Monday, July 17, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 18/07/06]

Kenny Wong has a very fit body that has attracted the attentions of many advertising sponsors. Yesterday, he showed off his body again as to took part in a promotion for mobile phones. With his muscles laid bare, Kenny pulled a rickshaw in the middle of the city with his head down and it was only when he got onto the stage that people realised it was him. Asked if he was embarrassed, he laughs: "What do you think? You can tell by how far down my head was! It was a little embarrassing, because there was too many people there, but I am slightly confident in my body."

Kenny admits that he has had many offers of work lately, but most of them have required him to show off his flesh. So does this push the price up? He laughs that he does not know what the price is for not showing flesh. He says candidly that he is not one to show off his body usually, because he has had this figure for ten years now and it is only recently that people have found out. People did ask him to do a swimsuit show in the past and he does not mind parading in swimwear, but he just could not fit the time in.

At the moment, Kenny keeps up going to the gym every week, where many men will greet him. However he laughs that you should not get the wrong idea, they are just out to exchange ideas and training experiences.


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