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[Ta Kung Pao 10/07/06]

Miss Hong Kong winners Tracy Ip, Carrie Lam, Sharon Luk and Natalie Khor joined the TVB Children's Festival Ambassadors at a drawing competition event yesterday and Tracy was asked about the recent reports that she was meeting with rumoured boyfriend Don Li at a Wanchai disco, but when the press appeared, they quickly escaped in separate taxis. She responded that she had gone to a crystal store to pick something up and as Don had also ordered an item, she collected that for him as well. That night, she went to Causeway Bay to meet some friends for dinner and Don happened to be in Wanchai, so she went to drop off the item for him.

To evade any further questions about her and Don, Tracy quickly moved the topic on, saying: "I was so disappointed for Matthew Ko losing out at yesterday's Mr Hong Kong contest that I couldn't sleep. (Is he and Don both chasing your affections?) No, we are all friends, I knew him from when we were models. (Who is better of the two?) They are both my good friends." Faced with a barrage of questions from the press, Tracy could only be honest and say: "If there was anything between us, then we would not meet up in public. (Which of them is closest to your criteria for a partner?) I like more mature men, but they are both younger than me, maybe because I am getting old, (She is 24.) so all my friends that I meet are younger than me."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/07/06]

TVB's new series "Forensic Heroes" held a promotional event in Tsuen Wan yesterday, attended by Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Fala Chen and Florence Kwok. Among the games that they played was one where they had to split into teams and Frankie and Bobby were blindfolded. The other artistes had to then kiss them and the two men had to guess which lipstick mark belonged to who. Florence was quite wild with her kissing as she firstly kissed Frankie three times near his lips and then planted one on his neck, whilst Frankie seemed rather helpless to this onslaught. When it was Bobby's turn, Frankie jokingly pulled up his shirt and kissed him on the belly.

Afterwards, Florence was asked why she was so wild and she laughed: "I was just playing, was I that bad? Actually, I am very reserved and not a major flirt. (Are you not afraid of upsetting Kenix Kwok?) Kenix and I are like twins, so he is my brother-in-law, I am more worried that Frankie says I am not kissing him enough!" She adds that yesterday was the last promotional event for the show, so she doesn't mind losing out, but she was worried that Bobby would be jealous that she did not kiss him. As for Frankie, he is not worried about Kenix getting the wrong idea because they know Florence quite well and there would not be a problem. He also laughs: "I know she is flirtatious, but I didn't know she was so wild. She does these things though."

Fala was a judge at the Mr Hong Kong contest and there were reports that she was spotted touching Bernie Ho. At first she played dumb and asked: "Really? I was just playing! (What did it feel like?) A bit wet, because he had just come out from the water." She adds that she knew that they were all very nervous, so she wanted to offer them some encouragement. Asked if she liked muscly men, she says that men's figures are not important, their minds are more important as they have to be intelligent and able to look after others. As for the result,she says that she had fancied Francois Huynh and Otto Chan from the beginning and felt that they were both very calm during the question and answer section. She also praises the great atmosphere at the contest and will encourage her friends to take part next year.

Yoyo and Bobby's bed scene raised the ratings to 37 points and her manager joked with her about this, saying: "Your bed scenes are attracting the viewers!", but she is still happy about this. With the World Cup final taking place tonight, Yoyo says she will be joining Anne Heung and some friends at a Karaoke bar to watch it.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/07/06]

Myolie Wu took part in a promotional event held by her skincare sponsors yesterday and handed out gifts and flyers to crowds in Causeway Bay. Myolie says that this is the third year that she has represented the company and was asked how the extra weight gain has affected her skin. She says that her skin condition has improved, maybe because she has stretched her skin with the extra fat. Even if she eats fried foods, it has not brought her out in spots.

Myolie was a guest judge on the Mr Hong Kong contest earlier and she says she was very happy and feels that the contestants were very open because they did not mind people checking out their figures. She felt that many of the men had great figures and even the people in the Style group had good muscles.

Myolie also enjoyed the swimwear section, especially when they ran out from the pool. She says that this concept was very good and they should consider it for the Miss Hong Kong contest too. Asked if she would have done this for when she entered Miss Hong Kong, she says that if she had to, then she would do it. Myolie says that she only realised that it was an all-female audience when she arrived and asked if she felt embarrassed when the men paraded around her in their swimming trunks, she said not at all as she took a good look. However, she says that she did not put her hand out to touch them because she didn't want to be accused of being overly promiscuous.

As for Matthew Ko losing out, did she feel sorry for him? Myolie says that if he won again, he wouldn't have the chance to try other things. However, she will support the contest to continue and she will offer to be a judge again.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their filming on location in Korea yesterday amid with reports breaking that Number 9 Chloe Nguyen and Number 15 Janet Chow were spotted with a man at a bar just before they left for Korea.

When the two ladies were quizzed about this, Chloe says that she has not seen the report yet, but she denies going to the bar, saying she only went for a meal. Chloe says that she does not drink or smoke and even when she was in Holland, she was too young and her mother would not allow her to go to these places. As for Janet, she admits having gone to a restaurant with Chloe, but she did not go to the bar. She also adds that as she has just returned to Hong Kong from Toronto, she does not know her way around and has been depending on Chloe to show her around. Asked if she has a boyfriend, she says: "Yes, but the man in the reports is my cousin and the clothes were presented to him by two of his female friends. (Does your boyfriend support you entering the contest?) He is very supportive, because everyone has their own goals, so we have to do our part." Although she has known her boyfriend for ten years, they have only been dating for a year and a half. As for the reports saying that she was buying $10 underwear from the street hawkers, Janet says that her underwear was brought from Toronto and she has not bought any from Hong Kong.

Also, Number 12 Tiffany Tse was very absorbed into her filming and does not find it hard work. As for reports that she is always having her photo taken with Roger, she was asked if she fancied him. She denied this replying: "Everyone has been having photos with Roger, but in one scene, I am the first to work with Roger, so we have got to know each other. I really do admire his professionalism and his expressive eyes."


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