Sunday, July 16, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 16/07/06]

TVB's new series "Love Guaranteed" will begin airing tomorrow evening and a group of cast members including Sunny Chan, Melissa Ng, Winnie Shum, Cherrie Kong, Kenneth Ma and Rocky Cheng held a Beach Volleyball contest at Repulse Bay Beach yesterday. The cast split into two teams, but both cheated a lot, including one instance where Kenneth pulled down the net to allow Ram Tseung to serve without touching it and another where Sunny and Shek Sau lifted Melissa up to serve. The funniest was when Rocky and Cherrie immediately took off their shirts and exchanged them. Then the men had to carry the women in a flag planting contest, but in her haste, Melissa inadvertantly revealed her breasts. In the end, Cherrie's team lost and suffered a forfeit as she was carried into the water by Rocky, but just as this happened, a big wave swept over them, giving both Rocky and the group of reporters a soaking.

There has been a lot of good news in showbiz recently, following on from Anita Yuen's pregnancy, Patrick Tam has recently revealed that his wife is four months pregnant. Having worked with Patrick in the past, Sunny was asked to comment and he said: "He is clever, so this puts pressure onto me because all my friends around me are having children now. We have been trying all this year and the producer suggested we should take a holiday, but if there is still no news by next year then we will consult a doctor. (Are you envious of Patrick?) A little, because a family becomes more complete with a child."

Melissa has put on six or seven pounds recently but she does not plan to lose it again immediately as she will be allowing herself to eat and sleep properly during her rest period and nurse herself back to health. She smiles: "I feel that I look better a little fuller, but I don't want to end up like Myolie (Wu). The trend is to be thin at the moment, but I don't feel you have to be skinny to be pretty, sometimes in losing your weight, you also lose some of your fortune."


[Ta Kung Pao 16/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants have now returned to Hong Kong after completing their location filming in Korea. On their final day, they were joined by Chin Ka Lok in the Kumsan area, where they tried their hand at ginseng digging, harvesting ginseng to make ginseng wine with before enjoying a banquet of dishes made from flowers.

Ka Lok then left them in the afternoon and the girls returned to Lotte World at dusk, where they joined Korean singer Se7en to shoot a dance routine. When Se7en arrived, he shook hands immediately with all of the contestants and said in Cantonese: "Pretty Girls", making all the girls very happy indeed. Se7en indicated that the first feeling that he got when he met the sixteen contestants was they they are all very beautiful, so he could not help commenting on this. Recently Se7en has been residing in America, where he has been enjoying the comfortable lifestyle that suits him, so he has been making the most of it.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/07/06]

Natalie Ng, Sherming Yiu and Cutie Mui joined other animal lovers at a Pets event yesterday. Originally they were to be joined by Gigi Fu, but she was unable to attend.

Natalie brought her little puppy Ah Wong to the event and she indiated that when she first bought him and took him home, it was when "Life Made Simple" was airing and so she named her dog after the title lead. Asked if she will give the dog a bowl haircut like his namesake, she says she will not, but she has given him a skinhead look and he did not like that at all.

Natalie also suggests that before you get married and have children, you should keep a pet dog as this will prove whether you have the responsibility and love. She admits that when she first got Ah Wong, she was very agitated by him and often shouted at him - one occasion was when she had invited some friends round to watch the world cup and Ah Wong drank all her friend's beer up. Ah Wong also suffered from food poisoning twice in a month. After looking after Ah Wong, Natalie feels that she has a lot of experience for marriage now and asked if she was put off from having kids by Ah Wong, she says that she was a little afraid at first, but she is fine now.


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