Friday, July 28, 2006

[The Sun 29/07/06]

TVB's new series "An Easy Life" was filming yesterday at the Cotton Tree Drive registry office in a scene that tells of Gigi Lai's character's Uncle and Auntie, played by Evergreen Mak and Yvonne Lam arguing and Gigi and her screen father Paul Chun having to step in to pull them apart. Gigi says: "This has happened to me before in real life, but when you are related and cannot take sides, then I will stay neutral."

Nearby were many newly-weds having their photographs taken and Gigi smiles: "When I was in my teens, I would dream about my wedding and how perfect it would be, but when I reached my twenties, I decided I would never get married in Hong Kong. Now I just don't think about it because life is unpredictable and you just have to go with the flow." Still without a partner, Gigi says that when she was young, she would fantasise about her Prince Charming, but now she does not dream about these things any more.


[The Sun 29/07/06]

Jerry Lamb and his wife Lily Hong attended the Softhard concert on Thursday and when the press tracked them down at around 1am, the playful Jerry immediately pulled on his cap to help his brother Jan plug the show: "We have just watched the concert and then it was a friend's birthday celebration. We are ready to go home now." The couple happily posed for photographs before saying goodbye to the press.


[The Sun 29/07/06]

Fiona Sit, Sammul Chan and Michael Tao were filming earlier at Tseung Kwan O for TVB's new series "Cadets on the Beat" in a cameo scene where Fiona reprises her role to show her character being killed off in action. The scene tells of her character fighting with a criminal in a scene and in order to save Sammul, she takes a bullet and dies. Before the camera, Fiona played out the death scene vigorously, but behid the camera, the superstitious Fiona was quick to ask the crew for a lucky packet.

Having also brought along her own lucky packet, Fiona says that she is very superstitious about these things: "My dad is very superstitious too and he has given me a lucky packet already, just in case TVB don't give me one so I can just ask them to put some money in it. Originally they had arranged for my character to die where a real police officer had died, but it was too scary and I would not do it there. Take Granville Road, where there was a murder earlier, when I go around the area, I daren't look around too much."

Although Fiona's character dies in the show, she feels that to give your life to save your lover is a very romantic thing, but Sammul is not receptive to this, laughing: "You can be romantic, but in the scenes following that, I have to cry a lot and it will be hard work for me!"

Michael was asked about the reports that he had been having a secret affair with Kenix Kwok for eleven years and he says calmly: "No-one will believe that and the reports will not affect me or Kenix. If you add this to the four years that she was alleged to have spent with Hacken, then that makes 15 years - I don't think she has so much time!"


[The Sun 29/07/06]

World famous musical "The Phantom of the Opera" opened in Hong Kong three weeks ago and has been sold out every night, with many celebrities, politicians and artistes taking the opportunity to go and watch it. Some tourists have even been touting to buy tickets outside the Cultural Centre, holding placards asking for tickets, but still unsuccessful after two hours.

Halina Tam was among those who went to see the show and she reveals that when she was studying in England, she had to do many part time jobs to save money to go and watch "Phantom". She smiles: "I even tried to find the monkey music box in all of London's antique shops."


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