Friday, July 28, 2006

[The Sun 28/07/06]

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming on location in Central yesterday and for Bosco who had to wear a suit jacket in the heat of summer, he says it is nothing compared to when he was filming previously in 40 degree heat. He did buy everyone a drink to cool down though.

At around 10pm, Bosco and Tavia were filming for new series "Sweet-centred Storms" and although it was night time, temperatures were still in the 30's, but Bosco did not complain at all as he joked around with Tavia.

When they met the press, Tavia immediately asked: "Which paper are you from?", to which Bosco laughed: "Are you choosing your jobs now?" making Tavia laugh out loud. Afterwards Bosco explained: "I daren't laugh at her, she is very bossy! And she hits people, so I daren't anger her! No, she is really nice and I am just joking!"

Bosco also adds that although the temperatures were very hot that evening, making him wipe his sweat all the time, it is no big deal to him: "When we were filming in the Philippines, it was so hot that I didn't want to speak and had to jump into the water to cool down, so compared to this, it is not such hard work filming in Hong Kong as it is just around 34 degrees. You just have to drink a few more bottles of pop and it's not so hot and there is aircon in the car, so it is quite comfortable really."


[The Sun 28/07/06]

Chan Hoi Yee will soon be filming for TVB's "Cadets on the Beat" and as she is reprising her character as a police officer, she will have to cut her hair short, but she doesn't mind having a tomboy cut: "I have heard that it will be shorter than when I was filming for 'The Academy', with both sides being shaved off. The producer was worried that I would not be able to accept this, but I don't really mind because it makes my face look slimmer. As long as I don't look like a potato head, then it's fine." With plenty of location filming for 'Cadets', is she worried about becoming overly tanned? She says: "Last time, Fiona Sit was tanned after just half a day and some of the men even had sweat marks, but luckily I am quite fair, so I came away the lightest of everyone, so I think the tan will fade very quickly."


[The Sun 28/07/06]

After finding fame last year with her universally accepted role of Lee Siu Ho, the loving Angela Tong has been appointed as an ambassador for this year's TVB Children's Festival and she will soon be heading out to Foshan with Steven Ma and a group of children to learn Kung Fu and Cantonese Opera. Angela says that she is quite interested in the opera class: "Although I am very Westernised, I have grown up with my dad listening to the operas and he often told me to sing them to him because he says I am cute when I sing them."

Faced with a group of children, Angela laughs she will be able to cope: "Children have always liked me, because I am a big kid myself and sometimes even more innocent than them! Like them, I also like to play electronic games and watch cartoons, so we have common ground for great conversations!"

Angela will soon begin filming for an ancient series where she plays a Miao tribe lady who is very clever with poisons: "I have not filmed for eight months now and have had a rest. Many people were worried that I wouldn't cope, but I am very optimistic and I am very curious about this role."


[The Sun 28/07/06]

Angel Sung is well known for her linguistic abilities as she can speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin and Korean and recently she has been learning Japanese too. "As Japanes and Korean uses similar intonations, then I often get confused, but I am confident that if I work hard, then I will succeed." Angel has some Korean blood in her, but when it comes to choosing a partner, she is insistent that she wants a Hong Kong man: "Men in Korea are very chauvinistic and although they don't beat their wives, they are very egotisitical. A friend of mine married a Korean man and every morning, she has to rise at 5am to make him breakfast. I feel so sorry for her!"


[The Sun 28/07/06]

Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk and Rabee'a Yeung took part in an MTR promotion yesterday and asked to comment on the recent reports that Uncle Six has been rushed to hospital, Tracy said: "Of course I would like to go and visit him, but we have to wait until he leaves hospital first. I hope to see him soon."

Although she will be soon be passing on her Miss Hong Kong title, Tracy does not feel sad about this: "I would like to learn to articulate my speech as well as take a design course and I would also like to be a part time veterinary assistant too and experience many different things." As she will be so busy soon, will she have no time for dating? She says: "When I have time I will go out with my friends, including 'him' (Don Li)."


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