Sunday, July 23, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/07/06]

TVB's new series "Cadets on the Beat" was filming yesterday on the streets of Yaumatei and Ron Ng and Sammul Chan donned their policemen's uniforms once again in a scene that tells of them soon after graduation from the Police Training School, meeting with a road rage incident, where Ron has to go and intervene. Ron indicated that the weather is too hot and he is sweating constantly, but he only has one uniform, so he has to avoid body odour by continuously changing his vest underneath. Asked about the recent news of scissors being thrown from apartments in Mongkok and Shamshuipo, injuring people below, Ron says that these incidents are quite scary, but Sammul jokes that they have the protection of their helmets and wearing a police officers uniform should deter people from attacking them.

In the show, Ron will become part of the 'blue caps' or Police Tactical Unit and he says that he was filming earlier near the Scouts Association in Jordan and some passers-by thought he was a real police officer who wanted to give them a ticket and only found out later that they were filming. Sammul indicates that there are many things that they are not allowed to do whilst wearing the police officer's uniform, for example, they are not allowed to drink or eat anything in the streets, because this will affect the image of the police. He says that earlier, he was filming in the deserts of China for an ancient series in 40 degree heat and the worst thing was wearing boots. He is used to the hot weather now, but the humidity in Hong Kong is quite hard to bear and he is glad to be wearing short sleeved clothes for this shot.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/07/06]

Cindy Au held a question and answer session to promote her own cookery book and share experiences with fellow cooking enthusiasts. She laughs that the next time she writes a book, she will talk about her own insights into cooking. Has her boyfriend Roger Kwok praised her cooking skills? She says that he has praised her and she will mention this in her next book, so she hopes that people will take a look. Cindy says that her most regular dish is cheesecake because Roger likes to eat it, but his favourite is her toffee cake.

There were reports earlier suggesting that Roger and Cindy will be getting married in October and Cindy admits that they are preparing now, but she remained very secretive about the details. Asked if she would be holding the wedding at Disneyland, she laughs: "I will consider it. The most important thing about a wedding is that your family and friends are there, the ceremony is not so important." Asked if she would like a fairytale wedding, she says that she and Roger are not the romantic type, so there will not be anything special. Roger proposed to her two years ago and she will not think too much about the wedding ring because the value is in the meaning that they are giving each other. Was she touched when her boyfriend proposed? Cindy laughs that she wasn't, because they are not romantic at all. "He will be giving me his heart, so it doesn't matter how big the diamond is. Maybe I have filmed too many series and have watched too many series, so it was a very simple affair. I emphasise more on 'long and lasting' more than just a momentary reaction."


[Ta Kung Pao 24/07/06]

Christine Ng, Wong Hei, Steven Ma, Kingdom Yuen and Ander Jen were all on hand at the Hong Kong Book Fair yesterday to lend their support to Feng Shui Master Mak Ling-Ling, who was autographing copies of her latest book, which offers insights into the Feng Shui of Property Investment.

Christine indicates that she has consulted a fortune teller before who told her that her luck with property investment was not ad. She is quite happy with her current home though and she feels that a home does not have to be too big, provided you have enough room for your needs, then she would rather invest the extra money in other properties. She also laughs that she has quite an eye for profit.

Wong Hei is also interested in buying a property as it turns out that he has been renting his home all this time and has to pay several tens of thousands of dollars every month, which he finds is a waste. He feels that moving house is a torturous task, so before he gets too old, then it is time for him to get himself a place. Ah Hei says that he can only afford to buy an apartment worth $2 million and as Ms Mak has suggested the Eastern area is lucky for him, he will view this as one of his selection criteria.

As well as supporting Ms Mak, Steven also took time to take a look around at the fair as he is quite interested in instructive and business books. Steven will be releasing an anthology at the end of the year, so he is currently busy writing articles and he hopes to complete this soon.


[The Sun 24/07/06]

Kat Tsui will be playing a cadet in the new series "Cadets on the Beat" and in order to tie in with her character, she is required to cut her hair short. Kate went for the chop yesterday and she seemed rather nervous as she entered the salon. To meet the strict regulations of the police training school, she has had to go very short and asked if she was happy with her new style, she replied: "I am happy, it feels really light. It has been over ten years since I had it this short and the last time was because the stylist accidentally took too much off."

Talking of Joey Yung appearing in this series, is Kate worried that her limelight will be stolen? She says: "Not at all, having more faces in the cast is helpful to the series and will attract more viewers."


[The Sun 24/07/06]

Myolie Wu joined Sharon Chan and Stephy Tang yesterday at a promotional event for the 'Lady in Red' album and in the intense heat of the outdoor event, the three girls were sweating endlessly. However, for Myolie, who is promoting her album for the first time, she did not find it hard work: "It is like this when we are filming on location and even when I was skinny, I would sweat a lot."

After filming "Lush Fields Happy Times", Myolie will have to slim down in the space of a month or so to prepare for her next series. She laughs that there is no difficulty in slimming: "I would like to be fitter than I was before, but if I can keep a little of my current cup size, then I wouldn't mind!" As for the frenzy she has created in the slimming companies fighting over her to promote them, she says she is still having discussions and her only provision is that she is not prepared to take slimming pills. "I am afraid of death, so I don't want to risk my life for it."


[The Sun & Wen Wei Po 24/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants continued filming in Zhongshan yesterday as they visited an orchard and the searing summer heat left them all dripping with sweat, as they filmed in the open and then helped the female workers collecting the fruit. Number 8 Suki Chu Suk Man seemed a little sleepy-eyed and was noticeably sluggish, but she was still confident that this would not affect her, despite only having had three hours sleep the previous night: "I don't feel very well today, but when I get on the stage, I will spark into action and be sharp again." On the other hand, Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying and Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee were wide awake and ready to take the limelight with their radiant smiles as they posed for the press. Despite the heat and sweat, Joyce had a great time plucking all the longans and yellowskins from the trees and she says that she has visited a lychee orchard before, but with so many fruit this time, it made her very happy, especially as she could eat them as she went along.

Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi denies that not knowing who Dr Sun Yat-Sen is will affect Hong Kong's image: "I grew up in America and have never studied Chinese culture. The whole purpose of this trip is for me to learn more about Chinese culture and history." Wendy plans to stay and further her career in Hong Kong, no matter if she wins or not in the contest.

The previous evening, the girls had been invited for dinner and reception by the Zhongshan Tourism Authority Chairman as well as the Mayor of Zhongshan, where they were presented with souvenirs.


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