child, then she changed to reading "Dragon Ball" and "Slam Dunk" when she was older. When the reporters laughed that she got more violent as she grew up, she says that she was too quiet as a child, so she had to take up reading some more masculine manga. She also revealed that she had fantisised about being one of the Sailor Moon characters. As for Sharon, her favourites were "Kindaichi" and "Doraemon" and she liked to dress up as Creamy Mami when she was a child.

Talking of this year's Miss Hong Kong contest, Tracy says that Number 1 Amy Tsang Oi Mei and Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan were both outstanding and she says that after chatting to Christine, she found her to be a very comfortable person to get on with and was very friendly. She finds Amy is very elegant and calm. Does she have the look of a winner? Tracy says that this will be down to her performance on the night. As for Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man taking the first award as "Tourism Ambassador", Tracy praises her for this. Sharon says that Amy is rather quiet and soft spoken, so she needs to open out more.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/07/06]

TVB Boss 98-year old Sir Run Run Shaw (Uncle Six) happily had lunch with his wife Ms Mona Fong earlier in Causeway Bay, but was later rushed to hospital. As Sir Run Run is quite old now, the news of his admission to hospital caused much concern as the press were on standby for news as to how serious his condition is. Yesterday, they crowded into TKO TVB City to await a statement from Ms Fong, where she indicated at a short press conference that Sir Run Run was suffering from a chest infection and has been discharged from hospital now. She said that he is resting at home now and emphasised that his condition is not serious.

A smiling Ms Fong was accompanied by Mr Stephen Chan and she said with a smile: "Thank you all for your concern!" Asked about the details of Sir Run Run's condition, Mona replied: "On the 25th of last month, Sir Run Run had a little cough and a fever, so we went to the doctors and after taking some medication, his temperature had receded and it had only risen by about half a degree. The cough continued though, so because of this, he was admitted to hospital for some further checks. The doctors gave him a chest x-ray and found some infection that was not letting him clear his phlegm, so they have given him some treatment for this. That is all."

Afterwards, Ms Fong added: "Uncle Six had a body check in April and he is fine! Please don't follow him, this will put pressure on an old man." Asked if Sir Run Run was at home now, Ms Fong revealed that he was resting at home now and is meeting with his doctor friends daily for a chat.


[The Sun 26/07/06]

Sheren Tang has always been brave and bold with her actions and next month, she has been invited to a lecture, where she will be discussing 'sex matters' with sexologist Dr Emil Ng Man Lung. The discussion will be centred around women's sex matters and supportive of men using Viagra to give women a better sexual experience.

As the issues are quite sensitive, Sheren's manager refused to allow her to take part at first, but Sheren insisted and said: "Even if I have to film an advert for Viagra, I can accept this because it is all about how you express the message. Everyone knows what it is, it is just a drug. (Are you worried men will fantasise about you?) I don't think so. You just have to look at it from the right aspect." Sheren's manager admits that she was against the idea to start with: "Sheren is an ambassador for the AIDS foundation, so she wants to express the correct information and messages in the right way, so we are still negotiating."


[The Sun 26/07/06]

Fiona Sit will soon be making a guest appearance in new series "Cadets on the Beat" - the long awaited sequel to "The Academy". Appearing as a guest at a Harbour City event yesterday, Fiona indicated that her police officer character will be killed off from the series as she dies in action: "I will be out on the beat in the new series, but when I received a notification to go to the place where a real police officer was killed in Tsimshatsui, I was worried that my character would be killed there, so I called TVB to find out." Finally Fiona was comforted to find out that her character would not be killed there and she breathed a sigh of relief. In order to give a better performance, the 92 lb Fiona is currently working to get even fitter, but she is not worried about developing anorexia.


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