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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 28/06/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants visited a pottery factory yesterday and as it was Number 9 Yuen Yee's 19th birthday, the girls held a birthday party for her, presenting her with a cake and a card and Number 12 Tse Wing Shan planted some cream on the birthday girl's nose. Yuen Yee said happily that her birthday wish is for good health and to win an award at the contest. She adds that she never imagined she would spend her birthday with so many people, so this is a very memorable birthday for her. Tutor Olivia Cheng also joined in the celebrations.

As for the magazine reports that Number 8 Tsui Suk Man has been consulting a fung shui expert to change her luck so she can win the contest, she clarifies that the fish that she has at home is her father's hobby and she reveals that there is a large tank and a small tank at home. Asked how the press managed to get photos of her home,she explains that when her father returned home that day, a photographer suddenly appeared and took two photographs. She says there is no fung shui setup in her home and she will keep her curtains drawn now.

Although Tsui Suk Man says that there is no fung shui connection in her home, she does admit that she has been to see a fortune teller because she believes in this. However, she adds that this consultation was not about whether she will win or not, but rather asking for how she can reduce the gossip about her. She feels that keeping a low profile will help. As for other experts suggesting that her nose gives her a fortune of 'losing favourite', she says that she is already very happy to get into the final, so she will not give herself any undue pressure.

During the event, the contestants, together with guest tutor Olivia, joined the mentally impaired workers at the factory to learn pottery and Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum was praised by Olivia. Cheng Wing Sum says that she has known how to do pottery for a while and she once made a piece for her mother's birthday. As for the rumours that because Cheng Wing Sum's mother wants her daughter to be famous, so she has told her daughter to 'slide' into the photos with the favourites, Cheng denies this, saying that she was chatting with her mum about other things and not about being a 'human magnet' (sticking to the right people). She adds that her family have told her not to compare herself with other people and just go in without any expectations. Although she has been prepared for the press coverage, she hopes that the reporters will not disturb her family, moreover her mother has no interest in becoming a 'star mother'. Other contestants who did quite well with their creations included Number 6 Chan Man Fong and Number 10 Tsang Shui Shan.

Having already met the contestants earlier, Olivia says that she has her own selection and says that there will be some contestants who will emerge as a dark horse. She would not reveal who she was referring to though, saying that the most important time is when they meet the judges. As for all of Tsui Suk Man's news, Olivia says that the judges will not take any notice of their gossip and too much news may not be such a good thing.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/06/06]

Sheren Tang took part in a personal data protection event yesterday and she indicated that
artistes are particularly sensitive about their personal information. She says that once on a visit to America, when the immigration officer found out that she was an artiste, he would not let her go, saying that he had a script that he wanted her and Jackie Chan to star in. Sheren laughs that it took longer to pass through the gate than if she had been searched. Apart from this, she reveals that once she went to a sunshine and seaside holiday and when she checked into the hotel, the clerk photocopied her passport. She says: "I immediately shouted at her to stop because I was as sensitive as a police dog at the time and I was afraid of my data being stolen."

Sheren is currently filming alongside Kiki Sheung in new series "Housewife Army" and in a swimming pool scene, she was photographed by a paparazzi. She says: "Apart from being photographed, they also revealed my age as being 39. I really do not have any privacy any more and this is unacceptable as I feel I am not being respected." Sheren felt very helpless about her being photographed and she says: "I was just wearing an old fashioned one piece swimsuit, I have worn swimsuits already for my previous slimming ads, so there is nothing fresh about this."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/06/06]

Six episodes of a special quiz sponsored by the MTR will begin filming soon and the hosts Joey Leung and Jerry Lamb were at the blessing ceremony yesterday, together with guests Fala Chen, Lam Man Chung, Halina Tam and Lai Lok Yi. In a similar format to "Justice for All", this show will have questions and answers for the guests and Fala claims to know the MTR very well because she is always taking it since she has been in Hong Kong. She says in praise: "I have always supported the environment and the MTR in Hong Kong is very fast and cheap as well as very clean, not like the subway in New York, which is dirty and never on time. (Are you worried about being spotted by the public?) Sometimes people will look, but it is ok. I remember once someone was trying to take photographs of me by pretending to be fiddling with his camera, so I immediately moved on. (Have you ever been touched when there have been a lot of people?) No, but if it happened, I would immediately protect myself and call the police or even punch the person involved."

Man Chung seemed in high spirits yesterday as he laughed and joked with his sharp wit as usual, making jibes at various people: "I am happy!" When the press joked that he seems to be as happy as Uncle Spencer Lam, he asked in return why Spencer was so happy. When the reporters explained that this was because Hacken Lee has left the world of World Cup commentary for now and all the gossip has cleared, Man Chung immediately said: "It is very sensitive, is it not because I am not on there any more? I did watch it the other night (on Hacken's last show) and the atmosphere was very good. Usually Uncle is cutting his fingernails, but he was even keen to answer the question in the phone in, like a new breath of life - maybe he is in love? (Is it because Hacken is no longer there?) No, Uncle must be in love with a golden haired lady. (Will you appear on the show on the night of the final?) I have already told the producer I will not go on any more, unless 'someone' calls me and begs me for mercy. (Is that 'someone' Hacken?) It's Ronaldo. If it was Maradona asking me on, I would go because we are on the same level, not like other people."


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[The Sun 28/06/06]

TVB's Entertainment News Channel on their Pay Vision network will begin airing on the 10th of July and in order to fight their arch rivals Cable, TVB have stepped up the promotional activity, using the selling point of Hacken Lee's Wedding and Eric Tsang's 'Funeral'.

TVB will be marking the channel's launch with a party at the Four Seasons Hotel and invitations for this event have been sent out to the guests. The card shows a television set that appears to be airing a station resembling Cable on fire, with the slogan "Say Goodbye to History", aiming the fire directly at Cable. TVB Entertainment News' PA to the General Manager Yu Wing San was a former worker at Cable, who left on rather bad terms, so this gesture is a very apt indication of her and TVB's hatred of the competition, especially as they have also been sent to TVB's competitors Cable and ATV.

Reports suggest that TVB plans to follow the wedding preparations of Hacken Lee as their opening exclusive, holding a special stag night for him. As part of their teaser campaign, TVB have offered three minute 'self-publicity' slots for stars to say whatever they like on air. Eric Tsang says that he plans to use his three minutes to talk about his own funeral arrangements, telling his friends how he would like his funeral to be, so they don't have to think too much about it, playing with the dark humour. TVB's new channel will be aired across Southern China, so these three minute slots are quite valuable as TVB hands out advertising space worth millions of dollars.

TVB will be holding a draw among its artistes, where the top prize will be to extend their three minute slot to an hour - hurting Cable where it hurts! As the two stations fight, the artistes seem to be winning as the honorary 'Station Managers' Andy Lau and Miriam Yeung as well as Producer Leon Lai will be taking a part in how the shows are conceived.

When reporters called Yu Wing Shan, she denied that this invitation was a dig at Cable: "There was no such meaning at all, this design was thought up by the art department and nothing to do with me, I just want to do my best and 'say goodbye to history'. The artistes no longer have to struggle with their poor Mandarin interviews and can speak Cantonese to their hearts content." [Em's note: Currently, TVB contracted artistes and singers being interviewed on non-TVB channels are forbidden to respond in Cantonese and therefore have to answer in Mandarin, which is difficult for many.] Cable's Director of Programming Tsui Siu Ming is currently abroad and unavailable for comment, but the PR spokesperson indicated that they are yet to receive the invitation card. Cable's production and enterprise Director Kwong Wai Ming says: "Cable's Entertainment News Channel has always been in fighting form, so I am happy that the 'big brothers' of the industry are following in our footsteps. As for how it will turn out, we'll leave it to the viewers to decide."


[The Sun 28/06/06]

Timmy Hung and Sharon Luk were guests on TVB's World Cup programme earlier and Sharon indicated that she usually doesn't pay much attention to football, but recently she has learned to enjoy the matches through being a guest on the shows. Sharon seems to be quite knowledgable as she discusses the match and reveals that she has been reading up on the information: "England's performance has been weaker than expected this year, I have watched their matches, but I was just looking out for Beckham. My favourite team is Brazil, because they are winning through true skill." Sharon reveals that she will be a judge in the forthcoming Mr Hong Kong competition and she is looking forward to their performance. Timmy took his beloved pet dog onto the show with him and he says he has been busy working on a joint venture with a friend for a catering business in the mainland, so he has not joined the other Celebrity Football team players in Germany. Asked how much he has invested in his business, Timmy says: "I did not have to invest very much, my most important job is to promote the company."


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