Friday, July 28, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 29/07/06]

Leo Ku was the latest guest on Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" this week and in the usual ritual exchange of gifts, Stephen presented a miniature snooker set and a new snooker cue to Leo and in return, Leo gave Stephen a portrait that he had rustled together two nights ago after recording. This touched Stephen and he said that this was a very thoughtful gift and he could use it as his legacy picture when he dies. He also praised Leo for his artistic abilities.

Leo is good friends with Gigi Fu and with the recent news that her husband's company has met with difficulties, Leo says that he has been in touch with her and she is fine and will continue with her charity work. Asked if he was worried about his friend, Leo says: "I am just caring for her. (Reports suggest that she has retrieved the ashes of her beloved dog 'Green Tea', is she planning to leave Hong Kong?) She didn't say. (Have you asked about her husband?) She didn't mention it and I didn't ask. (Has she contacted her husband?) I didn't ask her." As for reports that Gigi had been crying about her husband going missing, Leo says she has not done this and when the time is right, then she will tell her story. Leo reveals that although he is good friends with Gigi, he has only met her husband once. When it was mentioned that Stephen often makes his guests cry with his interviews, Leo was asked if he was worried about being made to cry. He laughs: "It's not always the case, I have nothing I can't talk about, including love affairs." He says that this is the first time he has given a portrait to another man because in the past, they have usually been gifts to women and each time, he has managed to win their hearts over by this.

Stephen says that because Leo rarely talks about his love affairs in the past, then he is privileged that he may reveal this in his interview, but of course Leo can choose not to answer these questions. Asked about how Sir Run Run is getting on, Stephen indicated that he is doing very well and he is just a little chesty and needs rest. As for whether he is still in hospital, Stephen replies: "From what I know he is no longer in hospital and is resting at home. (Will Uncle Six be attending the Miss Hong Kong pageant?) He has not said that he will not be there." Stephen adds that TVB have a board meeting every Tuesday and in the past year, Sir Run Run has only attended occasionally and everything is dealt with by his wife Mona Fong.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 29/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants took part in a charity sale for the Wai Yin Society at a jewellers yesterday before rushing over to TVB City to attend a beauty lecture by Korean Make Up artist Lee Kyung Min, who had flown in from Korea especially. Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man was chosen to be the model for this event.

During the charity sale, they were split into four groups to sell the pearl pendants for $100 each. The 'Diamond Team' consisting of Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee, Number 6 Rachel Chan Man Fong, Number 7 Melanie Chow and Suki proved to be the most popular as male and female, young and old fans gathered at their counter to buy the pendants and take photographs. Two young fans of Suki even had plaques with her name on and after much consideration, one of the girls donated two weeks of her allowance to raise $100 in support of Suki. Joyce Koi made a guest appearance to support the function, bringing along a group of her own fans to give their donations, causing quite a frenzy! Finally the Diamond Team emerged as the most successful team.

Afterwards, when Suki found out that the $100 that her fan had donated was the equivalent of two weeks allowance, she said: "I did tell them not to waste their moeny, but she still donated it. I am very thankful for their support." Asked if she felt that Joyce stole the show at the event, she said gracefully: "She was the guest of honour because she brought many people with her to buy the pendants and it was thanks to them that we won!"

When Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying and Number 11 Zurine Cheng were asked about the appearance of Joyce Koi, they both said that she did not steal the show and Zurine added that she was very happy that Joyce appeared because she hopes to learn some Cantonese Opera skills from her.

On an internet gambling site, the odds to win the contest are between hot favourites Koni and Suki, who are both level at 3.5 to 1. Joyce and Zurine on the other hand are now falling in popularity to just 10 to 1.


[Ta Kung Pao 29/07/06]

Bernice Liu joined model Janet Ma and children's TV host Lulu Koi for a Kid's Modelling event as judges and Janet and her son Wong Yuek Wing gave a demonstration on the catwalk as little Yeuk Wing showed that he has inherited his mother's genes as he did the walk very professionally.

As well as being a guest, Bernice also did a dancing contest with some of the children, but even before she had performed, she had already admitted defeat: "I will definitely lose because they are smiley and sweet, so the two little ones will win over the audience no matter how they dance! The two older ones have been practising hard, unlike me because I have been busy filming, so I will definitely lose to them!"

Bernice has a great talent for dancing and she was very happy that the dance-related events are inviting her to take part: "I feel that children in Hong Kong are very hard working and have a lot of pressure. Dancing can help to de-stress as well as develope one's confidence. It was a shame that there was not as much extra-curricular activities in Canada for me, otherwise it would have come in very useful for the beauty pageants. (Do you have plans to open a dance school?) At the moment I would like to learn to be a good artiste and do my acting job well first." Bernice headed out to America yesterday evening to shoot a secret ad, with the short trip lasting just three days.


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