Thursday, July 13, 2006

[The Sun 14/07/06]

There has been a lot of discussion at TVB city recently because there has been a sudden infestation of cockroaches and this is leaving the artistes with quite a headache. Most of the staff blame the nearby rubbish tip and landfill site, that has become a breeding ground for the roaches in the hot weather. The worst hit studios are Studio 12, 13 and 16 and the numbers are greatest in the drains and the outdoor prop storage areas where the mass is quite horrific.

Andy Hui has been filming in Studio 13 for his series "Lush Fields Happy Times" and talking of the roaches, his expression changed and he said: "Once, I was just about to leave the studio and I saw a big dark shadow. When I looked a bit closer, I saw that it was cockroaches and I was so scared that I daren't leave the studio. I am very afraid of them, especially when it is bad weather, when there are more of them." Steven says that they will gather in swarms at night and says: "Maybe there were some bodies dumped on the hills or maybe some body parts from the medical profession, together with the landfill site, so you see them in lines wandering around and it is quite terrifying." He hopes that the company will address this matter and as well as calling in the exterminators, they should also get some professionals to treat the area and clear them once and for all. Bernice Liu also says that her colleagues are talking about the cockroaches, but she is lucky enough not to have seen any yet. She says: "When I walk, I don't really look at the floor and I am very scared of them. When I was filming in the mainland, I saw a lot of them and their sizes were a lot bigger than the ones at TVB." Selena Li points out that there are many areas affected and laughs at Matthew Ko for being frightened. Matthew says that he saw a lot of them when he was picking his car up from the car park.

In response to the news of the infestation, TVB external affairs assistant manager Tsang Sing Ming says: "We arrange for the exterminators to come in every month and in the worst hit areas they are coming in every week. Each time we have exterminators, then there are a lot of cockroaches killed and this is very common, so our colleagues should not be too frightened."


[The Sun 14/07/06]

Jessica Hsuan, Cindy Au and Benz Hui took part in filming for quiz show "15/16" yesterday and new hosts Eric Tsang and Jerry Lamb arrived late and it turned out that this was because Jerry's son was not feeling well.

With reports that Cindy will be marrying Roger Kwok in November at Disneyland, Cindy smiled sweetly and said: "It should be this year, but we haven't decided on the location. I would prefer either Japan or America more." She says that Roger had proposed to her two years earlier: "He did not buy me a ring then, so I have to put some weight on because with fatter fingers, I need a bigger diamond." Cindy also says that having children is something she has to do.

Jessica and Benz congratulated Cindy and Jessica said: "I can retire as Roger's 'lo por jai' (wife) now because he has a real wife!"


[The Sun 14/07/06]

Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Annie Lau and Vivien Yeo took part in an event for Johnnie Walker yesterday and competed in a cocktail making contest, where Bernice took the winner beating favourite Linda.

Making her cocktail with fruit, mint and birds nest, Bernice indicated that her father loves to drink, so with her exposure, she won the contest. As for all her recent ads bringing in the money for her, Bernice and her parents have been out looking at apartments in the hope of moving into a larger home: "My ideal home will have to accommodate my two dogs. Earlier, I was bitten by mosquitoes whilst filming in the rural areas and my legs swelled up, but fortunately when I got home and saw my dogs, it made me feel much happier."

For Linda losing the contest, she has a lot of experience too because her father and a friend have collaborated in a wine cellar business so she has grown up there, playing in the cellars and tasting the wine. Asked if she has been keeping Ekin Cheng company whilst he has been complaining about being bored, she laughs: "I would like to work with him again, maybe later we will go out for dinner in a big group."


[The Sun 14/07/06]

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming earlier in the Philippines for new series "Casino Crisis" in a scene where a group of girls in a beauty pageant had to parade beside the pool and although Bosco wasn't required to get into the water, behind the camera he was still playing around with Tavia in the water. "The weather was too hot there, I believe it was around 40 degrees, so as soon as I saw the water, I was very happy and after the shoot was completed, I didn't think about it and jumped into the water to cool off. Everyone thought I was a bit mad, but with the heat, you can suffer if you don't cool down. On one day when we did the blessing ceremony, I was so hot that I had to go and cool off."

Bosco has another experience of being overheated: "I had hired a coupe sports car and I thought it would be easy to drive, but it is not the case because there is no air conditioning and with the hot weather and no wind, the car was difficult to handly and it was very hard work because I was so hot." He still had a good time filming because he was working opposite comedy masters Michael Miu and Bobby Au Yeung and there were many antics: "Michael and Bobby had to film an explosion sceen that told of them both getting black from the smoke, but people didn't know and thought they had tanned so much. I laughed too when I saw their looks."


[The Sun 14/07/06]

Lau Dan heard that herbalist and 'tongue reading specialist' Guo Zhichen was visiting Hong Kong and giving free consultations, so he notified his friends in the industry to go along for a consultation, including his 'son' from "Trimming Success" Kevin Cheng. Kevin is a firm believer in Chinese Herbal Medicine and he has had some ill health recently even fainting during filming, so Lau Dan suggested he went along for a diagnosis. Kevin says: "The doctor says that my tongue indicates that I have high blood pressure, so he has prescribed some herbs for me to regulate this, so I will try it. If I am not in good health, I will not be able to capitalise on my opportunities." Lau Dan met Dr Guo on a chance occasion many years ago and Dr Guo has been practicing for many decades in his home of Hebei in China.


[The Sun 14/07/06]

Finding a breakthrough in popular show "Beautiful Cooking", Kathy Yuen has been dubbed a 'Gigi Lai clone', but she will soon be working alongside the real Gigi in a new series, but she claims not to know about Gigi's nickname as "Beautiful Love Goddess".

Since her show was aired, Kathy's sweet face and her well prepared dish of Sweet and Sour Pork left a deep impression and many managers have approached her to offer her work. Originally Kathy had planned to go to university this year, but because her opportunity to stardom has arisen, she will be giving up her education to pursue her career and she has signed with EEG with a view of immersing herself into the industry.

Kathy has also been selected by TVB to play the younger version of Gigi in new series "An Easy Life". Faced with the 'real item', Kathy praised Gigi's figure, but she says she did not know about Gigi's 'beautiful goddess' nickname. "Before I entered the industry, I didn't watch much TVB, so I am not sure about the news. However, I have seen her in person and she is very nice and pretty. I don't think I look like her and when I was at school no-one commented that I resembled her, it was only after appearing on 'Beautiful Cooking' that people pointed it out."

As for playing the young Gigi, Kathy says that she is feeling the pressure: "I am quite scared, because she is a good actress and so pretty, so I have to take great care to play her and do my best."


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