Friday, June 16, 2006

[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 17/06/06]

Eric Tsang was the latest guest on Stephen Chan's chat Show "Dinner with Chi Wan" and as Stephen knows that Eric is a football fan, he presented him with a football as his obligatory gift. Eric loved his present and immediately showed off with a few headers.

Before the interview, Stephen asked Eric what he couldn't ask aout and Eric stated boldly that he has nothing that people cannot know about. He says that after being interviewed by Yeung Lan and Lu Yu, he thought there was no further need to go on chat shows, but with the others, they were quite reserved with their questions because he is their senior, but being interviewed by your boss should be a completely different and refreshing experience.

As a veteran host himself, Eric feels that the most important thing about being interviewed is that you have to be genuine, questions that have been planned and rehearsed in advance are not entertaining. In the show, the conversation touched on Eric's upbringing and all his charity work in the past, such as the 1992 appeal for crisis and poverty in China, where he managed to pull together huge stars such as Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung (Man Yuk), Tony Leung (Chiu Wai), Carina Lau and the four heavenly kings at the time to go to Beijing and perform to raise money. Also mentioned was the 1995 event as well as his ongoing efforts to raise money for old and young people in need. Asked if there is anyone else he would like to help, Eric says he would like to act as a consultant and utilise his strength to influence more people on an international front to give to charity, so that the whole world will know how charitable Hong Kong people are.

Eric will be receiving an honourary doctorate from the organisers of the Outstanding Chinese Award and asked if he felt any pressure by this, he says that the award belongs to the whole of Hong Kong and he must give his thanks to the band of volunteers, because he is an artiste with some popularity, but it is this group of helpers that are the real heroes, so he hopes to share his honour with the citizens of Hong Kong.

Stephen was asked about the recent reports about Lam Man Chung making jokes at guests on the football shows and being rather rude, but he says he has not read the reports and no-one has mentioned this to him, but Man Chung has his own personality and he believes that he was just joking. As for whether he overstepped the mark, Steven says that it depends on when the show was aired as it would have been alright if it was late at night. He has notified the producer Lee Hon Yuen to remind the hosts to stay within the boundaries of broadcasting regulations.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/06/06]

Despite being unwell, Joe Ma joined model Kathy Chow to record for a radio drama and Joe indicated that he has been suffering from tonsilitis, which makes speaking quite painful. He says that he suffers from this once every few months and when he was in China promoting his series earlier, his throat started hurting during the performance and then he developed a fever. The doctor has suggested that he has his tonsils removed because they are no use to adults and this would put an end to his infections.

Working with Kathy for this radio drama, Joe says that he has known her for long time from his modelling days over ten years ago. He says he cannot imagine that the little girl Kathy of the past has now matured into an attractive woman. Asked if he had pursued Kathy in his youth, he laughs that although they are always hugging and are very friendly in the industry, he has never thought about dating her, but for someone with her beauty, there must be plenty of people asking her for a date.

This is the first time that Kathy has recorded a radio show, but she says she has no pressure. Asked what preparation she has done, she smiles: "I am just quite bold about it as it is my first time, so I have not done any preparation, the most important thing is our voices." Asked if she had any chemistry with Joe when they met over ten years ago, Kathy laughs that she has not and sees him as her big brother. She adds: "At the time, no-one talked about dating and when I entered the industry, he left to go into television very soon afterwards."


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 17/06/06]

The fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants were interviewed at Metro Radio yesterday and three of the 'Style' group members were arranged to pose as football stars to advertise for a sponsor's product. Number 5 Yiu Ho Ching gave the best performance, impersonating Beckham in his 'kneeling' pose. Four of the 'Fitness' group were chosen to use their chests and bellies to do some ball tricks.

During the games, Number 9 Yeung Kong Ha pretended to be Zidane and when the press asked him to take his hat off for photographs, he adamantly refused and was swiftly replaced with Number 3 Poon Kwok Kei.

Number 5 Yiu Ho Ching does a lot of modelling and his impression of Beckham is that he is rather cool, so he chose the position where he is kneeling and not smiling. ASked if he is at an advantage after his modelling experience in advertisements, he smiles: "No, they are very different things, so there is no advantage to be gained. (Are you feeling the pressure of the competition?) No, I will just be myself. My image will keep changing and it should be at its best on the night of the competition."

There have been reports that Yiu is gay and has had live-in boyfriends in both Hong Kong and Macau. In response to this, he explains: "Really, I have not seen these reports. Because of my work, I have had to rent an apartment with a few other men, but if this means I am gay, then that is just funny. I am not gay, I accept homosexuality, but it isn't for me. (Do you have a girlfriend?) Yes, but she lives in England. If she sees this report, she will find it so funny!"


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 17/06/06]

Ron Ng has been selected as "Best Voiced Father" in a recent radio show's Fathers Day event. Ron thinks that this because he has the most 'father-like' voice and he says that he believes he will be a good father in the future.

Ron says that he used to speak with lazy pronunciation and was worried his children would pick this up from him, but after he started filming, he has retrained his voice in order to convey emotion and depth, so it has improved a lot. He is confident he will be a good father and he is against using physical punishment,because when he was a child, he was very naughty and would be smacked by his dad. He says: "In the olden days, they liked to use physical punishment, but I never learned despite being smacked so much and just became more and more mischievous. The most important thing is to establish good communication." Ron feels he does not have the career or financial foundations yet to get married or start a family, because if you have children, then you need to bear the responsibility of being a father.

Recent reports of Ron's new series "The Academy 2" have suggested that due to the introduction of Kenny Kwan's role, then many of Ron's scenes have been deleted. Asked about this, Ron indicates he has only had notification about this series and he has not yet had a script, so he wouldn't know if his scenes were being reduced. He says that he didn't even know that Kenny will be in the cast. Asked if he was worried about his part being cut down, he says he is not and this type of series is all about teamwork. Asked if he is worried that his show will be stolen if stars such as Joey Yung and Kenny are introduced, Ron says that it is just work and they each have their fans to support and push up the ratings!


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 17/06/06]

Jerry Lamb was a photographer's assistant before he entered the industry and has quite a good knowledge of the photographic world, so in his spare time, he is always using his sons Bob and Jake as models and capturing their cute faces on film.

Taking part in a Father's Day event for Venture Studios, Jerry says: "They are both very active, always moving around, so to take good photographs is a difficult feat." For this reason, he recommends the professional photographic services of Venture because he says that in a studio, it is more relaxed. He says: "You feel more comfortable in a studio and the photographers are very patient, making the children very happy and capturing every shot accurately, creating some very pleasing family portraits." He will be recommending them to his friends for them to create memories of their children too.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 17/06/06]

Edmond Leung took part in an interview yesterday for Metro Radio and revealed that he had injured his ribs in an earlier football match. Wearing a bandage around his middle, he said: "I have to go for some more medication later, but I have to fly to Germany tomorrow before heading over to Holland to watch a Celebrity match. I will have another x-ray before I get on the plane to make sure there are no fractures before I go away. I have said to the team medic that there should be no fractures, because I have been able to move around, the biggest worry for me would be filming for 'Beautiful Cooking' because I have to dance on there and there might be some unexpected incidents."

Edmond says that if he has fractured his ribs, he will immediately go to a doctor to have them reattached. He laughs: "I will be ok on the plane, as I will just be sitting down." At the moment, if he sings or breathes deeply, he is in pain and asked if it is painful to go to the washroom, he replied: "That is too disgusting to discuss, even if it was, I wouldn't tell you! The most important thing for me now is not to catch a cold or any other illness. When a friend got too excited watching the England game the other day and shoved me, it was so painful that I called out." Now he has to sit apart when he is watching football to avoid any further injury.


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