Tuesday, July 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 19/07/06]

Kevin Cheng and Sharon Chan took part in a press conference for LifeCam yesterday where they were presented awards for "Stylish Man" and "Photogenic Image". Both stars indicate that they are webcam fans, with Kevin suggesting he could use it to have lessons over the internet with his singing teacher in America. As for Sharon, she used it to keep her romance alive as her ex-boyfriend lives in Canada and she used to keep in touch with him on the internet.

Kevin will be releasing an album soon and is currently seeking a singing teacher from abroad. He smiles: "In the past I had to fly to LA, but now with LifeCam, I can use this for my lessons. (How about Lau Ka Cheung?) He is responsible for the recording and every teacher has different methods and I have kept this up." He reveals that each lesson costs US$200 to $300, so he has to keep earning more money. You also have to book a week in advance and even if you cancel you still have to pay, so he will need to think abou this carefully. With rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow about to release a new record, featuring the track entitled "Mr Question Mark" about her dream lover, Kevin was asked about this and immediately replied: "My album does not have 'Miss Question Mark' and it is a compilation of new and old songs. I have just released a new song called 'Serious Notice'. (Will you be giving a copy to Tai Si Chung?) I hope he will buy one and support me."

Sharon wore her shorts showing off her beautiful legs and she says that she is a fan of the web cam because she once used it to teach an overseas friend how to cook as well as keep in touch with her boyfriend in Canada. Asked if she has been making male friends, she says that she uses a nickname on the net and she will ignore strangers.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 19/07/06]

Fifteen of the Miss Hong Kong contestants arrived at a cosmetics company for a promotional event yesterday, with Number 6 Rachael Chan Man Fong absent due to illness. The group split into four to take part in games about make up and skincare and Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying emerged as the winner.

During the event, the girls had to identify different types of perfume with their noses and MC Miguel Choi suddenly said: "This training is like training police dogs." incurring the displeasure of the event executive Rosa Chan.

With the recent publication of Joyce's sexy photoshoot as well as suggestions that she was flirting heavily with Korean Star Se7en whilst filming in Korea, she responded saying: "Maybe the reporters like writing about me lately and are on a roll. I wish they would let me go. I don't feel that I am as precocious as the press make out, if I was, then I would not be in the finals of the Miss Hong Kong contest. The reports are not true and with so much negative press, I will work even harder to give a better performance."

Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man was asked why she rushed off so quickly after returning from Korea and she said: "I was rushing to get home. I only saw my boyfriend the next day. (Did you miss him?) I missed my family too. (How about your boyfriend?) Haha, he was okay."


[Ta Kung Pao 19/07/06]

TVB series "Forensic Heroes" reached a massive 43 points for its final episode and the leading cast members Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Bobby Au Yeung and Linda Chung held a celebration party for cast and crew at a restaurant yesterday. TVB executives Virginia Lok, Catherine Tsang and Chan Pui Wah also attended to join the celebrations.

Frankie and Linda were both very excited with the good result as they told of stories of people calling them by their character names "Dr Koo" and "Ding Ding" in the street. When Frankie was asked if he hopes for a sequel, he said directly: "I have seen many fans leaving comments on the internet forums asking for a sequel. If the company is prepared to film it, then of course I would love a part." As for his track record of good ratings, Bobby is of course very pleased, but he did not seem quite as excited as Frankie and Linda. Asked if he was so used to this now that it comes as no surprise, he immediately laughs: "I am over forty now, so my series ratings have to top my age! Haha!" As for the comments that the idea of setting a fire for help in a container not being viable because you would end up burning yourself, he laughs: "Maybe in real life I would have become a 'smokey Bobby', but it is a drama after all."


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