Thursday, July 13, 2006

[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 12/07/06]

Lydia Shum's daughter Joyce Cheng was in the limelight last year after successfully slimming down, but there have been recent magazine reports that Joyce has ballooned back to 200 lbs after splitting up with her boyfriend. Yesterday, the owner of Joyce's slimming sponsors Shirley Cheung made a statement on her behalf, responding that Joyce has kept to her weight of 140 lbs and she has emailed some photos back to Hong Kong to prove this.

Shirley indicates that she was shocked to see the front pages of the magazine and immediately called Joyce and sent her copies of the cover and in return, Joyce sent her some photographs back. Shirley says that these reports put a lot of pressure on both her and Joyce and she has explained the reports to Joyce. She says:"Joyce was photographed in a supermarket with another girl and that was her nutrionist that I sent over to help her to diet. (Reports suggest that she has split up?) Joyce is very happy, but she did split up with her boyfriend."

Shirley indicates that she and Joyce have an agreement that in Joyce's first year of university, she can stop her slimming regime until she has settled down. The slimming company will be opening a branch in Canada soon and Joyce will have that as her base. Shirley indicates that Joyce will be returning to Hong Kong at the end of the month so she wants to make this statement to avoid reports then that Joyce has been crash dieting.


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