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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/07/06]

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au finally ended their seven year marathon of love as they were married at Hong Kong Disneyland on Saturday 22nd July in a fantasy wedding ceremony that made Cindy officially Mrs "Wong".

The details of the wedding ceremony were prepared by their families and brought them a wonderful surprise. As Roger and Cindy both love the Disney characters, they arranged to hold their wedding at the park. Cindy said happily: "My dream wedding from being a child was being led into the hall by my dad and that evening, my dream came true as my father handed me to Roger. The feeling was so warm and romantic that my tears were unstoppable, but I had to hold them back to avoid smudging my make up." This scene touched the hearts of everyone attending the ceremony, including the happy couple.

Roger recalled excitedly: "Maybe because I am the youngest son, so I have many people to love me and the gifts I have received far outweigh the cost. As well as paying for the wedding, we also have enough for a honeymoon later and this was more than we had expected. As for the location, Cindy and I would both like to return to the place where we met - Korea, because this is a very symbolic place for us. We will have our wedding photos taken later and hope we will have sponsors for them." Roger indicated that as the weather is very hot now, he did not want his friends from the press to have to bear the heat to report on this, so the event was kept secret. As for their friends, they did not invite anyone at all to avoid missing anyone out, but they will be handing out wedding cake cards later to make it up to everyone. Roger and his wife will be working together to do many promotional events to come and the sponsors have already started to make additional gestures to congratulate the couple. Jewellery sponsor 3D-Gold have already prepared some gold jewellery for the couple for when they attend the opening of their new store.

Interviewed by TVB Pay Vision's Entertainment News Channel, Cindy indicated that their ceremony was kept secret in order to avoid their family being exposed and although there were no friends present, they still had ten tables at the reception. The wedding took them just twenty days to prepare because they felt that the long they left it, the bigger the chance of it leaking out. She went on to express special thanks to TVB executive Virginia Lok for her help in arranging for the ceremony to take place at such short notice. She says that during the ceremony, her eyelid caught her veil and her vision was slightly impaired, so it was all a bit of a daze for her. She and Roger both like children, but they will leave it to nature as to having their own, even though she would love a daughter.


Em's note: Wow! That's such a sweet wedding ceremony and so suited to them both. I'm glad they managed to keep it under wraps and it wasn't spoiled by the press being there. Their friends might be a little disappointed that they couldn't dance with Mickey and Minnie though! Congratulations and all the best to Roger and Cindy!

[Ta Kung Pao 25/07/06]

Astrid Chan, Sharon Chan and Lawrence Cheng took part in a promotional event for a communications company yesterday, where they had to select ingredients to make soup with in a competition judged by soup expert Gigi Wong, to select the "Soup King". Surprisingly it was the man who won in the end.

Sharon reveals that she has had plenty of wholesome soup since she was young because her mother is a very good soup maker, but she only knows how to drink it and not to make it. When it was mentioned that women can keep their men's hearts by learning to make soup, she says: "I know, so I plan to start learning from my mother how to make soup." As for selecting a partner, Sharon says that if the man can cook then he will score more points!

For Astrid, who is already married, she says that she learned to cook whilst she was studying in Canada, but since she has been married, she has rarely cooked because her husband says her cooking is not very good and would rather cook himself to make the food tastier. For her husband to be so good, then of course Astrid is happy about this!


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/07/06]

TVB's new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" was filming a pool scene yesterday, where cast members including Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Claire Yiu, Selena Li and Eddie Kwan all wore swimsuits, but Myolie's 150 lb figure was the most outstanding. Matthew Ko plays the fantasy man that Myolie and Selena meet at the swimming pool and the scene tells of Selena pretending to drown in the hope that her dream hero will come and rescue her, but she is spotted by Myolie who steps in and rescues her instead.

Myolie wore a bikini style swimsuit, but she still felt very uneasy in it and seemed quite awkward even in the changing rooms. She says: "Even when I was taking part in Miss Hong Kong many years ago, it was a one piece suit we had to wear, so this is even more revealing than that was and showing off all my flesh to the camera is rather ugly, so I covered myself with a towel all the way until we started filming." As the producer had earlier mentioned that Myolie would appear in a bikini for the show, she has been hounded by the press and has had to be very careful. She says: "As the bottoms are quite small, I am very worried about showing my bum in the water." As for Matthew and Selena, Myolie says they are both very fit and she feels a little inferior beside them.

Andy had earlier indicated that he was afraid of seeing Myolie in a swimsuit, so was he afraid yesterday? He said: "I was joking last time, I think Myolie looks very lovable in her swimsuit." Andy reveals that there is a scene about him being tricked into gaining weight whilst in the Philippines, so he starts to keep fit when he returns. He says that as his figure is neither fat nor thin at the moment, then it is ideal for this scene.

Claire did not feel that her swimsuit was very conservative and says: "I am not covered up, Andy and the others are more covered up than I am. He and the other guys should open up a little."


[Wen Wei Po 25/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants attended Zhongshan's Shangri-La Hotel on Sunday evening to take part in the event to find this year's "Tourism Ambassador" as the girls each did their own act to promote the city. The award was taken by Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man, who performed a sketch to promote the Yangze Reservoir. After the event, the girls were arranged to have their photographs with the guests, but Number 10 Liz Tsang Shui San suddenly went weak at the knees and had to be helped off the stage by Rosa Chan. Later, Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum suffered a choking fit and also had to be escorted backstage to recover.

Some of the girls had family present to support them, including Number 2 Karman Cheng Ka Man's mother and sister, Number 7 Melanie Chow Wing Yee's mother, Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan's sister, Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum's mother and cousin and Number 15 Janet Chow Ka Wai's cousin.

In the talent contest part of the show, each of the contestants were given a minute to introduce one of the sights of Zhongshan and in Suki's sketch, she played different characters including the "Chui Tree", "Husband Watching Stone Man" and a mermaid. Afterwards, she said happily: "I did say before that as soon as I am on stage, I will be very sharp! I wrote the sketch myself. (Why did you give yourself these names?) They were based on my nicknames when I was a child."

The award comes with $50,000 in prize money and Suki says she will give the money to her parents because they have retired now and she thinks this would be a nice gift. Asked if she will go on holiday with her boyfriend with the money, she says: "This is later! (Will you call him to tell him the good news?) I will think about it." Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee performed a cocktail making item, where she showed off her slinky waist as she shook the drink up, but she accidentally dropped the lid of the shaker that caused her to shout out that this was a mistake.

Number 10 Liz Tsang used a Hip Hop and Rap routine to talk about Zhongshan's Commerce Museum and although she wore a close fitting red dress and heals, she still did the Hip Hop moves and it was quite interesting. Liz was unable to stand during the photo ceremony and she later explained: "I am ok now, I felt the lights on my when I was on th stage and all the flashes from the cameras startled me. Zurine and I are both feeling unwell, so we have been supporting each other. Although I didn't win, I am not disappointed because Suki did very well and I know that I could not do it as cutely as she did, so I chose to use Hip Hop instead."

Zurine performed a ballet routine, standing on her toes throughout as she used pictures to introduce her sight. After her coughing fit, she was surrounded by the press and she said: "It is time for me to take my medication. Maybe the lights were too strong and it made me feel unwell. I am not disappointed, Suki already did very well during rehearsals. My family were here to support me today, so I am very happy." Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi combined plate spinning with playing the piano for her act introducing Zhongshan's walking street, but she gave a rather dozy smile from the time she stepped onto the stage and she explained afterwards: "I was not nervous, smiling helps to reduce the pressure. I am not disappointed, but my Chinese could be better."


[Ta Kung Pao 25/07/06]

Fiona Yuen was an opening guest at a beauty centre yesterday and she reveals that she has known the owner of the centre for a long time, so she was invited to the opening. Fiona says that she has used the product before and felt that the results were not bad, so she has been recommending it to her friends. Asked how much she spends each month on cosmetics, she says: "I spend around $2000 on facials and another $4-5000 on skincare products."

Fiona went back to her homeland of Germany for the World Cup coverage earlier and asked if she had any romances, she laughs: "No, but I could watch football and eat and shop every day, so I was very happy." Fiona reveals that she would most like to take a vacation and go away for a break and adds that her trip to Germany was partially for work, so she would most like to take time out to go to Thailand and Japan, but she will be filming a special show for TVB soon, so she will have to postpone her holiday plans.

Fiona says that she wants to film some more dramas. After a cameo appearance in "Psychic Cop", this has sparked off her acting bug again and she says that she has not filmed any series for nearly a year now. Asked if she has reflected this to the company, she says: "No, the company have provided me with a lot of work, so I can't ask them to show any more favouritism." Fiona laughs that if she films, it has to be a modern series because to film an ancient series in the summer is very hard work. It has been a while since she split with her last boyfriend, so Fiona was asked if she has any new romances, but she says: "The fortune teller says that I will have to wait until I am 34 or 35 before my true romance arrives, so I have no dates at the moment." Asked if she has been on introduction meetings, she smiles coyly and says: "Modern introductions. (Did you meet anyone?) Not anyone suitable. (Are your criteria too high?) No, but I have to like him."


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