Saturday, June 17, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 18/06/06]

Andy Hui and Myolie Wu were filming earlier in a Mongkok chiropractors for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" in a scene that tells of Andy seeing Myolie about to be hit by a car, so he rushes forward to help, but is crushed by the weighty Myolie and so it is Myolie who has to take him for treatment. To be able to carry Andy, Myolie laughs that she had to get a helping hand from some wires!

Myolie has had to work for the past couple of days and with the hot weather and her scenes requiring her to chase after a bus on the first day and run up some stairs on the second day, she is finding it extremely hard work. Myolie says that her usual exercise regime has not been as hard as the past two days, so she will not be filming a sequel. She estimates that when they start filming in the studio, then her workload will be at least 20 hours a day, so that will be even harder for her.

Since putting on her weight, Myolie's appetite has also increased and before the shoot, she and her assistant went to a nearby restaurant for some food. She says that she does not usually eat breakfast, but now she has to have a full breakfast before she starts work. Myolie says that she has noticed more men looking at her after putting on weight as well as attracting more curious looks from people in the street. Some people who don't know that she has put on weight for filming look very shocked. Myolie reveals that she will have a water scene later, but the swimsuit will be provided by TVB.

Andy says that to film this water scene, he has to get a six-pack in the next three months, but Myolie laughs that progress is slow: "It only took me a month to put this weight on!" Andy has lost weight before for his concerts, so he feels that putting on weight is much easier than losing it because he found his concert preparation quite difficult. Looking a little fuller now, Andy says that he has been eating a lot of snack foods whilst watching the World Cup and he has increased one clothes size, so he has had to buy a new pair of larger trunks. When it was mentioned that Myolie's swimsuit was provided by TVB, Andy says that he doesn't trust TVB's costumes, then jokes about whether or not they have had to have a special suit made for Myolie.


[Wen Wei Po 18/06/06]

Today is Fathers Day and TVB's sitcom "Welcome to the Family" held a special event to mark the occasion, where members of the Ko family including Christine Ng, Raymond Cho, Shermon Tang and Kingdom Yuen appears to cook some beautiful dishes for the two fathers in the show Chung King Fai and Lawrence Cheng.

In response to rumours that the ratings for the show have been on the low side, Christine says that average ratings of 28 points are quite acceptable, but she feels that the show will continue to reach new heights because there will be some touching scenes to come that will create a new wave. She says: "Those scenes are very touching and I was crying so much that I couldn't speak my lines."

"Welcome" will complete filming its first 120 episodes in September and then go on to shoot a further 120 episodes, but Christine is worried that this will clash with her plans to go on holiday to Europe in October. She says: "Going to Europe is a must before I am 40." Producer Lo Wing Yin indicates that the ratings for the show are not bad and the extension was within the original plans, but they will have to continue with the original cast and have the family complete. As for Christine's holiday plans, he jokes: "Maybe we can introduce some good looking guys for her to act opposite her and attract her to stay." Upon hearing this, Christine's screen husband Lawrence gives an indication of his disapproval. Producer Lo adds: "For the new episodes, we will introduce some new characters such as Lai Lok Yi and Natalie Tong as well as some baddies!"


[Wen Wei Po 18/06/06]

Myolie Wu took part in a Fathers Day event for Maxims, presenting a prize to an old uncle, who won a drawing competition. Myolie laughed that this 70 year old was able to walk faster than her after she has put on weight. She says that she loves to eat chicken leg and macaroni, so she has probably been enjoying plenty in her weight gain mission.

Myolie brought a picture of her own to the event and to tie in with the theme, she has drawn a big heart and some food on it. Asked what she has bought for her dad for Fathers Day,she says: "I remember when I was a child, then on Fathers Day I would make my dad a card. This year, I will give him this picture."


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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/06/06]

Kate Tsui was filming earlier for new series "Operation Breakthrough" in a chase scene, where she was hit with a door and this caused an injury to her face. After being taken to casualty, the doctor said that she was fine, but needed to avoid wearing make-up for a couple of days. The producer has allowed her to take two days to rest.

Kate was called by reporters whilst resting at home and she says that the accident happened late at night and she was accompanied by her manager to the emergency room. Although there was just a little swelling on the injury, the doctor gave her a tetanus injection just in case. She says: "As the injured area is very painful, I was worried about it leaving a scar, but the scab is not too serious now and I think it should heal completely." As for her two days off, she says she will stay at home and watch the World Cup as she supports England and Brazil, but to avoid delays to filming, she hopes to be back to work as soon as possible."


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