Saturday, July 08, 2006

Paradise Now - Johnson Lee

[3 Weekly - Issue 352 - 08 July 2006]

Not many people will first be a director, then become an extra, before working back up towards the target of becoming a director again. Johnson Lee is one of these oddities.

His first outing into the movie world was in "King of Comedy", where he played a director. Yes, that guy who never looked at anyone, had overly exaggerated body movements and who pointed at Stephen Chow and scolded: "You stupid bit part player!"

In entering showbiz, his one ambition is to become a director. Who would have thought that he would have achieved this in his first appearance, even if it was just a character. Then he thought that life would be a paradise from there onwards and even if he did not become a real director, then at least he was no extra.

In the film "Paradise Now", a hot-blooded youth sets an ambition to become a soldier and serve his country, so he tries every means possible to get onto the battlefield before he finds that it is so frightening that he runs back with his tail between his legs and reconsidering where his 'Paradise' really lies. This is quite reflective of Johnson's experiences.

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Angelina Lo - Happiness from Within

[TVB Weekly - Issue 465]

Since she entered the entertainment industry, the impression that Lo Yuen Yan has given is that she is an expert in playing the role of a housewife.

In reality, she is very trendy when she is at home - she likes to go on the internet, she likes o go to HMV to buy English CD'sand when she has time off, she likes to go and watch Western movies.

Also, she has an English name - Angelina.

A direct and open personality, she wears a smile on her face all the time and sometimes you don't understand and ask: what is she smiling at?

During the interview, Angelina saw the reporter getting annoyed by the marketing calls on the mobile, but this caused her to laugh out loud.

Maybe it is this happy-go-lucky personality that has allowed her to be happy from within at any time and find peace, whatever the situation. Having been in a supporting role for over thirty years, has she always been this way? Let her tell her story...

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