Wednesday, July 12, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 13/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants and guest performer Bosco Wong wore their traditional Korean costumes to rehearse a cultural dance and drumming routine. However, Number 9 Chloe Nguyen had both her feet stepped on and Number 3 Florence Li was absent due to feeling unwell. After lunch, the contestants moved onto Seoul's Lotte World theme park to continue filming, where they joined a tour group from Hong Kong and became a human attraction themselves, albeit a rather beautiful one.


[Wen Wei Po]

TVB new series "Love Guaranteed" held a promotional event at Shatin's Regal Hotel yesterday, entitled "Wedding Party on the Water", attended by cast members including Sunny Chan, Melissa Ng, Kenneth Ma, Leanne Li, Paul Chun, Eileen Yeow and ChaCha Chan, all dressed in summery outfits.

The cast split into two teams to play some games on the water and in a change to his usual barefoot habits, Sunny wore shoes as he entered the water, falling in from his water bike several times. Melissa was rather conservative in her Hawaiian look and she indicated: "Today's event has a Hawaiian theme, so I am well suited to this. Also there are a lot of Miss Chinese Internationals and Miss Hong Kongs present, so they will look better in swimwear and I will leave it to them. Melissa would not get herself wet either and finally when her team lost the games, the producer forced her and Sunny to kiss, she just played along.

At the event, Sunny and Melissa were arranged to cut a wedding cake and with his own real wife Ada To not being able to do this because he did not hold a wedding banquet, he was asked if he would be having a reception to make up for it. He laughs he will leave it until the first month celebration for their first child. Asked if his wife is pregnant, Sunny laughs that they are ready any time and will happily await their new little life, but they have been waiting since the beginning of the year with no joy: "If we still don't have a child by next year, then we will go and get checked out." Asked if he is impotent, he immediately denied this and says that it may be down to mental pressure. Sunny says that his sister already has four chiildren and he says he is not likely to break her record as the most he will have will be three. As for earlier suggestions that he was sucking up to Virginia Lok at her earlier birthday party with Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai, Sunny laughs that this is just showbiz gossip.

Melissa has been suffering from ill health lately and originally, she was due to start filming an ancient series at the end of July, but she hopes that the company will allow her some time to go for a body check. Asked if she would like to have children, she immediately denied this. As for Sunny trying for seven months without any luck, she says: "He should not go on too many planes, the radiation from them will affect this." As for Sunny walking around barefoot, she says: "This should be for health reasons, walking around barefoot on the stone pebbles or on the ground has health benefits, but it just looks a bit unsightly. I also told him that he cannot walk around barefoot when he films with me."


[Wen Wei Po 13/07/06]

Mr Hong Kong winner Francois Huynh and Fitness Group winner Otto Chan attended a beauty centre to collect their prizes yesterday, where they received treatment programmes worth $135,000 and $35,000 respectively and Francois also received a cash prize of $30,000. Francois says that after winning, he has been dressing smarter, because he now represents Hong Kong.

Asked how he has been celebrating, Francois says that he has been dining out with his family and his brother Stephen has praised his performance on the night and at the same time encouraging him to work hard at building a career in showbiz. In winning the competition, the other prizes he has received so far includes $20,000 in cash, two watches and some Chinese herb vouchers. He has put the cash into paying off his Spanish Dancing lessons and he has given the watches and the herbs to his father and mother. Francois says he is now working hard at improving his Chinese and is often watching television in the hope that he has the chance to film a series. He has a special admiration for Niki Chow, saying: "She is pretty and adorable."

Otto has been celebrating with his friends and later, he hopes to invite all the other Mr Hong Kong contestants out for a reunion. Otto will be using his prize money to buy some new clothes as well as saving some up. His original job has been put on hold for him to enter the contest, but he is not worried about running out of money: "Because I am not a big spender."


[The Sun & Wen Wei Po 13/07/06]

Leila Tong and her junior Mio Lam joined Virginia Lok and her two sons at the premiere for the new animated movie "Cars" earlier and when Ms Lok arrived, the press went into a frenzy, scaring her children and making them upset and cry.

Leila wore some tights with a car design on them and she attracted much attention. She says she had bought them a long time ago and she felt they fit in with this event, so she wore them especially. She has been filming opposite Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip and Kiki Sheung in new series "Housewife Army" and at first she was a little nervous when she heard who she would be working with, because they are all such great actresses, and she was worried about having NG's all the time. Fortunately she has performed quite well, with very few outtakes, so she has learned a lot from this opportunity. In the show, she suspects that the others have joined together to commit a murder, so she sets about trying to uncover the truth by entering their circles and creating many amusing incidents.

Leila is a great fan of animation, in particular Disney productions and when asked if she has a dream car, she says that she has a car now that she is very pleased with, so she will not think about buying a new one just yet. However, she would love to have a Porsche Racing Car, so she is working hard to make money to buy one. Leila says she does not speed when she drives because she daren't drive faster than 80 km/h.


[Wen Wei Po 13/07/06]

Ada Choi attended a hairstyle show in Japan earlier, and as there was no fee for this event, all the expenses were paid for by the sponsor, including shopping costs. Although Ada would not reveal how much she spent on shopping, she indicated that she came back well laden.

This is the first time that Ada has taken part in this kind of hair show and she says: "I feel that this type of show is very different from the usual fashion shows because the fashion shows tend to be very formal, but the hair show likes to create many different designs." Asked if she had any special experiences on this trip, she says that whilst she was winding down at a Japanese disco, she met a Japanese man, who stared at her and went up to talk to her. However, she did not give him a chance as she just chatted to her friends and not letting him speak to her.


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