Thursday, June 15, 2006

[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 16/06/06]

Myolie Wu was out on her first day of filming for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" in Happy Valley and for Myolie who has put on a lot of weight for her role, she attracted quite a crowd of locals, who gathered to watch the shoot and one 'uncle' who was watching praised her for looking even better with some weight on.

Currently weighing in at 145 lbs, Myolie had already shot another scene before the one in Happy Valley, so she seemed a little tired. Chubby Myolie says that her weight is at its limit now, despite the producer never being satisfied, she says that she cannot put any more weight on now. She also says that after gaining the weight, standing for a short time is hard work and with the hot weather, it is even more tiring for her. She is also worried that working in the intense heat, not eating enough and the stress of filming may all result in her losing weight. In order to keep her larger figure, Myolie has prepared plenty of snack foods every day and as soon as she has time, she will eat non-stop. Asked if she is worried about her health, Myolie says that she has been for blood tests and everything is normal, but she has to keep going back for tests. When asked for her current bust measurement, Myolie evaded the question, just revealing that her other two measurements are currently 34 and 40 inches.

In order to tie in with her new fuller figure, Myolie has bought a new wardrobe of loose fitting clothes, but she does not want to spend too much because this is just for the series and she will lose the weight again when she has finished filming.


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 16/06/06]

Kate Tsui and Ron Ng were filming at a Diamond Hill cinema in a dating scene for new series "Operation Breakthrough", where Ron's character is pursued by an assassin hired by Michelle Yim's character. Ron was full of praises for his co-star, saying: "For a newcomer, Kate's performance is remarkably good. She acts naturally and her pronunciation is accurate and slick, not at all like someone who has just started out in the industry. She is very aware of the camera and has a good memory, so working with her is very comfortable and natural." He also says that they will have some close scenes in this series, but it is just kissing and nothing else.

Talking of his series "Men in Pain", Ron says he has expectations for the ratings. He points out that the usually charming and heroic Damian Lau turns into a weak-willed comedic character, who is very old fashioned and as this is a modern comedy, it should be quite attractive to the audience.

Ron will soon begin filming for the sequel to "The Academy" and there have been recent reports that when he was filming the first series, he was blacklisted because he was speeding inside the police academy and banned from the training grounds, leading to his scenes being deleted from the script. Ron denies this and says: "Inside the grounds, the speed limit is 20 km/h, but I have driven at 40 km/h. This was during filming and the crew indicated to me to drive faster, so I was just following instructions and not speeding. As for banning me from filming, I don't know about this and no-one has mentioned it to me. (Have you had scenes deleted?) I have asked the producer for the script, but he says that it is not yet available. He does not even know who my co-stars are or what the storyline is yet. I just know that I will have a part in the series."

Kate is waiting for her Johnnie To movie to be released. This is her first venture onto the big screen, from which she has learned a lot from the other cast members. Asked if being in a cinema has brought back memories of her past dates, Kate says that it has been a long time now and she is busy working now so she doesn't have much time to go to the cinema any more. She plans to take her parents to a film on Fathers Day and she will her dad a new mobile phone as a gift, taking him to choose a model for himself.


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