Monday, July 03, 2006

[The Sun 03/07/06]

Christine Ng and her husband Lin Hoi Tong have been married for seven years and they held a special anniversary party on Saturday, inviting some friends from the showbiz industry to share their happy occasion. Guests included Gigi Lai, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan and Chung King Fai as well as some other couples such as Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok, Ben Lam and Claire Yiu and rumoured couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu.

Currently busy with her filming, Myolie wore a flowery skirt and seemed to be avoiding Bosco in a change to her usual accommodating approach to the press. She also left early with her assistant at around 9pm. Bosco seemed a lot more in the party spirit, wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscles. The party stayed until 10pm before making their way to Timmy Hung's bar to continue the evening.

Asked about Myolie and Bosco's avoidance of each other, Christine defended them saying: "From what I know, it's not what you are thinking because my husband rang them separately and at first Myolie didn't know whether she could make it and Bosco had to rush back from the mainland. I am very touched by this because if it was me and I was working, then I would never have come. I am thankful of having such good friends, they are all so devoted." As Christine's adopted sister, Sharon was escorted down the stairs by 'brother-in-law' Lin and she explained that with so many couples, he saw that she was alone, so he offered to walk her down the stairs. Frankie Lam said: "Kenix and I gave them a glass ornament and as it is Timmy's birthday, we will go and watch football together as we celebrate."


[Ta Kung Pao 03/07/06]

Hacken Lee flew out to Germany especially to watch some quarter final matches for this year's world cup, but for super-England fan Hacken, he was left rather disappointed as England was defeated on penalties against Portugal. As his hopes turned to his other favourite team Brazil, a second disappointment came when they were also knocked out of the competition by France a couple of hours later. He will soon be returning to Hong Kong to help host the final World Cup shows, when he says he will be turning his support to host nation Germany.

With all the visitors to Germany for the world cup, then everywhere was very crowded and for Hacken, who has not been on public transport for a long time, he experienced the feeling of being pushed against other people on a crowded train on the way to the match. He thought that for the hour and a half journey, he would be able to sit down, but as there was so many people, he ended up as part of a human sandwich.


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 03/07/06]

Currently filming for new series "Operation Breakthrough", Steven Ma took time out of his busy schedule to head to Guangzhou to shoot an ad for a leisurewear company, but this trip almost left him with an injury to 'Little Ma'.

The sponsors had arranged for a golden retriever for the shoot and as the dog was quite big and as Steven had to move around a lot during the shoot, the dog wanted to play with him. In the confusion, the dog put his paws straight onto his sensitive areas. When Steven was later asked if 'Litte Ma' was okay, he laughed that he knows how to avoid injury, and he has also had a Pekinese of his own, but when it died in 2000, he did not get a replacement. Steven feels that keeping a pet is the same as looking after a baby and they are part of the family, so they should not be bought on a whim as you have to think carefully about the commitment. Asked when he would be getting married and adding some family members of his own, he laughed: "This is all to come and I am in no rush, this will all be done whilst I am still able to."


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