Friday, June 09, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 10/06/06]

This year's World Cup Competition kicked off yesterday and TVB's coverage team held its blessing ceremony yesterday, attended by Hacken Lee, 'Uncle' Spencer Lam, Ng Fong Wing and Lam Man Chung. With TVB only winning the rights to air three games and just the highlights of the other games this year compared to Cable, who has won rights to air the others, TVB Godson Hacken responded: "We are like eating a buffet meal, we have a bit of everything!"

Hacken started hosting the World Cup coverage eight years ago and he is honoured to be wearing the orange jacket once again this year. He doesn't mind that TVB won't be airing all the games, saying: "The World Cup is an event where the world can really have a good time. Some people like to watch it live, others like to watch the highlights. It's like eating oysters, some people like eating it as soon as it is opened, but we are like a buffet, where you can also have other things as well as oysters. With so many games going on, it will be difficult to watch them all. Maybe the working elite and the housewives will prefer to watch the highlights. We each do our own thing." Hacken hopes that the arguments of past years will not happen again because the World Cup is a happy event and he hopes everyone has high ratings. Talking of Cable asking Chapman To to be their host, are there any worries he won't mind his words? Hacken believes that he will know the limit and adapt his speech to the people and situation. TVB is like the winner of Miss Hong Kong and is aired in every home, so he will keep himself in check. Asked if he is very experienced after doing it for so many years, Hacken replied modestly: "I am not a professional commentator, just a singer who likes to host sports coverage. Eric Tsang reminded me earlier that I should leave the critique to the experts and I should just comment from a fan's point of view."

Uncle Spencer was asked whether he had read the earlier reports about 'Bus Uncle' being beaten up and he said that he had read the papers, but did not know about this news. As this is a criminal offence, then he feels that the police should be dealing with it. Lam Man Chung then added: "You'd better be careful in case they mistake you for Bus Uncle." Spencer immediately replied: "That was not me, he is good looking and stylish with loads of girlfriends, one after another!" He adds that the press should leave Bus Uncle alone now and let the police handle the situation, otherwise this could drag it on and may lead to more incidents like this.

Lam Man Chung says that he predicts Brazil and Argentina in the final and Brazil to win. Asked about the results of the first match, he replied: "2-1 to Germany. I do watch the World Cup every time it comes around, but this year I have to do my new quiz show, so I may not be able to watch it all. TVB's commentators this year are all football experts, you can't get someone who is a complete novice to do it."


[The Sun 10/06/06]

Two pretty Miss Chinese International winners Linda Chung and Fala Chen were guest models at a lingerie and swimwear fashion show, where they made their appearance amid some dancing models. The two-piece swimsuit that Fala was wearing was quite sporty and cute, but Linda's one piece swimsuit was nothing of note. Then Linda modelled a sexier black semi-seethrough lingerie number, but compared to some of the outfits the other models were wearing, it was still not really eyecatching.

Linda responded calmly that she was not worried about revealing herself: "I have put a lot of tape down and it is very safe. Lingerie and swimwear are about the same in terms of cloth, so as long as the message is healthy, then it is okay. (Are you pleased with the fee?) Since filming series, my notoriety has increased and so has my fee, so of course I am pleased with it." She also adds that she will go with her friends to the beach from time to time, but she does not wear a bikini: "I just wear a one-piece. (Are you afraid of people saying you are old fashioned?) No."

Fala says that she will not be embarrassed doing swimwear shows, but she is a little put off by lingerie shows: "I feel that you can wear swimsuits out in public, but you can't wear underwear out. (Have you tried swimming nude?) People from overseas are not necessarily very open. I am very prude aand if my mother found out that I swam nude, she would kill me!"


[Ta Kung Pao 10/06/06]

Joey Yung was this week's guest on the Pay Vision show "Dinner with Chi Wan" yesterday and Stephen Chan presented her with a massager as a gift and demonstrated it immediately.

Joey returned the favour and massaged Stephen with the gadget, joking that she was number 88 as all masseuse have a number. Stephen also knew that it was Joey's birthday on 16th June, so he sung a song for her to wish her a happy birthday. Afterwards, the press indicated to Joey that she was privileged to have been massaged by an executive, so she must be in line for an award at the end of the year, but she responded by praising him for being very attentive and this was nothing to do with awards. She says: "In the show, he asked me many prying questions, you don't know how hard it was, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it. (What can't you handle?) The usual matters, about me having cosmetic surgery, so much that I have even prepared some photographs for everyone to see, in order try and prove myself."

Joey has never bought a massager because she prefers to get another person to massage her as this is more comfortable. Her company has stopped her from going now though because she has to remove her clothes for it. One embarrassing experience was when she was having a massage in Taiwan and she had no clothes on. When the masseuse tried to turn her over to massage her face, she was so frightened that she pushed the masseuse away. Asked if she has been massaged by a man before, she says: "No, this time being massaged by Stephen, it is a first for me!"


[Ta Kung Pao 10/06/06]

Winnie Young is a great role model for women, as well as advancing her own career, she has also become a mother and has a good balance between home life and work. Recently, she has been showing another of her talents as she starts a business selling baby products.

As a mother now, she understands the needs of babies, so her designs are ideal. As well as her own experiences, she has also been to visit the "3M Cretive Life Expo", where she has been checking out the unique products from 3M that are designed to fulfil the needs of the consumer to try and get some inspiration. 3M executives explained many of the ideas and concepts to her and afterwards, Winnie felt that she had learned a lot. Winnie's daughter will become the face of her company's products so the whole family can make money together.


[The Sun 10/06/06]

Self proclaimed psychologist Lam Man Chung has a new show on TVB, which has been the talk of the town, where he tries to 'hypnotise' people into speaking their minds. He reckons that hypnosis is a way to investigate the inner psyche and after Nancy Sit was coerced in the last episode to reveal the real name of her 'toy boy' boyfriend, Chung is planning to try the same tactic on Margie Tsang in the latest episode: "If I can get Nancy Sit to laugh and cry, then I will hypnotise Margie Tsang and ask her when she started her own 'toy boy' affair with Kenneth Tsang."

Margie says that her will is qite strong, so she was at first quite sceptical about Chung's skills until she heard about the incident with Nancy, which swayed her confidence a little: "Boyfriend's name? I didn't watch it. I am strong willed, so it won't be easy! I have no secrets though, so I am not afraid." Although Chung wasn't able to get any of her secrets, fellow guest Tam Yuk Ying revealed that when Margie used to host the children's show "430 Space Shuttle", she used to have a lot of temper tantrums!

After this, Margie kept referring to Ying as "big sis" and Ying replied: "Stop calling me 'big sis', how do you know I am older than you!" Margie immediately replied: "You are on a higher level to me, you don't want me to call you 'little sis' do you? You know how many followers you have!" When Margie was asked if she had been taught a lesson, Ying immediately revealed: "She threw missy-fits!"


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