Monday, July 17, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 17/07/06]

Gigi Lai took part in a diamonds promotion in Tsz Wan Shan yesterday, wearing a sparkling necklace lent by her sponsors worth $500,000. She says that she will not accept diamond gifts from anyone because she prefers to buy them for herself: "For women to earn their own money to buy diamonds makes them more precious."

Apart from the jewellery sponsorship, Gigi was also given some gifts from the company and she said excitedly: "The fee is very satisfactory and I do like to collect diamonds." She also reveals that the most expensive item in her collection is a diamond necklace and earrings set worth a seven figure sum. She has never worn them before and keeps them in her safety deposit box for her mother to wear to weddings. She says she will definitely not accept gifts of diamonds from men: "In the past, many interested men have given me diamonds, but I refused them." Asked how much the diamonds were worth, she says: "I did not really care about their value and I have never accepted." She also hints: "I don't want to say who it was from or how much they were worth because it would look bad." Even if her future husband buys her gifts, she will not ask for anything too expensive because material worth is not as precious as the thought behind it and the most important thing is the sincerity. Gigi would much rather buy the more valuable items herself because that way she is sure to like it.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong contestants wore their bikinis on the final day of filming in Korea at the Spa Castle resort and without their sarongs this time, they truly showed off their figures.

Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying and Number 13 Tiffany Tse Wing Shan stole the limelight with their great figures and seductive poses and swimsuit design, with Number 13 Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Number 14 Wendy Lee, Number 15 Janet Chow and Number 7 Melanie Chow also doing well.

Among them, Janet was asked by the press to stand a little more straight on, but she ended up giving a twirl and causing a few laughs. After the shoot, the girls returned to Hong Kong, ending their 11 day location shoot.

Upon her return, Joyce was asked about the recent reports suggesting she had revealed her pubic hair in a bikini shot from the past. She responded: "I think the magazines exaggerated the report and I was a little unhappy. After all, I am a university student and possible Miss Hong Kong. (Any regrets?) No, at the time I was not a proper model yet and I was naive and inexperienced, so it couldn't be helped." As for often being the focus of attention due to her figure, she says graciously: "I don't mind. My figure is a good point, but I hope that people will look for my other good points." As for fellow model Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee, she was asked if she has had bikini shots before, but she immediately refused to comment on this matter.

For Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum, who is rumoured to have been boycotted by some of her fellow contestants leading to her crying on the phone to her mother, she denied this saying: "I was just chatting to my mother and not crying, I get on well with all the girls." Hot favourite Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man hurried off as soon as she left the plane. Maybe she was in a hurry to meet her boyfriend, but after being followed by the press all the way, she changed her mind and decided to take the train back to the city instead.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/07/06]

Kevin Cheng, Angela Tong and Cherrie Kong took part in a preview event for the forthcoming new Keroro Gunso movie, allowing some children to take a sneak look at the movie before it is on general release.

As Children's Ambassador, Angela says she loves watching foreign cartoons and she says she would like to do some dubbing for a cartoon character: "I have tried it before and it was a lot of fun. My voice is rather comical anyway and I would like to try some animal noises." Angela reveals that she will soon be taking a group of children to a school in the mainland to take some classes in Chinese Opera and she is confident in her own patience and thinks she will not be muddled with a big group of kids. With her 'Ah Ho' character leaving a lasting impression earlier, many of the children still refer to her as 'Sister Ho' and Angela laughs: "If I wear my false teeth, I will be even more popular. Maybe I am usually too cool, so I have been rescued, thanks to Ah Ho."

Kevin was photographed earlier with a woman eating at a Central cafe and he received a ticket after parking in a restricted zone for his own convenience. Kevin says: "I like to go to that cafe, and on that day, I was meeting up with two male schoolfriends. The lady was the wife of one of my friends." He also says that he parked on the street for the sake of convenience and the fine on the ticket was more expensive than the meal, so in the future he will park it in the carpark like he should. He adds that many of his old schoolfriends have been married now and there are very few who are single left. Asked when he would be getting married, Kevin says: "Wait until I have saved enough money and met the right person first. Leave marriage to its natural course."

Kevin has been very busy recently and although filming is complete for his series "Psychic Cop", he will soon be recording for his new album as well as shooting a music video for his new song "Serious Notice" (Cheng Chung Sing Ming), with his guest partner Yoyo Mung. He says: "Over ten years ago for one of my other songs, Yoyo was the model for my video. (Has she lost her looks a little?) No she is very fresh and this is another attraction as she is more professional looking."


[Ta Kung Pao 17/07/06]

Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk and Carrie Lam joined Children's Festival Ambassadors Steven Ma and Angela Tong at a story-telling competition yesterday and with the recent magazine reports alleging that Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying from this year's Miss Hong Kong contest had shot some revealing photographs previous to entering the contest, as reigning Miss Hong Kong and having faced similar gossip last year, Tracy felt sorry for Joyce.

Tracy feels that Joyce did not intentionally reveal herself for the shoot, so to be singled out like this is very unfair. She says that as a model, wearing a bikini is normal, provided that the outcome is intended as a healthy one, so this should not affect the contest. As for many of the girls this year being photographed being out partying late, Tracy says that everyone has their own lifestyles and maybe the girls are just having some fun. However, she does suggest that they should get to bed earlier so that they are well rested to face the contest.

Steven was not late for the event despite originally going to the wrong place, but he insists that he did not speed, saying he simply left earlier to accommodate. He revealed the new title song for the "After School ICU" children's magazine programme at the event.


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