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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 06/06/06]

Self confessed food lover Shirley Yeung took part in a food product promotional event yesterday, but revealed that she doesn't cook very often, so she only knows how to make Black Pepper Veal Cutlets, which she loves to eat, so she asked her mum to teach her how to cook it. She has never made this for her boyfriend yet though as she explains: "We prefer the convenience and speed of going out to eat, because I have to eat as soon as I am hungry, otherwise I will have stomachache. I have tried his lamb chops thought. (Was it sweet?) It was very tasty, very nice!"

When she was crashed into earlier, Shirley had been unhappy when the other party refused to pay for the damage, but after some negotiation, she has received a payment from the other driver and she says happily: "My car looked awful for a while, but now it is finally repaired and I am feeling better now." In response to the recent debate over Sammy Leung and Siu Yee's radio show holding a poll for "The Female Artiste I Would Most Like to Touch Up", Shirley says that she likes to listen to the radio and sh efeels that DJ's have to keep bringing up fresh topics and they probably never imagined the response they would receive to this subject. She believes they didn't mean it maliciously, but it was an oversight and they should be given a chance to make up for it and not be reprimanded too heavily. She is also glad that her name isn't on the list!


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 06/06/06]

Myolie Wu and Angie Chiu took part in a charity sale event for Oxfam yesterday, where the profits for items sold on the day would be donated to Oxfam's China Development Fund. As Oxfam's ambassador, Myolie did her fair share of browsing through the items and a Chanel handbag, worth $5000 caught her eye, but she ended up buying a Gucci coat for $650. Myolie feels that selling second hand items for charity is a very worthwhile cause and says: "The money raised will be donated to the poor people in Guizhou, so it is very meaningful." Angie adds: "Everyone can buy designer gear at a bargain price and also help the needy, so why not do it at the same time!"

Myolie has been gaining weight to film for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" and with her weight reaching 140 lbs, she was bursting out of the wedding dress she was modelling earlier. However, Myolie says she has still not reached her target, so she is still gaining weight. She says: "I still have to keep adding pounds. (Are you used to it?) My weight is making things really hard for me now because none of my clothes at home fit me now and I have to buy a new wardrobe." Asked if she is spending more now, she says: "Yes, maybe I will have to apply for a subsidy from the company. I have to go and see a nutritionist on a regular basis, but this is already being paid for by the company." After saying this, Myolie laughs that maybe she will start charging her snack food to the company as well: "Although I am used to it now and have put on the weight, I am not afraid of losing it again later because I have a slimming company approaching me at the moment."


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 06/06/06]

Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Maggie Siu, Kevin Cheng and Yoyo Mung were among the cast members present at the blessing ceremony for new series "Psychic Cop" yesterday. Moses revealed that after the recent rescue scene from a burning building, he will soon be shooting another scene in a sea of fire. Insisting on doing his own stuntwork, Moses was asked if he was worried about the danger, he says fearlessly: "Not afraid, as long as the results are good. (You depend on your looks though?) If you avoid it, then the scene is not as realistic. The most important thing is the result and working hard is no problem. (Do you have insurance?) I have it myself and also with the company, but I have not upped it especially for this."

With the ratings for "The Dance of Passion" falling by another two points to an average of 30, leading to suggestions that the show has not lived up to its hype, TVB has taken measures to try and push the focus on the final two episodes by calling in the stars for a special analysis show. As a lead role in the series, Moses says: "When we were filming, we had already arranged to get together and watch the last episode together and every show is the same. (Are you disappointed with the ratings?) No, I am confident with the ratings for the final episode and the series is not bad, but maybe it is not suited to everyone's taste. If you open your mind to watch it, you will enjoy it more."

As for the reports that after "War and Beauty" brought fame to so many cast members, but "Dance of Passion" only brought fame to Kenny Wong, is Moses worried about him stealing the limelight? He laughs: "He is naturally fat free, so as soon as he takes his clothes off, all the men will automatically look at him in the same way that women look at other women. All his muscles, from his shoulders to his abdomen are very even." At this time, Kenny's rumoured girlfriend Maggie Siu walked by and interrupted: "Are you talking about Kobe beef?" Moses laughs that if Kenny is Kobe beef, then he is a sirloin ribeye steak. Asked if he would show off his body if he got as fit as Kenny, he laughs that if he became a spokesperson, he would be prepared to take his clothes off in public!

Gigi has always been a darling at TVB, but there have been rumours that she has not been happy with the company after being left out of TVB's recent music album release "Lady in Red" and asking for a different manager because she is not getting enough jobs. Asked about this, Gigi replied smiling: "The magazines always write about anything, you can ask the company." Gigi says that she has not seen the reports, but she is happy with her current workload, but she questions: "Is it the magazine or the company who says I am complaining. Don't bother digging, things are in the past now."

Although the ratings for "Dance of Passion" fell last week, Gigi is not disappointed, especially for the cast, who are happy to be able to take part in such a big production. Asked if she was unhappy about the show not living up to expectations, she smiles: "No, at least ther reviews are good. (But many people complained about the yellow filters being uncomfortable to watch?) It is stylish though! The viewers will see all the hard work that has gone into this production. (Will you be watching the final episode with the other cast members?) I am not sure, I have to film every day for 'Psychic Cop', but I am very happy though because my 2006 Lam Ah Jun character has a lot of scope for expression."

Another cast member for "Dance of Passion", Maggie Siu is also not unhappy about the ratings and she says: "There are ups and downs! (But they have been falling all along?) It will be better next time, I believe that the ratings for the ending will go up. (People are complaining about the yellow scenes?) Next time we will improve and not make it so yellow!" She knows that a lot of people care about the show and she is thankful to everyone. Will she be watching the finale with everyone? She syas that she has to film so she does not know if she will be able to watch it.

With his series "Trimming Success" also currently airing and despite a small drop, still beating "Dance" in the ratings, Kevin Cheng hopes that his show will reach 35 points for the finale and is confident in the series: "I was pleased with the very moving scene last week when Ching Ho Wai's character, who was my mother, died suddenly. The finale is very endearing, so it should be very enjoyable." Kevin has recently lost 5 to 6 lbs after signing as spokesperson for a beauty centre, but he is still not happy as he says: "I am very greedy when it comes to eating, especially with sweet foods. I am currently cutting out salt and fat to try and keep fit." He hopes to lose a bit of belly so that he can look the best for his advertising shoot. Kevin has been keeping busy lately, filming for "Psychic Cop" during the day and then guest starring at Lau Ka Cheung's concert in the evening. "I only caught the first episode of 'Trimming' and I have not seen any of 'Dance', so I can't really compare the two series."

Some of TVB's other shows saw a rise last week, with "Beautiful Cooking" rising by two points to an average of 32 points, beating the dramas. Legal affairs quiz "Justice for All" reached 28 points, up four points and Stephen Fung's diary show "One Bad Day" rose by three points to 22 points. ATV's "Central Affairs II" managed only to reach 6 points, despite the barrage of news coverage surrounding production.


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 06/06/06]

Spokesperson for a wedding salon Annie Lau joined Raymond Lam, Trammie Kwok and Natalie Tong in an opening ceremony for a laser hair removal salon as well as raising funds for Orbis. Raymond was responsible for introducing "Perfect Goddess" Annie and helping her put on diamonds worth $100,000 presented to her by the sponsors.

Returning from Shanghai especially for this event, Raymond laughs that after filming for "La Femme Desperado", he has gained a greater understanding of women and he feels that a perfect woman should have a unique attractiveness and elegance about her as well as have expectations of herself. Annie fulfils this criteria exactly. It turns out that Raymond is quite a hairy guy, especially on his legs, but he feels that men should not be bare, otherwise it looks strange. Asked if he is afraid of hairy women, he laughs: "I have heard that pretty girls can still grow facial hair, I have seen this within and outside the industry, but it will be a lot of hassle for women with a lot of hair. If they are like me, then shaving three times a day is not enough. (How does it feel to film a kissing scene with a female artiste who has facial hair?) Nothing special, but I did once ask an actress I was working with to shave off her stubble first to avoid it poking into me."

Annie was thankful to Raymond for describing her as the 'Perfect Goddess' and says that he is very handsome. Is Raymond her image of Prince Charming? Annie laughs: "He is too dark! He is good looking and stylish though."


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