Saturday, July 22, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 22/07/06]

Linda Chung and Vivien Yeo took part in a charity event yesterday, where they donated their own favourite toys to the Ronald McDonald House as a gesture, as well as playing clay models with 30 children from the home.

The two ladies were dressed in matching outfits and asked if they had prepared this in advance, Vivien laughed: "It was just a coincidence. We were both born in the year of the rat, so the things we like are very similar." Asked if she has spent time with children before, Linda reveals that when she was at high school, she would often go to the local community centre to teach the children to play basketball and snooker. Vivien says that she plays with her cousins, so they both have experience in looking after children.

The event encouraged people to donate toys to disadvantaged children and Linda laughs that even up to now, she still likes to collect dolls and whenever she goes out travelling, she likes to take her special toys with her. Vivien adds: "With the toys, you feel warmer and more secure." Asked if they would like to have children, Linda replies that before entering showbiz, her ambition was to become a primary school teacher and she does hope to have her own children in the future and have four of them. She says: "Two boys and two girls, I come from a big family." Vivien says candidly: "If you asked me to have them now, then I would refuse, becase I don't have much patience and maybe I will smack them. Maybe after I am thirty, then I will be more mature and be able to get on with children."


[Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po & The Sun 22/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants appeared at their jewellery sponsor yesterday to see this year's crown, worth $1.6 million as well as to try on some jewellery. Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum and Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan were chosen at random to model the prizes for the first and second runners-up.

Afterwards, Zurine revealed that she was not feeling well and her voice was a little croaky from a cold as she said: "I am very happy and I hope that on the night of the contest, I will be able to wear the winner's crown. I do like diamonds, but I don't have the ability to buy them for myself, so I usually receive them as gifts from family. (Have any pursuers ever presented you with diamonds?) No, such a shame! I have never dated because I am very innocent, so I have not had my first love yet." As for Christine, she says excitedly: "I was so happy to be chosen, I feel so lucky! (Do you want to win the crown?) Of course I do, but winning or losing is not up to me, I will do my best though."

The sponsors then allowed the girls to choose any items they wanted to try on and Number 10 Liz Tsang Shui Shan chose a set of wedding gold including a 'pig plaque' and a pair of dragon-phoenix bangles that made her look very sparkly as she said directly: "I really like large pieces of gold, because I have a large frame." With the press laughing that her neck will be covered with gold on her wedding day, she says: "I hope so, if I can! Haha!" As for Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man, she chose well as she picked a diamond and jade set worth over $100,000 to try on. She says: "I have never worn jade before, so I chose this to try on. (Has your boyfriend bought you any diamonds?) Just small items."


[Ta Kung Pao 22/07/06]

Hacken Lee was a guest on TVB quiz show "15/16" yesterday, with guest host Nat Chan at the helm. When Hacken was asked if he was next to take on the show, he said directly: "I am here to support Nat today. TVB did ask me to do it, but I would like to concentrate on my music for now. I will be using a seven figure budget on production of my new album this year and in August, I will be going to Korea with over thirty members of my record company for two weeks to record the album, together with some local musicians."

Hacken also reveals that he will be heading out to Malaysia on Sunday with Joey Leung to be judges for the final of the local production of "Minutes to Fame" and he laughs: "Joey has been very popular hosting the Malaysian show, so for him this is a good sign. There are not so many magazines over there and his gossip is fading now."

As for Louisa So, who was also a guest on the show, she revealed to the press that she had visited her dream house that morning: "This morning, I filmed a real estate promotional show as a guest and I went to a luxury home in Repulse Bay, worth $110 million, which had total sea views, white marbled floors and even rooms for the maids. (Work hard to make money and buy one?) Wah, it is too expensive! I am quite satisfied with my home at the moment. I was moving around a lot for the last ten years, but I don't intend to move again after moving to my current home. In order to keep the novelty, I will move the furniture around every six months or so."


[Wen Wei Po 22/07/06]

Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" is being released on VCD and Stephen was joined by Carol Cheng at the TVB stand of the Hong Kong Book Fair to show her support. Carol's skin was peeling a little and she revealed that this was because she used some cosmetics that caused an allergic reaction and coupled with sunshine, this has left her skin very dry.

Carol reveals that in 30 years of showbiz, she used to collect all her creations, posters and news cuttings, but in time she ran out of space at home to store them all and has had to hire storage to put her things. However, there is too much entertainment now, with television, video discs and computers, so she will never look back at these things again: "The things are just sitting in storage and I feel stupid, so I am starting to give these things away to my friends now."

Carol feels that being interviewed by Stephen is like old friends having a chat and she does not have any questions that she cannot handle as she just says 'It's too private.' for any that she is uncomfortable with. Asked what questions she wouldn't reply to, she says: "If you buy the VCD, then you will know. The interviewer is very important, because you have to make sure your questions are not too cliched. Stephen is a good interviewer, not only because he is the General Manager - he did do a good job."


[Wen Wei Po 22/07/06]

TVB Pearl will be airing "Child Of our Time" and a sex education show during the summer and a promotional event was held yesterday, attened by Mr Hong Kong Francois Huynh and his brother Stephen and Miss Hong Kong winners Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk. At the event, they had to pretend to change a baby's nappy and feed a baby and Stephen seemed to be very experienced with both of these tasks. On the stage, he said: "I used to change Francois' nappy and when he had done a poopoo, it was very smelly." As for Francois, he showed his inexperience as he ended up putting the nappy on back to front!"

Francois and Stephen both hope that they can work together in a series and they don't mind what role they play. As for the earlier reports that with Francois growing up in France, then he is not very representative of Hong Kong, his brother does not agree with this and says: "My parents are from Hong Kong and although he grew up abroad, he is still a Chinese and you can't say he doesn't have the right." Francois says: "If people have chosen me to represent them, then this proves there is no problem. I feel that winning this award was down to all the hard work that I put into my performance."

Tracy and Sharon both feel that talking about sex education is not embarrassing and Tracy syas that she had a very muddled view of the subject when she was young and she only truly came into contact with it when she went to study abroad. As for Sharon, she laughs that her primary school teachers just give them a video to watch and did not explain anything: "Sex is not a secret and if children are not taught about it, then they will go and experiment for themselves. I will have three children in the future, because when I was young, I was all alone, but there were three children in the neighbouring family and after telling my mum how I felt, I finally got a brother after six years."


[Wen Wei Po 22/07/06]

Kevin Cheng took part in a BMW new car release event yesterday and wearing a cream suit, he appeared driving the new Z4 two door racing car, causing some screams from his waiting fans. Kevin reveals that his father liked BMW's a lot, so he was influenced into being a fan from a very early age. He also says that he likes this $750,000 car very much because it's exterior is very stylish and there are just two seats, so there is no room for the mother-in-law! He smiles that if the dealership will give him a good price, then he will consider buying a new car.

Kevin adds: "I like driving fast and once on an American highway, I raced my friend and we hit speeds of 200 km/h, but we ended up being chased by police cars and helicopters and were fined US$700. This is the biggest fine I have had to pay for speeding."


[The Sun 22/07/06]

Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma were filming yesterday for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" in a scene where Myolie is eager to receive the bouquet at a wedding, in the hope of meeting a good man, but she attracts the attention of Kenneth, who finds her big bum attractive and wants to marry her. Currently weighing in at 150 lbs, Myolie seemed very clumsy as she broke her heel and had to fall seven or eight times to catch the bouquet. Talking of being approached by many slimming companies, she says: "I am in discussion with some companies at the moment. The most important thing is not the fee, but my image."


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