Saturday, July 08, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/07/06]

The new movie "Superman Returns" held its premiere on Friday evening and many celebrities attended, including Jessica Hsuan, Joyce Li, Tavia Yeung, Bonnie Lai, Eileen Tung and her husband, Rain Li, Shine, Michael Wong and his family, Cheung Kin Ting and his family and Lo Lam. Japanese model Takuya Suzuki donned a Superman cape for the occasion.

When Rain arrived and saw the Superman model with one of hte original costumes on, she quickly jumped onto the platform to have her photo take with it, but was quickly shooed off by a PR rep, leaving her very embarrassed. She said later that she did not know that she wasn't allowed to touch it. Jessica indicated that Christopher Reeve's portrayal of Superman had the greatest impression on her. Her contact with TVB will end in September and she indicates that there is a big chance that she will change to a per-series contract. She admits that there are many management companies that are hunting her and after twelve years with TVB, she feels that they are still the most powerful. Jessica will soon be heading out to Singapore to film a series where she will be speaking in English throughout. As she has lived in England before, then this will not be a problem for her, but she feels there is still some pressure.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/07/06]

Annie Lau and Kevin Cheng took part in a private party earlier for a watch sponsor, where they were both presented with a new designer watch. Annie says that she never used to wear watches until she entered the industry and she treats them as accessories. Asked if any men have presented her with watches, she says they haven't as she usually buys her own.

Kevin was happy that he has another watch for his collection, which he started a couple of years ago. He has seven so far and he hopes to be able to collect twenty. Kevin has never given a watch to a woman, but he syas he is quite a romantic and once learned how to bake a cake to make a girlfriend happy. Talking of reports that TVB executive Virginia Lok sees him as her godson and that he presented her with an expensive watch for her birthday, Kevin laughs that he sees Ms Lok as a big sister and they have not adopted each other. Also he cannot afford to buy her expensive gifts and would not feel right about giving her a plastic one. As for his rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow due to celebrate her birthday soon, will he be giving her a watch? He replied saying: "It is my birthday soon too!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants continued on their second day of filming in Korea yesterday and originally they had been planned to take a trip on a hot air balloon, do bungee jumps and fly microlite planes, but this was cancelled due to bad weather and they were all rather disappointed.

For Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei, who was suffering from countless outtakes on the first day, she improved a lot. She explained her earlier mistakes, saying that this was the first time she had filmed so she was a little stiff. asked if she has sought advice from the experienced Roger Kwok, she says that she has not been to ask him directly, but when they have been instructed, she has been paying attention. As for the cancellation of the activities, she is a little disappointed, but seeing the other balloons already made her happy.

Number 5 Lui Wai Yee has had filming experience as she is a model, but this was her first time filming for television, so she feels she still has a lot to learn and she feels that she has to get used to keeping her eyes open because the sunshine is so strong. She is trying her hardest not to make mistakes so that she does not affect everyone else's progress. Her target is to do it in one take and she was praised for her performance by the director. She says she will not intentionally keep fit for the swimsuit parades, because if you are too thin, then you look strange in swimwear.

Number 8 Tsui Suk Man does not have a fear of heights, but she has never tried bungee jumping and she was very scared when she crossed a bridge in Australia where you could see through to underneath, she found this very terrifying. She feels that her performance is not bad and she has not suffered any illness because she was worried about not being able to adapt. She seems to have a very good relationship with Lui Wai Yee, and she says that although they are all getting on very well, she and Lui offer each other encouragement and support.

TVB released the official photos for contestants 1 through 8 yesterday and the girls wore strappy dresses that showed off their cleavage. Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei with her 34.5 inch bust and Number 4 Wong Ying with her 35 inch bust were the most outstanding, whereas Number 8 Tsui Suk Man was a little behind with just 33 inches. Wong indicates that to be on top form for her swimwear shoot, she has been doing 50 sit ups a day to try and lose five pounds.


[The Sun 09/07/06]

Some viewers have addressed complaints to the newspapers suggesting that TVB's "Beautiful Cooking" is promoting cruelty to animals. It alleges that when the girls were cooking fish and whelks earlier, it took them a long time to chop the fish and even had to seek help from the hosts. Although this was entertaining, it meant that the animal was suffering a longer death than it should have. The show's producer Chin Kwok Wai responded yesterday, saying: "Basically, we have put a lot of consideration into the matter and we will not let the guests torture the animals. The fish are treated the same way that mothers treat them at home every day. They are stunned first and we have professional chefs on hand to advise. When the guests get stuck, the chefs and hosts are quick to intervene and will not prolong the suffering for the animal."


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