Monday, June 12, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 13/06/06]

TVB's new series "Forensic Heroes" held a promotional event in a swimming pool, attended by Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Sherming Yiu, Linda Chung and Vivien Yeo. They split into two groups and had to play a 'treasure hunting' game. Vivien stole the limelight in her sexy bikini.

Linda and Sherming both said they didn't mind Vivien being the centre of attention. Linda adds: "My swimsuit today is already sexier than what I usually wear. Normally, I wear a one-piece and put a T-shirt over it." The usually sexy Sherming seemed rather reserved and she explains that she has a hoarse voice from a recent illness and when she played Mah Jong with her friends, they all caught it off her. Vivien says that when she was filming this series, Bobby Au Yeung kept laughing that she has puffy cheeks and kept urging her to use a dehumidifier to reduce her water retention. This has kick-started her into losing weight, but she says she is not dieting, just firming up by doing more sports.

Bobby was unable to attend as he is currently filming in the Philippines and Yoyo laughed that if the ratings are good, Bobby should wear his swimming trunks to celebrate!


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 13/06/06]

After the fourteen finalists for Mr Hong Kong have been chosen, they have been undergoing a series of training and yesterday, they were taken to a Male Slimming and Bodycare Centre for testing. After a series of examinations, Number 4 Leung Kwok Yin was announced as the fittest contestant because he already has an eight-pack, but he also has a little bit of loose flesh on either side of his waist, so he still needs to work on it.

As for Number 5 Yiu Ho Ching, he is the fattest contestant because he has a bit of a belly and needs to undergo fat reduction. The owner of the centre went on to announce that Number 12 Lam Yau Fei needs to have stretch mark removal because he has beefed up in such a short time. Number 11 is too fair and needs to tan up in the sunbeds, Number 13 Lam Kwan Ming is too skinny and needs to gain some flesh and Number 6 Wong Ka Lok has a tattoo on his arm.

Number 2 Otto Chan Chi Kin and Number 14 Ronald Leung Wai Kuen were chosen at random to pose for the press using the testing machines. Afterwards, the press asked them to show off their abdomens and Chan Chi Kin revealed a little bit of fat, despite claiming to go to the gym three to five times a week. Asked if he would go on a diet to lose the fat, he says that he will not diet particularly, the most important thing is to be healthy. He also feels: "Having a little fat is better because it means your skin is not as dry." Leung Wai Kuen says that he does exercise usually and this is the first time he has used these machines. He says: "Now I am using these two methods, I believe the results will be very good."

The show's producer Chin Kwok Wai reveals that the fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants will be filming on location in Hong Kong as the overseas plans have been scrapped. Asked if there have been any volunteers from women to judge this year, Mr Chin says that there have not been any up to now. With Christine Ng and Belinda Hamnett showing such a big interest last year, have they not put themselves forward? Mr Chin says he has not seen Belinda for a while now.


[The Sun 13/06/06]

TVB's new series "Housewife Army" held its blessing ceremony yesterday and all the cast members attended, including Cecilia Yip, Sheren Tang and Kiki Sheung. When they were cutting up the roast pig, the alarms suddenly went off. This was later confirmed as a false alarm.

In the series, Cecilia plays a very provocative housewife, always looking for an argument. She praises Sheren and Kiki for their commitment in putting on weight for the show, whereas she is more vain and would probably not do this. In response to this, Sheren laughs that she has only put on a few pounds and even if she has to put on twenty or thirty pounds, she doesn't mind: "As long as the role gives the fat girl her confidence again, then I will not feel that getting fat is an ugly thing." Also, Sheren feels that working in the media is like being in the front line and she has to bear a level of responsibility and duty to society. Through the Sammy Leung and Siu Yee incident, she says that she has learned to be even more careful: "I will not take part in any programmes that show the slightest hint of disrespect towards women."


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