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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 06/07/06]

Belinda Hamnett has been rumoured to have developed depression after over-dieting, leading to her always staying at home and refusing to see anyone. Yesterday, she was a guest on a RTHK radio show, where she admitted that she has developed early stages of anorexia. Her weight stands at just 102 lbs now and she is working on putting the weight back on as she calls for women not to lose weight blindly without taking care.

Belinda arrived at the station, wearing a fisherman's hat, sunglasses and a long coat, but she was unable to hide her poorly body. She also had a bit of a blocked nose as she ate sweets throughout the interview, which she later explained was because of her low blood sugar. She says that her body is currently very weak and she easily succumbs to illness, from which it is difficult to recover. The doctors say that she has developed anorexia nervosa, but luckily she is in her early stages and as she has an optimistic personality, then she has started to eat more things again.

There were many rumours that suggested Belinda had lost weight because of romantic problems, but she explains that this was all down to her own personal problems. In the past, she does not like being criticised, especially with names such as 'Bum Queen'. Although she lost a lot of weight earlier when she was sponsored by a slimming company, there were still many hurtful comments saying that she 'still needed to work on it'. This together with other reports had a profound effect on her and she suddenly became very sensitive about these reports and stopped eating, or when she did eat, she would feel very unwell. Up to a month ago, when she saw her own body in the bathroom, she was very frightened as she did not like this at all. It was only then that she realised she should just be herself and not worry about what other people had to say.

Overall, Belinda has only lost 5 lbs and she says that losing the weight is not a big problem, because some people have larger frames or buss. However, she is concerned about the state of her health and sometimes she does not want to eat, or she will vomit what she has eaten as her body cannot tolerate food. At the moment, she is keeping to three meals a day and although she still eats very little, then at least she is happy while she eats. Belinda did not feel that she was overly skinny, but after the numerous comments about her hips, she tried to lose this, but this in turn left her overly skinny on the top half of her body. She also denies that she has been losing her hair because of her dieting. At the moment, her life is a blank page and she feels that it is time to start dating. She thanks all her friends for their support and her mother for making her soup, but not forcing her to drink it.

In doing this interview, Belinda wants to warn other women that they should not put too much emphasis on dieting, especially if you are not an artiste or on screen. She says candidly that she has used every method possible to lose weight in the past, including taking slimming pills and water reducing tablets and even some tablets that affect her nervous system. She is still a spokesperson for a slimming centre, but she does not need to slim any more. The centre's boss actually wants her to put some weight back on, with a target of 3 lbs.


[Wen Wei Po 06/07/06]

Carol Cheng was hosting the filming of "15/16" yesterday as a guest stand-in for Sammy Leung and Siu Yee and the two female 'game hostesses' Cindy Lee and Chan Dan Dan asked to have their photos taken with her.

Carol says: "This is the last day of filming and in the past two days, we have filmed seven episodes. I will be a little more relaxed hosting this show in the hope that I can give away some more money. Since I have been host, Nancy Sit has won the most money, taking away $30,000." The guests yesterday included Bobby Au Yeung, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Natalie Tong, Fred Cheng and Nicky Leung.

Fred was earlier reported to have been spotted with Winnie Shum out partying late in Central and he responded to this yesterday saying: "We are not dating, but we have been out together. (Do you have feelings for her?) Of course we do, we are friends, but that is all I see Winnie as and we were with other friends that evening. (Winnie's mother is not in Hong Kong, will you be going to keep her company?) She doesn't need me to keep her company all the time, she has a lot of friends. I think she is a very nice person, but I have never thought about whether she would be suited to be my girlfriend."

This is Linda's second appearance on the show and she says that last time she did not know many of the questions or items and she daren't ask the hosts, so she lost out pretty badly. She laughs: "Many friends who watched that episode found it very funny, I hope that I will be smarter this time, maybe I was too nervous last time because it was my first time."


Jolie Chan and Kenny Wong were shooting a stills advert for a suntan lotion at St Stephen's Bay
yesterday and although there was a slight shower, when the boss arrived to check on progress, the sun came out and they completed the shoot.

Jolie wore a bikini for the ad, whilst Kenny bore his chest. The two were very happy to pose for photographs together and Jolie even posed pretending to put sun tan lotion onto Kenny. This is the first time that the pair have worked together and wearing her sexiest bikini for the shoot, Jolie was full of praises for Kenny's muscular body. When the press asked if he resembled her rumoured fireman boyfriend, she laughed that he was much more handsome than any fireman. Kenny returned the praises, saying that Jolie was a very happy person and they communicated well for this ad and they were both very comfortable.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/07/06]

Tracy Ip, Charles Szeto, Leanne Li, Rocky Cheng, Cindy Lee and Yoyo Chan donned their sports gear as they took part in a press conference for TVB Pearl as they announced that they will be airing live satellite coverage of the World Cup final and the Wimbledon lawn tennis championships. The stars were arranged to pose playing football and tennis.

As for the recent reports about many of this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants having boyfriends and acting intimately in public, Tracy says that having a boyfriend is okay, but they should not be so intimate in public places. Tracy agrees with their view that having support from their boyfriends is a great boost for the contestants because you can share your troubles. Asked if she was happy with rumoured boyfriend Don Li, she said with an embarrassed expression: "I have always been happy." Talking of Don's earlier announcement that he would like an underwater wedding ceremony, Tracy laughs that she has not heard this. Asked when they would hold hands and admit their relationship, Tracy says that they need to develop one first as they have only been good friends up until now.

For Argentina fan Charles, he says that after his team lost to Germany, he was pleased that Italy sought vengeance for him on Tuesday. However, he insists that he has not placed a bet, but just laid on guesses as to who would win with friends, with the losers having to do press-ups. Charles laughs that after the world cup, he has gained a better body!


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 06/07/06]

On the night of the World Cup Semi-final match between Italy and Germany, TVB held a special World Cup Carnival show, attended by hosts Hacken Lee, Spencer Lam and Ng Fong wing together with the female stars football team including Renee Tai, Kay Tse and Vangie Tang. As well as watching the match, they also played some games. For Spencer, who will be retiring soon, he did not say very much during the show, possibly affected by the recent press reports about the world cup coverage team. He explained that he daren't say anything because he had backed Brazil earlier, but they were still knocked out.

Hacken and Spencer seemed to have few words for each other and when Hacken asked Spencer to take a look at something, he was met with a frosty reception from Spencer, who seemed to ignore him. Hacken has been riddled with gossip since the start of the World Cup and he said that after returning from Germany on Tuesday, despite being an England fan himself, he has truly experienced the rowdiness of the English fans, saying that they have a strong antagonism as they cursed the Portuguese fans repeatedly when they were waiting for the train after the game. As for Rooney's sending off, Hacken says that losing was inevitable. He jokes: "I have put away my Rooney shirt now and I will be asking for him to leave Manchester United [Hacken's favourite team] because he has made the fans very unhappy!"

Asked about whether he was trying to avoid further rumours by keeping out of Spencer's way, Hacken says: "We have explained this many times already. I have hosted this event three times now and this year has been the unhappiest, with gossip starting on the third day. The news since then has surpassed all my gossip in the last eighteen years and I don't know why. I have thought about this over and over again and as a professional artiste for nearly twenty years, apart from some mistakes in my youth, why do I still have so much news? I really have to review this."

As for the recent reports that he had a secret affair with Kenix Kwok for four years, when they exchanged a pair of 'lovers watches', Hacken says that he can only just face these rumours with a forced optimism and treat it as a wedding present from the press. He says: "I will receive gifts that I like and gifts that I don't like. I am very driven by these things and they have been very kind to me already. I have now learned what a 'secret affair' is all about - these words aren't too extreme." He says that the less he mentions it the better because he does not want to end up like 'Bus Uncle' where a little thing can end up in the headlines.

With the reports suggesting that his girlfriend Emily Lo is very petty, Hacken says the most unhappy thing for him is that they have been photographing his home. Asked if his girlfriend is unhappy, he says that any normal person including himself would be unhappy. Will he be calling Kenix? Hacken says that he knew about this before the reports were published, so he has already called Kenix. Asked if they had always been in touch, he says he does not want to explain too much. Kenix went to watch his concert, but then so did the Secretary for Security Mrs Regina Ip, but you can't say that she had an affair with him too.

Hacken has turned down numerous jobs lately, including hosting the quiz show "15/16" because there have been too many unusual occurrences lately. He is grateful to TVB for the offer though. He has also refused the offer of a stag party from Pay Vision because after discussing this with both families, they all wish for a quiet, low-key wedding, so he hopes everyone will understand.

Chin Ka Lok was also a guest on the show and he had predicted before the match that the host nation Germany would win, but they eventually lost the game to Italy. After the match, Ka Lok laughs that he thinks Portugal will go on to win the tournament. Asked if he has placed a bet on the game, he says he has not because he will just enjoy the game. The most he will bet on is a meal with his friends.

With Hacken becoming top of the gossip after this years World Cup has started, Ka Lok says that to be able to guest host the show, he is already very happy and he says that all his co-hosts were good and he and Hacken both play in the Celebrity Football Team. He laughs that he is the 'pointless Number 13 tackle' as he often tackles Hacken during the game, leaving him in pain, but Hacken always keeps a good mood.

To be able to work with Uncle Spencer this year is a rare opportunity and as a fan of Uncle all his life, Ka Lok was very pleased. He says that he did not detect any frostiness between Spencer and Hacken. He laughs that next time, there will be a new 'Uncle' on the scene and this will be Hacken. Ka Lok says that this is not because of his age, just that he really does have the talent and the enthusiasm for football. He feels that Hacken would be ideal for the role of sports commentator.


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