Monday, July 03, 2006

[The Sun 04/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants attended a yoga class yesterday at a fitness centre to learn some basic exercises and for Number 8 Suki Tsui Suk Man, was ready for the press after being photographed going for a meal with her middle-aged engineer boyfriend. She said: "I was prepared mentally for it and I am not afraid of being photographed, so I will not reduce the time I spend with him, dating is a normal activity. (Does your boyfriend support you taking part?) Yes, a lot. (But has being followed reduced the petting you do?) A little, we just hold hands."

The news against Suki just keeps coming though as yesterday a newspaper received a photograph that was supposedly Suki in the nude. She denies that this washer, saying: "I have never taken such a photo, so it definitely isn't me. (Someone has done this to frame you?) I don't know, but this will not affect my confidence. When I was a model, I was very careful about accepting my jobs and the sexiest I have been is wearing a tube top. (You have a lot of spots on your face, are you feeling the pressure?) I can handle the pressure, but the classes are intense and I have been sleeping late." Miss Hong Kong's adopted 'mother' Rosa Chan says that she has seen the photograph and does not think that the person in the picture is Suki.

Earlier, Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei was voted the "Face of a Winner" by the Mr Hong Kong finalists, but she seemed rather nonchalent about this: "It was just a game, every girl has her own aura. (Do you feel you have the qualities to become the winner?) I am confident." As for Number 13 Chan Yan Mei, she was smitten by Mr Hong Kong Number 1 Francois Huynh and voted for him as 'sexiest': "His eyes are as beautiful as his smile that comes from the heart, he makes my heart beat!" For Number 4 Wong Ying, who has a 36D bust, the tight sports clothes showed off her great figure but she said modestly: "The top is very tight and I still have to lose weight. I hope to lose another 5 lbs and take some off my thighs."


[The Sun 04/07/06]

The fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants were gathered at Tseung Kwan O yesterday to rehearse their Brazilian dance for this Saturday's finale show. Big Guy Number 8 Bernie Ho Shiu Kai's dance was about half a beat behind everyone else and it was rather amusing. He says: "I don't want to kick anyone, because it is too crowded here and I have to be aware of the safety of the person behind me, so I did the actions a little slower."

Dance and sport lover Number 13 Johnny Lam Kwan Meng had plasters over his hands and he says: "I have had three lessons and it is good fun but hard work. I think my ligaments have loosened up." Number 1 Francois Huynh has danced so hard that he has injured his shoulder and his thigh as he laughs his brother Stephen hasn't had time to give him any tips for the competition.


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