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[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 08/07/06]

TVB's new series "An Easy Life" held it's costume fitting yesterday at TVB City and cast members including Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng, Ben Wong, Astrid Chan and Paul Chun made an appearance. Gigi will be playing a literary talent and EEG newcomer Kathy Yuen will be playing the teen version of her character. The two look quite alike, so Gigi laughs that she will have to take a photo with her as a souvenir. Kathy says she is quite nervous about working with Gigi.

Gigi says that this is the first time she has played a person with a disability. The story tells that she is an extraordinary calligraphist, but she is unable to move her right hand. As a result, Gigi has had to learn to use her left hand to use chopsticks and to write her name, but she has not yet succeeded. As she will have a romantic story with Kevin, will he have to feed her? She laughs she does not know yet. With the recent news about Kenix Kwok supposedly having an affair with Hacken Lee, does Gigi, who was earlier linked to Kenix's husband Frankie Lam know Kenix very well? She seemed a little embarrassed as she said that she does know Kenix, but she has not seen the reports and does not want to comment on it. As for other reports that together with Kevin and Sunny Chan, they were pandering to Lok Yee Ling at her birthday party, she says that she has no comment because she has not seen these reports either. Gigi is not worried about rumours working with Kevin because they have already co-operated together in "Psychic Cop" and everything was fine.

Asked about the same event, Kevin says that he will take no notice and just treat it as a joke and not be angry. As for the suggestions that he was sitting next to Ms Lok all evening, he explains that as there were a lot of people there on the night and the seats were not allocated, then he chose to sit with Teacher Lau Ka Cheung. He feels that the reports are very pointless. Quizzed about another report that suggests that he has earned over $1 million for a slimming ad as well another $1.74 million from his appearances, he laughs that he wishes he could earn this kind of money and admits that he accepts ads for the fee and not for fun, so the fee is very satisfactory. Pushed about whether his former manager Tai Si Chung is still taking a cut of his earnings, he refused to comment further, saying that the matter is in the hands of his lawyers.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 08/07/06]

The Mr Hong Kong pageant will be taking place tonight at TVB City and the fourteen contestants met the press yesterday in their swimming trunks. The muscly contenders were the most eyecatching, such as Number 4 Kelvin Leung Kwok Yin and Number 12 Billy Lam Yau Fei. For the skinniest contestant Number 11 Fury Wong Tin Chau, he couldn't compare when he stood next to them. Kelvin pointed out that his thighs were the same thickness as Arnold Swarznegger, so he is very proud of this.

When the contestants met the press, they struck a number of different poses and the more muscly men showed off their muscles. Leung was the fittest out of them and in the group photo, Number 5 Kitterick Yiu Ho Ching felt the pressure so he had to do a few more pumps, leaving him a little tired. Two of the men, Number 2 Otto Chan Chi Kin and Number 6 Kenneth Wong Ka Lok have tattoos. Otto has the words "1977 MAN 2002" under his neck in memory of someone and Kenneth has a pair of birds on his left arm that was tattooed by a female. They don't feel that this would affect their chances and both say this is a personal choice, so they do not wish to talk about it. Number 13 Johnny Lam Kwan Ming caused a few screams when he appeared because he is the hairiest of the men, others who showed some hair included Wong and Number 1 Francois Huynh. Johnny sported some stretch marks on his shoulders, probably from over exerting his body.

Johnny was asked whether he would consider shaving his body hair and he replied that he has been like this all along and there is no need. Is he not worried about scaring the judges? He says that everyone has their own characteristics and many European and American men are like that, but it is just a little unusual in Asians. Kelvin says that he will often pose in front of the mirror to understand his own body. At the moment, he goes to the gym three times a day and to try and slim down the fat, he has been dieting and following a strict regime, eating one or two steaks a day and six to eight eggs. At one time, he ate a maximum of 20 raw eggs a day, but with the outbreak of bird flu, he has changed to eating cooked eggs and less of them. He is happiest with his thighs, which used to measure 27 inches, the same as Arnold Swarznegger, but now they have reduced to 25 or 26 inches.

Kenneth admits that he loses out on his body shape, but he feels that health is more important and if he has enough muscles, then that is fine. He says that he is more the sporty type and his selling point is his 'special performance'. Last year's winner Matthew Ko feels that this year's contestants have very toned bodies but he is still confident about keeping his title. As he has a lot of experience behind him, Matthew will be doing some hip hop. He does not need to appear in his trunks again though. The men will be showing their courage by undergoing a 'baptism' before this year's show.


[Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po & The Sun 08/07/06]

This year's sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants have arrived in Korea's Jeju island, where they will be filming on location. Early yesterday morning, they arrived at the set of Korean drama "All in House" for filming. As the weather was bright and sunny, the girls all had their shades with them for the shoot and Number 3 Lee Wing Sze sported some sunburn on her chest and she felt unwell due to respiratory problems. As this was a first acting experience for many of them, there were plenty of NG's.

Number 4 Wong Ying did not prepare for the sun and the rays made it hard for her to open her eyes. ASked if it was difficult to face the cameras, she says that she NG'ed many times and in one scene where she had to bend backwards whilst being held by Roger Kwok, she found this particularly difficult and had to try it several times. In another scene, when some of the girls spotted Roger, they had to pull out their cameras to take photographs of him, but when the director pointed out that they were moving too fast, she answered back to him saying that they had to move fast to take photos of handsome men! Asked if she was worried about not getting on with the director, Wong says she was not worried because she feels that they have been very happy working together. As for the girls often having outtakes, Roger consoles them, saying that for newcomers, they are doing very well already and there are not too many NG's. Roger says: "When I made my first ad when I was sixteen or seventeen, I didn't know what the director wanted."

Also Number 5 Lui Wai Yee felt that she did well in her first shoot and did not have too many NG's. She felt that hardest thing was a scene where they had to carry water because this left her back all wet and fortunately she does exercise regularly, so with the help of the other girls, she managed it fine.


[The Sun 08/07/06]

Kenix Kwok and Hacken Lee were earlier alleged to have had a secret affair spanning many years, making Emily Lo cry and although Kenix's husband Frankie Lam trusts his wife 100%, there were further reports breaking yesterday suggesting that due to Kenix's appearance, Hacken and Emily's marriage plans have been cancelled.

When reporters called Frankie Lam yesterday, he said: "I don't really want to respond any more, let them write what they want, but as the magazines start making things up to better each other, it is getting too much. Whenever the reports appear in the magazines, then I get called to respond and it is very tiresome."


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