Wednesday, June 14, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 15/06/06]

Shirley Yeung was the guest at a prize presentation ceremony for a jewellers, where she presented the lucky winner with diamond jewellery worth $2,000,000. In a game on the day, Shirley was asked to choose a doughnut and see whether there was a diamond necklace inside and maybe Shirley had picked up some luck from the prize winner as she chose the right doughnut and received a necklace worth a five figure sum.

Shirley indicates that she has a collection of diamond jewellery at home that she has bought herself as a reward for working so hard. Some items were also gifts from friends, with the most expensive piece being worth over $10,000. Her most valued piece is a diamond ring that her mother bought for her when she graduated, as it has great sentimental value. Asked if her boyfriend has bought her anything, Shirley says her boyfriend has bought her a necklace, but not a ring yet. She says that if her boyfriend buys her a ring as a normal gift, then she will accept, but if there is another meaning, then it is too early as this is a big decision to make. She believes that her boyfriend has no intentions of proposing just yet, so he has not bought her a ring.

Shirley says that to be able to buy her own jewellery is good motivation to work hard. During the event, MC Lai Man Cheuk commented that filming for TVB makes it hard to save, but Shirley says that working for TVB raises your popularity and for the audience to know you is very useful for artistes. She feels that saving is linked to managing your finances properly and not to filming series.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/06/06]

Lai Lok Yi is 26 years old today and his fans held a special party for him earlier, where over thirty of his fans joined him for a special afternoon. Two fans made the most of the weekend and flew over for the event from Taiwan and Korea to pass on their wishes to Lok Yi as well as presenting him with a handmade cushion. Receiving so many presents from his fans, Lok Yi was very touched.

After many games, cutting the cake and taking photos, Lok Yi had to rush back to the studio to film for "Welcome to the House", so he will be spending his birthday working. He was still very happy, saying: "I really don't mind working on my birthday, the busier I am the better! Moreover, my fans have already celebrated with me, so I will just go home and have dinner quietly with my family on the day itself. As for my birthday wish, I wish for good health and to try many different aspects of work, so I can take hold of any opportunities."

In "Welcome to the House", Lok Yi plays an insurance salesman, who steals information from a competitor and then hiding his identity. This is a change from his normally straight and upstanding characters, so it is a new challenge for him.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 15/06/06]

As the World Cup is well underway, as you watch the matches on TV, then for some, there is an urge to go out and play a game yourself. Showbiz celebrity footballers including Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Law Ka Ying, Carlo Ng and Eddie Ng joined together for a match in Shun Lei Estate, attracting an audience of local residents. Andy was very friendly with the spectators and as well as saying hello to them, he also went out to have a photo taken with a lady in a wheelchair.

Hacken watched the earlier match between Brazil and Croatia, but indicated that he couldn't stay up any longer than half time and had to watch the second half in the morning. He says: "It was wasting my valuable sleeping time, but it will be like this for the group competition as winning by one goal is the same as winning by five goals. These games just put people off, if Ronaldo can do it, then Alan [Tam] can do it! I have never seen a 180 lbs super striker." He also laughs: "Brazil have always taken time to warm up. There are reports that they went to Switzerland to check out the local girls and maybe they have worn out the players, so they need to take it easy in the first few games!" Hacken says that the local Koreans held an event to support their national team earlier and he wanted to attend because the atmosphere is usually very good. He says: "The Korean team has a lot of heart."

Andy says that he was a little disappointed with Brazil, but he hopes that everyone will give them some time and not judge them on one game. He says: "Ronaldo's speciality is not taking the ball across the whole pitch, but as soon as he touches the ball, then something happens." Since the World Cup started, Andy has been tuning into every game, but as he will start filming for "Lush Fields Happy Times" mid-month, then he may not be able to continue watching. He laughs: "I am updated now, but soon I will be outdated!" As well as being a fan of Brazil, Andy is also supporting Asian teams, Korea and Japan. However, his brother feels that he should not support the Japanese because of their historical crimes against the Chinese. He says that he was arguing with his brother over this and his other brother had to step in and separate them both!


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