Thursday, July 27, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 28/07/06]

Newly-weds Roger Kwok and Cindy Au took part in an opening ceremony together for 3D-Gold's new store in Yuen Long, in exchange for a seven figure fee. The couple held each other's hands throughout the event and showed a level of lovingness that was the envy of many. With rumours that Cindy is pregnant, she wore a loose fitting dress that raised more suspicion, but Roger would not address the matter directly and continued the mystery, saying: "You will see in a few months time."

With the news of Roger's wedding, the company boss presented them with some extra gifts, including some jewellery and gold ornaments and MC's Candy Chea and Lai Man Cheuk played games with the couple, testing their understanding of each other by blindfolding Roger and asking him to find his wife by smell and touch alone as well as making him feed Cindy with "wife cakes". Roger then demonstrated how to put a diamond ring on his wife's finger before Cindy tried on some gold jewellery worth over $200,000. Finally, the couple handed out wedding cakes to the press to share their happiness.

Talking of the ceremony on thier wedding day, Roger says that they followed many traditions, such as kneeling and presenting tea to their parents and elders as well as receiving gifts of gold. As the MC had suggested that they are well matched as a couple, Roger and Cindy both said that they have felt this way recently and that they are currently feeling excited, happy and amused by the marriage experience. Roger presented Cindy with a 3-carat diamond ring, but her fingers are very slim, so he has instructed her to put some weight on. Roger says that three years ago, they had planned to get married and bought wedding rings, but this was postponed because Roger had to go to Hengdian to film and he calls himself stupid for this. Upon hearing this, Cindy repeated his line from "Life Made Simple" and said: "You are not stupid, you are just simple!"

In response to the questions about whether there is a baby on the way, Roger was not quick to deny this, saying: "Not yet, I don't know today. You will have to wait a few more months before we know. At the moment, the answer is no." He laughs that he would like to work hard making advertising money to build up a trust fund for his children. Asked when he thinks he will be a father, Roger jokes: "Even if the meteorological office says it will rain, then sometimes it doesn't. It's hard to say, but I hope it will be soon. (When will you be honeymooning in Korea?) I would like to go to Jeju, but I am very busy at the moment and later, I have to film a movie." Cindy says that after marriage, she is thinking about retiring from the screen and she plans to take up a course in nutrition. She also adds that she has received many congratulatory messages from her friends recently, even from Charmaine Sheh who was recently linked with Roger in rumours. Their friends are not angry that they were not invited to the wedding and they are all very happy for the couple. Roger laughs: "We only received notice at the last minute to attend the wedding, everything was arranged for us by the families and we didn't have to do very much at all!"


[Ta Kung Pao 28/07/06]

Ada Choi and Sheren Tang took part in the opening ceremony of a charity event as Ambassadors of Love. They urged the public to donate generously to raise funds for some dangerously damaged schools in China to be rebuilt. After the event, Ada and Sheren went to a mock up of one of these schools to experience for themselves life for these children.

Sheren says that she visited the mountainous areas of Xian in 2004 and it was very inspirational for her because it changed her outlook on life. During that time, it was at the peak of popularity for her 'Yu Fei' character and the press were often asking her if I had made a lot of money, but there was also a lot of gossip. After hearing the stories of the people from the area, she felt that the people there are full of life force and compared to the many miseries of city dwellers, it made her cry as she was overcome with emotion.

Although this is the second year that Ada has taken on the ambassador role, she is yet to go and visit the people in the hills because she does not have time. She can only listen to the stories from those who have been there, but she is often moved to tears by what she hears. Recently, she has been troubled by a legal case against a former sponsor who is still using her image on their posters despite the expiration of her contract. Her family noticed this recently and they have taken legal action. Rather than being apologetic, the company has retalitated by a threatening lawyer's letter and Ada feels that they are going too far, although she trusts the justice system.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/07/06]

Sonija Kwok was dressed as a mermaid yesterday for a promotional event at a Tai Po shopping mall and she once again pointed out that the loss of the role in new film 'Lui Sei Leung' was not linked with the recent rumours of her romance with business tycoon 'Shell King' Chan Kwok Keung. Film company Mei Ah also supported this, saying that the role was not offered because of commercial decisions and that Sonija will be filming their new film in October called "Lucky is Me". Sonija was happy that the company made a statement on her behalf and she can breathe a sigh of relief now because she has had too much gossip lately.

Film production company Mei Ah will be signing a number of TVB's managed artistes and Sonija is happy that TVB are giving her so many opportunities. She is currently filming for "Happy Birthday" alongside former rumoured lover Louis Koo and asked how she feels working with him, Sonija laughs: "Nothing much, I just haven't seen him for a long time. (Are you worried about more rumours?) I am no longer afraid of rumours now, I am just concentrating on doing my work well. (The press like to compare you to Michelle Ye lately.) Why? (Because of your links with 'Shell King'.) I have said many time, I am without my shell now." Although Sonija and Michelle both worked for TVB in the past, they have never worked together, so they have only met once or twice. As for allegations that Michelle hit her assisant, Sonija says: "I don't know and I won't comment."

Sonija insists that she is currently working hard, but she is still being followed by the press, making her mother rather annoyed. Sonija laughs: "I have no more responses to make and sometimes I have to drive slowly for them to avoid any danger. This is all I can do." As it was her mother's birthday earlier, Sonija cooked the crab dish for her that she had previously demonstrated on "Beautiful Cooking", making her mother very happy indeed.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/07/06]

Since 2000, Carol Cheng has been spokesperson for a supermarket and her latest TV ad for the company was aired yesterday. To tie in with the company's 61st anniversary Gold Bar competition, Carol took part in a promotion among the crowd of the Causeway Bay branch, playing games with the public and revealing a wokful of gold.

Carol says that her requirements for endorsements is very stringent and it is not just about making money. For example, many slimming companies have approached her to represent them, but she has not been interested. Asked what her fee was like this time, she sas that it is adjusted in line with the economy every year and sometimes it does not rise, but this year it has gone up a little. She also smiles: "Many people think that I don't have to pay when I shop at this supermarket,but this is not true, I sill have to pay because it is better to keep things clear. I am paid a fee for my work, so it is only fair I pay them for my goods."


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