Monday, July 31, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 01/08/06]

Sunny Chan, Angela Tong, Michael Tse and Suet Nei were among the cast members taking part in the costume tryout for TVB's new ancient costume drama "Murder City Plot". Sunny will play an executioner, so he has a lot of hair glued to his face and chest to increase the ferociousness of his character.

When Sunny was asked if he is having to use fake hair because he lacks his own natural hair, he laughs: "I have not compared myself with anyone." As well as Angela taking the female leads, there will also be Bernice Liu, but she was not present at yesterday's event. Although the two girls are quite westernised, Sunny is still confident that they will do communicate fine.

Angela will be playing a Miao tribe lady who is very skilful with poisons. The story tells of her using poison to combat other poisons and she will be filming with many creepy crawlies as well as have to 'eat' spiders. Angela has a phobia of snakes and she remembers that when she was filming for "The Taming of the Princess", she had a scene with a snake and although the crew had fastened it's mouth together, the snake still wanted to open its mouth. Angela still remembers quite clearly the horrific image as she says with a frown: "I don't know what I will do because I am finding I am becoming less brave the older I get."

Suet Nei will be playing Sunny's mother in the series, but her character is very ugly, with scars on her face and bald patches. The first time she had the make up done, it took two hours and although the process is getting faster, it still takes a while but she does not find it hard work, just the time is a little too long.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 01/08/06]

Members of this year's committee for the Wai Yin Society including President Fan Sze Yin, vice-president Priscilla Chik and Wong Oi Lun attended TVB City yesterday to meet with this year's sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants to talk to them about their own experiences in beauty pageants. As the girls were allowed to wear their own clothes to the event, they all took care in their appearance, with Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying wearing a denim mini-skirt. However, Number 8 Suki Chui turned up in her T-shirt, jeans and trainers, looking as if she was just out to buy bread from downstairs.

Asked why she was wearing such 'common' clothes, Suki indicated that the organisers had contacted them to dress casually and when it was commented that she looked like she was out grocery shopping, she sighed: "You can say what you like. We are going to rehearsals after this, so wearing trainers would be more convenient. (Compared to the girls in heels, you will lose out because you suddenly become very short!) It doesn't matter! Today's focus is on the seminar and discussion, and this is the first time."

In stark contrast, Joyce and Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee were well dressed and eyecatching and when the press asked Suki to have her photo taken with Joyce and Koni, she was forced to stand on her toes to avoid looking too short in comparison. This made her shake though and in the end Joyce and Koni had to hold her up. Number 3 Florence Li Wing Sze was not upset by the press reports after the talent show and she thanks the reporters for their good advice.

Priscilla indicated that she has just taken on the VP position at Wai Yin in July and she will hold this office for a year. As she is quite young, many people question her ability, but she says confidently: "Work ability is not related to age and experience, so there is no problem. I was voted in by over forty members, so I will just do my own job to the best of my ability." Talking of Florence's earlier incident of revealing herself, Priscilla says with sympathy: "When you dance you are moving around a lot and this makes it easy for something to go wrong."


[The Sun 01/08/06]

Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai were filming yesterday for TVB's new series "An Easy Life" in Causeway Bay's Times Square, attracting many onlookers in the busy mall and even causing traffic chaos. As they took the child star across the road, Kevin broke out in a bit of a sweat and Gigi had to wipe his brow for him. Despite this, Kevin said: "I have never looked after children before, but I have wanted to do it for a long time." During their breaks, many people came over asking for photos and complimenting them on their good looks. Gigi says: "Being surrounded by people is okay because it helps to break down the distance with the viewers. It just gets a bit warm!"


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