Saturday, July 29, 2006

[HKHeadline.com 29/07/06]

TVB continued filming of its Anniversary Grand Production (series name yet to be confirmed, but working titles include 'Four Beauties of Sheung Wan' and 'Sweet-Centred Storms') last Saturday, where cast members Moses Chan, Linda Chung and Raymond Lam were required to run around in the rain and get absolutely soaked.

The romantic scene between the three stars attracted many passers-by as filming spanned from 7pm to 6am and in between shots for a car scene between Raymond and Linda, a girl ran up beside the car and started chatting to him. He was happy to oblige and made the girl very happy. Linda was also very happy as a foreign teacher named Dave approached her for a chat and praised her for her beauty and her acting talent. Dave went on to ask the reporters to take a photo of him with Linda and stuck around until about 5am before leaving.

Although Moses did not have many fans around, he still worked hard in his scenes, which involved water pumping cars to spray the rain, whilst Moses had to run about on the road. After the shoot was completed, Moses was soaked through, but he was fine and indicated this with a thumbs up.

Raymond said to the press: "I have just finished filming in the mainland and as soon as I have finished this series, I have another straight afterwards. As the timescales are so tight, I am only doing this show because the director asked me to especially."

Linda wore her own suit for the scene and as she had to run around wearing her high heels, she was finding it hard going: "My legs are aching! I have been working until 6am for the last few days and originally I had been called to another location for 6am today, but luckily it has been changed."

The cast and crew received a surprise visit from Gordon Lam at around 5am, who is rumoured to be returning to TVB once he finishes his current movie commitments. He offered his suggestions to the crew to help make the show even better as he laughed: "We are all family! I have just finished working on a movie shoot nearby, so I have come to see how they are getting on."


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