Monday, July 24, 2006

[Oriental Daily 24/07/06]

Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai were filming earlier for new series "An Easy Life" in a rain scene, where Gigi is wearing a white shirt, but has a white top underneath to avoid it becoming seethrough. After the shot, she quickly dried herself off with a towel. The rain had washed some of the colour out of Gigi's brownish hair dye and when the director saw the reddish brown marks on the towel, he thought she had injured herself, causing a few laughs.

Kevin has worked with Gigi for two series in a row, after having to murder her not long ago in "Psychic Cop", he now has to do some romantic scenes. He smiles: "This time I play a good person, but just a little impatient, a little like me in real life. Recently I have been filming and I have to promote my new album as well as prepare for my mini-concert. I haven't done that for nearly 11 years, so I want it to be good."


[Oriental Daily 24/07/06]

Bernice Liu and Steven Ma were filming the ending to "Operation Breakthrough" yesterday and Steven says that this time he will be dating Bernice as well as marrying her, but he has been lucky because there have been no rumours or gossip linking them or about arguments, so they have worked well together. As for Bernice, she has been working with the veteran actor Elliot Yue and she laughs: "In the show, I have to seduce him, but in the next series, I will play his daughter, so it is quite amusing. Working wit Elliot has been very happy and his exterior may seem very serious, but he is quite funny in real life."


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